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Holt expects even bigger year

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  • Holt expects even bigger year

    Holt expects even bigger year

    By R.B. Fallstrom
    Associated Press

    MACOMB, Ill. -- Torry Holt led the NFL with 117 receptions last year, and this year he sees room for improvement.

    If the NFL follows through on its plan to emphasize enforcement of its rule prohibiting downfield contact, the Rams' prolific wide receiver figures to be a beneficiary.

    "People say we should have better years because of the new rules they've put in," Holt said. "But I don't know if the rule is going to work until we get out there in the games.

    "I'm not really tripping over the new rule. I'm just trying to go out there and play the type of football I'm capable of playing."

    At the league meetings, owners approved enforcing existing rules focusing on illegal contact against receivers outside 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. Coach Mike Martz is on the competition committee and helped bring attention to the topic after receiving yardage per game -- 202 yards per team -- hit an 11-year low last season.

    Not that the extra contact has down much to slow down Holt. Last season his receptions total and 1,696 receiving yards both ranked in the top 10 in NFL history. He also had 10 100-yard receiving games -- a franchise record and only one shy of the NFL record.

    Last year was his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard receiving season.

    Yet, there's no sense of satisfaction. Holt came to training camp with a list of items he'd like to work on.

    "I'm looking to continue to improve my skills, continue to improve on my run after the catch, continue to work on coverage reception," Holt said. "There's some things I've got jotted down.

    "Hopefully, at the end of camp I'll have reached all of those and when the season starts I'll see where I'm at."

    The Rams expect another big year from Holt, who has put up huge numbers since he was taken with the sixth overall pick of the 1999 draft. Holt and teammate Isaac Bruce, who last season had 69 catches for 981 yards and five touchdowns, are perhaps the NFL's most dangerous receiving duo.

    Holt has made a steady ascent, going from 52 catches as a rookie to 81 in 2001 to 91 in 2002 to last year's career-high numbers.

    "Torry and Isaac come in in the same shape and the same way every year," quarterback Marc Bulger said. "That's going to be a given that those guys are going to be at All-Pro level."

    Holt, who routinely walks around with a big smile on his face, also is trying to show a more serious side at training camp. To demonstrate his commitment, he left at home his radio-controlled cars that filled much of his spare time in past seasons.

    "I didn't bring nothing this year," Holt said. "I'm surprised at myself. I just said I'm going to come into camp and I'm going to try to stay as focused as I can, work on some things, and just want to play with my toys once I get home."

    Then he added with a laugh, "I'm a mature Torry Holt."

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Holt expects even bigger year

    Holt has to be the best AND classiest WR in the league. I can't wait to see him every year.


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      Re: Holt expects even bigger year

      Holt has reason to be confident in this seasons #'s...Bulger loves throwing the rock to him...


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        Re: Holt expects even bigger year

        Absolutely Shades, what QB wouldn't love throwing to one of the most talented WR's in the NFL? I would.


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          Re: Holt expects even bigger year

          If Holt wants more production this year, he better give up some of his wages to allow the FO to get some blocking for MB. Holt's numbers are only going down if MB becomes the latest version of a Ram QB scrambling for his life, rolling out towards an ineffective RT, and throwing into double coverage as TEs and RBs are kept in to whiff on the on-coming rush ...


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          • RamFan_Til_I_Die
            Torry Holt out to cap sterling decade with Rams
            by RamFan_Til_I_Die
            Torry Holt out to cap sterling decade with Rams
            Receiver is entering his 10th season in NFL

            BY STEVE KORTE

            MEQUON, Wis. --St. Louis Rams wide receiver Torry Holt hopes to put the finishing touches on a decade of excellence.

            Playing 10 years in the NFL was Holt's goal when he entered the league in 1999. He'll fulfill that objective this year.

            "This is my 10th season," Holt said Saturday after the first of the Rams' two training camp practice sessions. "It's a very, very, very important year for me. That has been the motivating factor for me. When I came into the National Football League, I wanted to give the National Football League 10 years of consistency. I have this year to hopefully complete that, and then go from there."

