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    Posted on the Herd Board by Bucky--

    I just got goosebumps watching Marshall, Torry, Little, Aeneas, Bulger and the rest of the cast of characters. Everybody notes the great organization of the practices here, little down time. Some of the drills are very physical. Others are much less intense such as Henry Ellard teaching route running on a much more personal and meticulous basis.

    Aeneas sticks out. In addition to leading the sprints and the drills, he contorts his body and does stretches and crunches that would leave the average human being bent. Interesting that finishing ahead of the others in the first sprints was Tony Hargrove. He is an uncommon 21 year old. Tall and powerful, looks like he could play TE or DT.

    Lamar Gordon sticks out. Wasp waisted but really cut, looking like a big Olympic sprinter with a uniform that seemed too small. Played well too. I was not as impressed initially with Steve Jackson. Very tall for a running back, wore a loose jersey and didn't tuck it in. Wasn't as quick to line up as Gordon, seemed to be thinking. However, you could see why they are excited by him once he got the ball. His first change of direction into the hole just separates him from the defender and seems to guarantee him five yards if the O line gives him anything.

    Punt returns were being worked on when the rain and lightning came. Sump and McDonald were catching. The offensive and defensive punt lines were being physical. Separately, the gunners and D backs were working hard with a lot of coaching.

    Marshall walked about like a coach, not sure he saw any action. Wohlabaugh walked through drills with McCollum and Timmerman, looked very limited and small. Timmerman looked good, fitter than normal.

    I was disappointed by Jensen. Was working as a FB with Goodspeed and Massey. Much bigger than those two but didn't seem very athletic or fast.
    In one of the drills the QB's play WR as well as QB, strictly among themselves. It was fun to see just how easily these guys can snatch a pass, even Chandler. Bulger, Michna, Chandler and Smoker are all athletes.

    Bulger really drills the ball on the sideline outs, just a flick and zoom. I wasn't watching when the QB's were throwing longer passes. Too much action at one time.

    What surprised me was that Bulger's release point is so low. That's probably why he has his share of passes blocked.

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