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Bruce makes HUGE comment

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  • Bruce makes HUGE comment

    This is a qoute from Bruce;

    On Bulger:
    His teammates have confidence in him, with wide receiver Isaac Bruce claiming "he's the most accurate quarterback I've played with."

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    Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

    Well, should be interesting how mok takes this one.....this one has a very short fuse I bet.....


    Where did you get that quote J? do you have a link?
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      Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

      I think there might be a few posters that might take offense to this one. Look out board here comes Bulger :tongue:


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        Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

        He also added, "other than Chris Miller."


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          Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

          This came from the USA Today. Not a joke. Here is the whole thing.

          Inside Slant
          Marshall Faulk's future has been the subject of speculation for several weeks, and after reporting to training camp July 27, he tried to put to rest rumors of his impending retirement.

          Faulk said he heard the rumors, and said, "It was news to me."

          However, he also said when asked about the status of his right knee and whether he could retire, Faulk said, "Those are good questions. It's things people should ask. Those are the things that are going to be answered this year. I feel up to the challenge, and we'll find out. As the season goes on, you guys will find out also.

          "This is probably the first year that I've thought, 'Man, if the body isn't acting right, what do I do?' Do I fight through it? Or do I not play? That's something that I'm going to have to evaluate at the end of the season similar to what Aeneas (Williams) does."

          Faulk underwent surgery in the offseason to repair a flap that was found in his knee that was causing continued discomfort. Now, it's a matter of staying healthy, and the Rams will be cautious with him in training camp, having him practice only once a day, which is what has happened the last few summers anyway.

          He admitted, "I'm just day-to-day with everything. How I feel. How my body feels. And just letting it tell me, 'Hey, you need to take the next day off.' Or, 'You can go maybe up to this day.' I have to listen to it. It doesn't listen to me. Preparation to play football is always a necessity. But I think I've got to just find a way to take care of myself, and get out of here without anything bothering me, so I can make it through the season."

          Even at the age of 31, and despite the knee problems he's had the last few seasons, Faulk's desire to play is deep in his soul.

          "I love football," he said. "I think that it's in me. I was given a gift to play this game. Not just a physical gift, but a mental gift to understand it. It's not all that I have. But it's something that I have that I love doing, and I have a passion for it."

          Asked his reaction when the Rams selected running back Steven Jackson in the first round of the draft, Faulk said, "That question is a kind of a double-edged question. Having Lamar (Gordon) here is just as good. Having guys behind me that are youthful and that I can pass some information along to, and hopefully one day, whether here or on another team, they can step in and be the guy. Then they can look back on some of the things that I told them about the game to help them have a great career."

          Early in camp, he says the knee has responded, although he hasn't been hit.

          "I looked at (practice) film, and it looked pretty good," Faulk said. "Of course, I'm critical about a lot of things that I do. But I felt pretty good about what I did and how my body responded."

          Faulk reported to camp at around 210 pounds, 15 less than what he weighed this time last year. When camp opened, coach Mike Martz said it was his idea for the added weight last year.

          Said Martz, "That was Coach Martz's idea, for him to add some bulk. But it wasn't a good idea. Now I listen to him."

          Faulk came into the season with an injured knee, then suffered a broken hand and since he would be idle anyway, underwent knee surgery. When he returned, he had lost the added weight and played better down the stretch.

          Said Faulk, "Whether it was (Martz's idea), or whether it wasn't, it was a mutual agreement to give something a shot. I gave it a shot, and it didn't work too well."

          Now, if he knee continues to work well, Faulk still believes there's a lot of football left in him.

          CAMP CALENDAR: Camp opened at Macomb, Ill., July 27, with the first practice the following day. The Chicago Bears will travel to Macomb for an afternoon practice Aug. 5, two practices Aug. 6 and a scrimmage Aug. 7. The Rams break camp on Aug. 20.

          NOTES, QUOTES

          —The team's Friday morning practice, the only one of the day, had a high level of intensity.

          "That's what this game is all about," coach Mike Martz said afterward.

          Martz was a bit annoyed early on, asking rookie running back Steven Jackson, "What are you doing back there, sleepwalking?"

          The players got the message. The last 40 minutes of practice featured hard hitting and aggression. Rookie safety Jason Shivers created whoops and hollers from his defensive teammates when he leveled running back Adam Matthews.

          Tight end Erik Jensen got fiercely separated from the ball by safety Justin Lucas, and linebacker Trev Faulk rocked Jackson to the turf when Jackson reversed field.

          "It was time to get this thing rolling pretty good," Martz added.

          Jensen was helped off the field after the hit, but later returned.

          —Coach Mike Martz instituted a practice schedule this summer that has the players off for a practice every third day. All full padded practices are in the morning, and on one-practice days, there is only weightlifting and conditioning in the afternoon.

          "We look at Olympic track athletes and the third day is a critically important day for a lot of these guys to recover," Martz said.

          —During the morning practice July 29, DE Anthony Hargrove had to be counseled about tackling running back Arlen Harris during running game work. "Don't tackle the back," defensive line coach Bill Kollar said. "Stay up." Hargrove said, "It's tough. Your adrenaline's going, you're running hard to the ball, and then you can't tackle."

          —Tackle Orlando Pace did not report to camp and is unsigned as the team's franchise player. Negotiations on a long-term deal can't begin until Pace the one-year tender of more than $7 million. Last year, Pace played for the tender as the franchise player and did not sign until Aug. 26, 12 days before the season opener.

          Said coach Mike Martz, "When Big O gets here, we'll love him to death. It's hard for coaches, but it's what it is, we're not going to change it and why worry about it. When he gets here we'll embrace him, and line him up and let's go."

          QUOTE TO NOTE: "This is a terrific opportunity for Marc to really have a better insight into what we're doing offensively instead of just running plays. He knows what to do, but he's still learning why we're doing it. He was kind of learning on the run throughout (last) season. His first two days of minicamp (in May) were about like he was last year. And then all of a sudden, he just took off. Hopefully he'll continue that." — Rams coach Mike Martz on QB marc Bulger.


          BATTLE OF THE WEEK: Bryce Fisher vs. Anthony Hargrove for DRE: It's probably a stretch to think Hargrove can start as a rookie, but he has great passion for the game and immense pass-rush ability. Fisher needs to develop a better first step in his pass rush, but should be solid against the run. It would be surprising if Hargrove does not contribute as a pass rusher this season.

          OTHER BATTLE FRONTS: Jason Shivers vs. Justin Lucas for nickel safety job - Shivers, a rookie, made an initial first impression, as did Lucas. Shivers had a big hit on running back Adam Matthews in one practice, while Lucas separated tight end Erik Jensen from a pass with a crushing hit, sending Jensen to the sideline for a few plays.

          PLAYER OF THE WEEK: QB Marc Bulger - Entering an NFL training camp for the first time as a starter, Bulger has taken control of the team, and has impressed with his poise and accuracy. Bulger needs to improve his deep ball, and there were signs in some of the early practices that was the case. His teammates have confidence in him, with wide receiver Isaac Bruce claiming he's the most accurate quarterback he's played with

          ROOKIE REPORT: RB Steven Jackson (first round) signed on time and ran hard in early practices. Jackson showed a burst around end, as well as strength up the middle. ... DE Anthony Hargrove (third) picked up where he left off in minicamp, working hard and accepting coaching. ... LB Brandon Chillar has worked in the middle as a backup, and been very active. He is competing to be the top backup, perhaps at all three linebacker spots. ... S Jason Shivers (fifth) has worked with the first unit when veteran Aeneas Williams doesn't practice and has done well. Shivers had the hit of camp Friday (July 30), blowing up running back Adam Matthews in running game drills. ... QB Jeff Smoker (sixth) has a lot to learn, and has been inconsistent while exhibiting a strong arm. He needs time to feel comfortable in the offense. ... TE Erik Jensen (seventh) is somewhat undersized, but has shown an ability to catch. The Rams believe he can be a contributor as a blocker in the short-yardage game. ... C Larry Turner (seventh) has caught the eye of the coaching staff and is now working as the No. 2 center. He is strong technically and physical for his size.

          INJURY REPORT: Tackle Ryan Schau left practice Friday morning when his back cramped up. ... Free agent CB Robert Cromartie strained his hamstring in the July 29 morning practice


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            Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

            This is clearly a shot at Kurt Warner. Bruce is so frickin' petty. :redface:

            But to be serious, it's good to hear someone as experienced as Bruce give a thumbs up to Bulger's skills and accuracy. That holds a good bit of weight in my book.


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              Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

              Most accurate does not mean best. There's a lot more to being a great quarterback than accuracy. If Bruce said Bulger was the BEST quarterback he's played with, THAT would be a huge comment. This is all just the natural bonding of teammates before a new season.

              If one day Bruce did indeed say that Bulger was the best quarterback he's played with, that would be great as far as I'm concerned.


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                Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                Originally posted by r8rh8rmike
                Most accurate does not mean best..
                It means the best in terms of accuracy. :redface:

                But anyways, I agree. There's more to being a QB than just accuracy. However, for those that were concerned about Bulger's completion percentage or ability to complete certain passes, this should be a comforting testimonial.


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                  Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                  I do like the fact that Bruce made the comment. I wonder if Faulk feels Bulger is the most accurate quarterback he's played with? I would feel much better if Marshall had made the statement.


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                    Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                    I don't know if I'd feel better had Faulk said it. Bruce is a receiver, and I think receivers would have more experience judging a quarterback's throw. Not saying that Faulk wouldn't know his foot from his elbow, but I would just assume that Bruce has more experience catching passes and thus would have a better idea. Perhaps Faulk would be the best person to comment on Bulger's field awareness or something like that.


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                      Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                      I think most would agree that Bulger is a very accurate passer downfield (just not too far downfield), but that accuracy does not translate to hitting backs in the flat, which is more or less why I would rather have heard Marshall make the statement. My guess is that he will be better this year.


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                        Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                        I don't think Bruce was comparing him to Warner. I mean, he didn't actually mention Warner's name so we can't go by what Bruce actually said. The reporter probably asked him a leading question like: "If Marc Bulger were the only qb you had every played with, who would be the best qb you ever played with?".

                        I know I would just be shot in the head for menitoning something like their respective completion %. I wasn't even going to bother with responding to more of the Bulger spin machine, but since I was mentioned by name I thought I would try and entertain.


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                          Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                          how many balls do you think he would have been thrown if he said "Bulger is good but warner was better"..... its all cheap talk and jostling for brownie points..


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                            Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                            I would take what Bruce said anyday, I would say being a great WR, he would know how accurate a ball was!!!!!!

                            steve :ramlogo:
                            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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                              Re: Bruce makes HUGE comment

                              Originally posted by moklerman
                              I don't think Bruce was comparing him to Warner. I mean, he didn't actually mention Warner's name so we can't go by what Bruce actually said.
                              Wow, mok. Lemme probably think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, too. Come on, when Bruce says "the most accurate I've ever played with" he's implicitly comparing Bulger against all other QB he's "ever played with." Granted it wasn't a direct quote, but if it's in print, it must be true.

                              But no need to worry. Maybe Bulger is the most accurate...but let's see him stand there in the pocket when it counts. Let's face it, Warner was something special - out of this world - and it's going to take something more than a little paltry accuracy to make him the best.


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