            Holt, 32, has put up eight straight seasons with more than 80 receptions and 1,100 receiving yards, yet he feels like he needs to prove that his skills haven't eroded with time.

            "My 10th season, you know how it is," Holt said. "You're getting in your 30s and stuff, and people start saying that you don't have it anymore, you start losing a step.

            "And, rightfully so. I want to come out and be able to say that in my 10th year in the National Football League, I came out and played well."

            Holt led the Rams with 93 receptions, 1,189 yards and seven touchdowns last season, but it was a difficult season for him as the Rams struggled to a 3-13 record and he struggled to manage a sore knee. The offseason wasn't much better for Holt, who had to say goodbye to his mentor and good friend, Isaac Bruce, who was released by the Rams and subsequently signed by the San Francisco *****.

            "It's different, but I have vented my frustration and moved on," Holt said of not seeing Bruce at training camp. "I'm happy for Isaac. I saw him over the offseason and I talked to him a little bit.

            "I wish Isaac was here, but I'm going to work with the guys we have and we're going to try to give it the best we've got."

            Holt also created an uproar with his comments about wishing he could join his brother, Terrence Holt, in playing for the Carolina Panthers. Holt, who has two years left on the seven-year, $42 million contract that he signed with the Rams in 2003, grew up in Gibsonville, N.C., and played at North Carolina State.

            "I'm done with that," Holt said when asked about those comments. "I am a Ram for 2008, and hopefully for 2009, and that's where we are going to be."

            Holt said he's focused on getting the Rams back on the winning track.

            "It's about the 2008 Rams and getting ourselves in position to win some games," Holt said. "I don't care if we win four games. That's one better than we did last year."
            -07-27-2008, 04:10 PM
          • RamWraith
            Holt Handling Frustration
            by RamWraith
            Friday, October 31, 2008

            By Nick Wagoner
            Senior Writer

            For the better part of his career, Torry Holt has been one of, if not the, lynchpins of the Rams offense.

            In terms of statistics, Holt has been one of the most prolific and productive receivers of all time. Even when plagued by an ailing knee in 2007, Holt still found a way to catch 93 passes for 1,189 yards and seven touchdowns.

            This season, Holt’s production has dropped dramatically. Through seven games, Holt has 26 catches for 289 yards. That’s good enough to lead the team in receptions and Holt has been targeted more than any other receiver with 48 targets.

            But it’s also his lowest output in terms of touches since his rookie season when he had 19 catches in the first seven games.

            Admittedly and for the first time in his career, Holt is frustrated by the lack of opportunities.

            “Absolutely,” Holt said. “You go from getting as many touches and opportunities that I’ve had in the past to not nearly as many, yeah, it’s a sense of frustration.”

            In his previous nine seasons in the league, Holt has averaged 37.4 catches through the first seven games of the season.

            So, with those numbers in mind, what’s the reason for the drop off in production?

            Depending on who you ask there are a variety of reasons Holt hasn’t been as active in the passing game.

            Coach Jim Haslett believes that opponents are rolling coverages up on Holt more than ever and that the extra man in coverage has made it hard to get him the ball but he’s still been thrown to more than anyone on the team.

            “I would be disappointed in Torry if he felt that he couldn’t contribute to this team,” Haslett said. “We’ll continue to try to find ways to get Torry the ball.”

            Holt says while that might be true, it’s not the first time he’s seen that type of coverage.

            “I think I am still getting open,” Holt said. “I don’t think you can go from what I did last year, the year before coming off knee surgery and come to this year and all of a sudden just be (crummy). I don’t think it happens that way, not with the way I work and how passionate I am about the game of football. I think it’s just a situation where obviously I’m getting doubled but I’ve beaten double teams plenty of times throughout the course of my career.”

            Perhaps more than the amount of times the ball has been thrown his way, Holt’s issues stem from being used in a different way than he’s used to.

