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Behind Enemy Lines - Training Camps Open

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  • Behind Enemy Lines - Training Camps Open

    Behind Enemy Lines - Training Camps Open
    By Scott Eklund Seahawks.NET
    Date: Aug 3, 2004

    As camps around the league open, .Net reporter Scott Eklund takes a look at more player signings and new schemes being worked on and honed by the Seahawks’ NFC West rivals.

    St. Louis – </STRONG>While the Rams’ offense has been known for the past five seasons as “The Greatest Show on Turf”, defenses have schemed continually to stop the passing game of the Rams. Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt are two of the most dangerous players at the wide receiver position in the league. </FONT>

    Bruce, even at 31, still has the jets to get deep on most DB’s and he is very good at reading coverages. Holt has become one of the top two or three wideouts in the entire league. He has good speed, great hands, and he is dangerous after the catch.

    At QB the Rams have a young player in Marc Bulger. Bulger had an excellent season for the most part, but struggled some with interceptions and decision making late in the season.

    So in order to offset some of the defensive schemes designed to stop their passing game, head coach Mike Martz and the entire offensive staff of the Rams have decided to concentrate on pounding the ball using their running game.

    "We need to run the football extremely well," Holt said. "I think Coach has a big emphasis on that this year. We need to establish the line of scrimmage. If we can dominate up front, maybe we will see eight in the box and get some one-on-ones for the receivers.

    Veteran RB Marshall Faulk and rookie RB Stephen Jackson will be counted on to challenge defenses and punish them with a power running game.

    "We have to run the ball better than we did a year ago," Martz said. "There are a lot of logical reasons to do it, but the mindset part of it is the most important. We will try to get that going, as we did in 1999 (the Rams were fifth in rushing in the NFL that season). It's easy for us to throw the ball in some sense. We have guys who have a pretty good concept of what we do. We can always go back into that quickly."

    On the injury front, bad news came down over the weekend when RT Kyle Turley left practice with a back injury similar to the one he had offseason surgery to rectify. Turley is worried the injury could be career threatening and he flew to California over the weekend to get a second opinion on his bad back.

    First Preseason Game: vs. Chicago on August 12th

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking