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  • Just me??

    Any one else a little nervous about this weeks game. WOW, what a way to start the season!!!!!!

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    You are right Jason, check my article in feature writers for a pep talk

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      The next few weeks might make or break this season for this team. There isn't an easy game in the first five weeks


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        It builds CHAMPIONS Jason.

        My worry has always been the following games.

        Eagles. first game
        whiners always a battle

        we get by them, we should be OK.

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          No Worries


          The whiners game is a gimme. With the Clanram in full voice the Rams will put the niners to the sword in a glorious victory. If I've travelled 6,000 miles to see the game there's no way I will let them lose


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            In my picks for the year, I had us 0-1 after week 1 but still end up 13-3. Philly is tough, good win for us coming out of the gate.


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              I guess I'm one of the few that is not worried about this game against the Eagles. I could be wrong when all is said and done but I think it will be a victory for the Rams.


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                I'm a SJD,but I always worry during the week before a game.We have a tough opening day and it will be a true test for our team.I just want to see the Rams play with the heart of a champion.

                GO RAMS!


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                  I'm with WarnerFan

                  I am with WarnerFan...not too worried about Philly. Don't get me wrong it is going to be a tough game, but I don't think they will come out on all cylinders either.

                  Our defensive line got a big break when Bubba Miller [C] went out for the should make their job easier. With a little luck we will be able to put some pressure on McNabb up the middle and throw his rhythm off giving us some needed time for our "new-look defense" to gel.

                  Remember, when we faced Philly in 1999 it was the last game of the season. We were more concerned with heading into the playoffs healthy than winning the game and we still only lost by one touchdown (well actually 8 points but who is counting :: wink :: )

                  Some things that I look at:

                  Philadelphia was 10th in rush yards/game (114.4):
                  We ranked better last year (5th: 106.1) and our defense sucked. This puts it in perspective for me. Judging from Martz's outburst the other day, I would bet the Rams will concentrate on this area, ramming our running backs down their throats and probing this weakness. Look for Faulk to have a stellar game...

                  Philadelphia was ranked 3rd in pass yards/game (186.9):
                  What powerhouse quarterback did Philly face last year? I can't think of one. My bet is that they will be hard pressed to contain Warner and Co. I look for this number (pass yards) to be inflated by at least 50 yards maybe closer to 150 yards.

                  Our offense:
                  Our average pass yards/game was 327, much higher than Philly is used to containing. Add the fact that we should be able to stuff Faulk and Candidate down their throats and they will have a hard time figuring out who they have to stop.

                  Our defense:
                  We are a bunch of noobies, and that is a bit scary, but keep this in mind. Philadelphia scored 1/3 of their points last year on the run (13), half of those by McNabb (6). If we can stop the run we severly hamper their ability to score.

                  The wildcard will be how well their second string center plays. I am betting that he will be as green as our defense and we will be able to capatilize on that. As long as we can stuff it up the middle and keep McNabb from scrambling or gaining his rhythm we will do fine. Look for Fletcher to have a good game...

                  But that is just my BLUE and GOLD opinion!

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                    I'm glad someone finally has looked at the reality of Sunday's game. Don't get me wrong Philadelphia is no push over, but they are not our toughest challenge this year. They certainly aren't the best team in the NFC this year, and Shale's comments are certainly right on the money. I think the Rams will be fine, it may be a close game but it will be the Rams on the victorious side.


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                      Will be tough

                      This will be a great test for the Defense and I hope a lot more exciting offensive display this sunday. The O was pretty bland this preseason but again it was preseason and I expect Martz to pull out all the stops against Philly


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                        It's good to read positive comments regarding Sundays game against the Eagles.I dont think anyone in this forum has been negative this week,it's just that some of us tend to be more cautious in our speculations of what opening day might bring.
                        I personally think our Rams will win,but that doesnt stop me from worrying about injuries,our offense having their timing down,that damned Veterans Stadium,Mike Martz going for it on 4th and 1 at our own 20 yd line.(Just kidding on the last one.)Anyway,I think it's cool to have so many different personalities and opinions all rooting for the same team.Thats why I enjoy these forums so much.Cant wait till Sunday!

                        GO RAMS!


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                          Well the part I don't like is not "everyone" is rooting for the same team in this forum. I won't mention any names but my point is that I'm all for football talk outside of the Rams, but when you start reading people in hear saying they hope the Rams lose that lights a fire to this Rams fan. Anyhow Dez runs a good board and it's one of the most well structured boards in the NFL. Rams will win on Sunday and those that are rooting against the Rams know deep down they will win to. GO RAMS!


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                            Dont let it get to you Warnerfan78.There is one thing that the Rams have that the Titans and Eagles dont and that is a Superbowl Championship.This year our Rams will be going for number two.GO RAMS!


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                              Oh I agree with you completely. It's just speaking for myself I come to this board to be part of the Rams family and get away from the Anti-Ram so to speak. And believe it or not as many of us Rams fans there are, there are just as many non-ram fans. Anyhow it will be the Rams in Super Bowl 36, there is no doubt in my mind. GO RAMS!