            Holt has long been known for his precise route running ability, particularly the type of vertical routes and deep ins that have long been his hallmark.

            This year, though, Holt hasn’t been the target of many of those deep passes. Holt has been targeted beyond 20 yards just six times with his lone catch being the 45-yard touchdown catch against...
            -11-01-2008, 06:10 AM
          • RamDez
            Torry Holt: Quiet excellence
            by RamDez
            Torry Holt: Quiet excellence
            By Bill Coats
            Sunday, Oct. 02 2005

            Cell phone hidden in the goal post padding? Nope. Sharpie pen stuffed in a
            sock? No way. Fake mooning of the crowd? Not a chance.

            "That type of stuff, that's not me," Rams wide receiver Torry Holt said.
            "That's just not my deal." Because he eschews the kind of antics that other NFL
            wideouts favor to shower themselves with notoriety, Holt usually remains at the
            edge of the spotlight, and he's perfectly comfortable there.

            "I don't necessarily need all that stuff to get me going or to solidify my
            position in the National Football League," he said. "I'm here to ... win
            ballgames and win championships. As long as I can continue to do that and stay
            healthy, and ... stay consistent, then I'm fine with that."

            While others try to grab time on TV, Holt just keeps trying to grab footballs.
            The seventh-year veteran heads into Sunday's game at Giants Stadium as the
            league's leader in receiving yards (358) and tied for first in receptions (23).

            After three games last year, he had one more catch and seven fewer yards. He
            finished the regular season with 94 catches for 1,372 yards, fourth in the NFL
            in both categories. It marked the fifth successive season that Holt had topped
            1,300 yards, a feat never before achieved.

            But you won't hear Holt crowing about his accomplishments or talking trash. He
            keeps his mouth shut and leaves the evaluation to others.

            "Torry is happy who he is," said coach Mike Martz, the offensive coordinator
            when the Rams drafted Holt in the first round (No. 6 overall) in 1999. "He
            doesn't care about the attention. ... You've seen him in practice; he's like a
            little kid running around here. He just loves to play."

            Besides, Holt's mother, Ojetta Holt-Shoffner, didn't raise her three children
            to be shameless self-promoters. Torry learned that at a tender age.

            "When I was growing up, I used to do my little thing and show the other teams
            up. They started to call me 'Hotdog.' And I remember my mom saying, 'One day,
            that stuff's going to catch up with you,'" said Holt, 29. "When she said that,
            I kind of (decided to) just play the game ... let my play do my talking for me."

            With his easy smile, Holt added: "Plus, going out there and talking and all
            that, it makes you tired. I don't have all that energy to be doing that."

            Though he makes millions now, Holt has seen the other side. His father, Odell
            Shoffner, worked two jobs, and his mother labored in a yarn mill. The family
            lived in a modest apartment. During summers as a youngster, Torry earned $5 an ...
            -10-02-2005, 03:05 AM
          • RamWraith
            Holt adjusts to role as adviser, cheerleader
            by RamWraith
            By Jim Thomas
            Tuesday, Nov. 01 2005

            Wide receiver Torry Holt was as fired up as the next guy Saturday when interim
            head coach Joe Vitt showed the Rams clips from the movie "Gladiator."

            "But at the same time, I couldn't get too charged up, because I knew I wasn't
            going out there to play," Holt said. "So I had to kind of save some of that
            energy and put it elsewhere.

            "Maybe in play-calling. Maybe suggesting some things. I don't know. It's tough
            to be sitting there, getting excited, but knowing that you're not going to go
            out there and participate."

            Sitting out was entirely foreign to Holt in his NFL career - until now. Since
            being selected No. 6 overall in the 1999 draft out of North Carolina State,
            Holt had played in 112 consecutive NFL games for the Rams - a streak that
            encompassed 102 regular-season games and 10 postseason contests.

            Holt suffered what originally was termed a bruised right knee midway through
            the second quarter of the Rams' game Oct. 9 against Seattle. But Holt kept
            playing, even catching a touchdown pass against the Seahawks. Holt missed some
            practice time the following week but was back on the field Oct. 17 in
            Indianapolis, catching six balls for 70 yards.

            But that's the last time Holt has seen the field.

            "When I came back from the Indianapolis game, I was running and (the knee)
            would give," Holt said. "And then it would give again. I just didn't feel
            comfortable with it. I wouldn't have been of any service to this football team
            or to myself. I didn't think I could help. So I felt it was best for me to take
            a step back and let Shaun (McDonald) come in, who's healthy and who's ready to

            Further examination showed that Holt had a strained ligament. Missing games for
            the first time in his career - Oct. 23 against New Orleans, and last Sunday
            against Jacksonville - hasn't been easy.

            "It was sickening for me," Holt said. "I really wanted to continue to play and
            keep that streak going. I take pride in that. To me, it's a matter of showing
            your peers in the National Football League that you're durable. And for me to
            be pulled out for a couple weeks, or pull myself out for a couple weeks to get
            healthy, was tough. But it's been a good two weeks. The guys have stepped up in
            my absence, and done a fantastic job. This whole football team has."

            Holt has tried to help whenever possible on game day, whether it's telling the
            younger receivers what he sees, offering occasional suggestions to offensive
            coordinator Steve Fairchild, or simply offering encouragement. The same...
            -11-02-2005, 06:00 AM
          • RamWraith
            Another Big Game for Holt
            by RamWraith
            Monday, February 14, 2005

            By Nick Wagoner
            Staff Writer

            For Torry Holt, lining up alongside superstar wide receivers has become old hat. His running mate since he entered the league is another All Pro, Isaac Bruce. Even with another Pro Bowler teaming with him, Holt has been able to post some impressive numbers.

            So, it came as no surprise when the receiver known as “Big Game” had another one in Sunday’s Pro Bowl. Playing with the likes of Carolina’s Mushin Muhammad and Green Bay’s Javon Walker, Holt managed to catch five passes for 99 yards to lead all receivers.

            In an ironic twist, Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, the man who was one of the biggest thorns in the side of the Rams this season, hit Holt for a 27-yard touchdown in the third quarter.

            Holt earned his spot on the Pro Bowl team after Philadelphia’s Terrell Owens was ruled out because of an ankle injury. Based on Holt’s season, though, there was little doubt that he belonged in his fourth Pro Bowl. He had 94 catches for 1,372 yards and 10 touchdowns.

            Holt has made his presence felt in recent years, staking his claim as one of, if not the best receiver in the league. Holt became the first player in NFL history to have 1,300 receiving yards in five straight seasons.

            “Once the season is over I will get a chance to sit back, have a drink or something, and just sit back and chill, and just think about what has taken place,” Holt said after setting the mark. “But the time that I have had a chance to think about it, it's a tremendous honor. A lot of great receivers came through the NFL, and are coming through the NFL now. For me to be able to do that is a testament to my dedication, my hard work, to Coach (Martz) believing in me, to my teammates believing me, and the guys helping me and encouraging me to go on everyday and be productive. It's a tremendous honor, but I needed help to get there. When I got the record, I thanked my teammates, because they helped me be able to go get that record."

            There was probably no better time than his stay in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl that reflection. Holt has put himself in elite company in the history of the league, not just among current players.

            To wit, Holt has more receiving yards than any player in the league since 2000 with 7,368, more than 400 yards ahead of his closest competition (Marvin Harrison of Indianapolis). He is third in touchdown receptions (33) since 1999. In his first six seasons in the NFL, Holt ranks only behind Randy Moss with 33 100-yard receiving games.

            Although his numbers this season might not have been at the level they were last year, Holt might have been better. For the first time in his relatively young career, defensive coverages began to be aimed directly at Holt, making what he did accomplish that much more satisfying.

            "This is the first year...
            -02-14-2005, 05:36 PM