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Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

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  • Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

    Thursday, August 5, 2004

    (Opening statement)
    “Good work today, we had a real solid days work. It’s good to get in there and see somebody different, get a little tempo going.”

    (On talking to Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith)
    “A little bit, he came in this morning and we just has a short visit in the office. I think he pulled his hamstring. I told Lovie this (having so many hamstring injuries) is so silly to me. I know one year when we went to the Super Bowl, we had seven guys with hamstrings at this time of year, so it just amazes me, I guess it’s whatever way you look at it.”

    (On Lovie Smith running his practice the same way as the Rams)
    “It’s just one of those things, how you do it has nothing to do with it, it’s just luck. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that stuff (hamstring injuries).”

    (On G Chris Dishman’s intent to retire)
    “Chris did not want to come back and play for a team that he felt like didn’t have a chance to contend. He was excited when I called, to be honest with you. He mentioned a couple of other teams that he would consider. He was coaching high school football. He has great passion for this game, he sounds like a coach when you talk to him. It’s going to take a little while to get some of that weight off and get into playing shape. I’ve always admired the way he plays, I know he’s got terrific ability, he’s a good addition for us. We’re going to be careful with him, and get him back into shape and get him mentally into what we’re doing, which is going to take about two weeks before he can line up and feel pretty good about knowing what to do. He just sounds very passionate on wanting to play this game. In his position he could easily retire, he’s got a nice living going and coaching some high school football. But obviously he wants to play, and he’s going to come in and compete for this thing. Our players and (defensive coordinator) Larry (Marmie) gave him such a strong endorsement, from a character standpoint, as a professional and how he prepares to play, and all those things. We felt like if we could just get him into this environment that he’d have some success and we could help him.”

    (On new TE Ryan Prince)
    “I was really impressed with him on the one-on-one stuff out there. He looks like he’s a pretty nifty guy. He’s a terrific receiver, just watching him down there. In terms of the other things I don’t have a whole lot about his background, this is something that Jay (Zygmunt) and Charley (Armey) researched. There’s obviously a number of tight ends out there, we just want somebody that can come in and have the potential of making this squad. Not somebody just to have in camp to take a place and then you cut. He looks like he has a little something to him, so it will be interesting to see what he does here in the next week.”

    (On being hurt at the tight end position)
    “We are, we can always void that and get around it a little bit. This gives us an opportunity to bring another player in and look at him, so we’ll see how it goes.”

    (On today’s injuries)
    “Jimmy Kennedy rolled his foot somehow. This was one of the things that were so adamant about with getting him a good, wide shoe in the off season so that these things don’t happen. I don’t really know what the extent of it though. Tom Knight dislocated, and quite possibly fractured a finger. There will be a little time off, but we’ll just put a little cast on it. It’s not like he has to throw the football or anything. Lamar Gordon also had a bit of a sore ankle. At this point in camp we’re holding a lot of guys out today. As soon as a hamstring, for example, gets tight the next thing that happens is they’re going to injure it. Speaking of hamstrings we had six or seven of them today. It just happens. Lamar is a situation where we were a little uncomfortable, but nothing really to be concerned with. We’re going to get a MRI on it because it seems to be persistent. I haven’t heard anything about Kyle Turley. I put a call into him today. He’s been moving around pretty well. He’s on his way to Atlanta to go see Dr. James Andrews. After today he will have seen three doctors and this would probably conclude his visits. All three doctors are really at the top of their profession. I’d even encourage him to see a fourth. The whole thing about this guy is that I want him to feel good about whatever it is and have a consensus opinion. This is more about Kyle than his career in football.”

    (On offense’s productiveness today)
    “We didn’t really have a whole lot of time to get going. We only had about four or five good sets in. It was kind of hard, but I was pleased with the nine on seven and the team. It’s good to get these guys shocked a little bit in facing somebody new in terms of seeing a different defense and how they move and shift and things. There are some guys that have pleased me in the offensive line though and I’ve been waiting to see if they’re going to step up and while watching the nine on seven I saw some guys that competed pretty well.”

    (On seeing Lovie Smith as a head coach)
    “It really does give me a great feeling. I don’t really know if we helped Lovie though, he was going to a head coach sooner or later no matter where he was. There’s no question about that, but it’s a thrill to be a little part of that. To watch him move into that capacity and watch his players respond to him. It’s really a lot of fun.”

    (On Rams being able to sustain success over the last five years)
    “I can tell you exactly why, personnel. When you combine what Jay (Zygmunt) has done with contracts and keeping guys here and guys wanting to be here. Also, Charlie (Armey) finding guys. That whole organization of having the right people here. That’s what this game is about, having the right people. First and foremost, when you have the right people you have a chance.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk)
    “I had to tease him because I may not sleep tonight. He looks like the Marshall of old out here, but we’ll see. We’re really cautious with him. He feels so good and when he’s like that we try not to put a damper on it, but we also just want him to be cautious and take this thing in stride.

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    Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

    After today he will have seen three doctors and this would probably conclude his visits. All three doctors are really at the top of their profession. I’d even encourage him to see a fourth.
    So much for the rumor of Martz and Turley being at odds over this.


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      Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

      Originally posted by RamWraith
      (On G Chris Dishman’s intent to retire)
      Maybe it's just me, but it's hard to believe the Rams couldn't have found a guard on the free agent market with some skill and who wasn't all but retired and out of shape. This just seems like a really odd signing to me, given this news. Given the fact that McCollum has temporarily moved back to center and Andy King is starting at guard, it sounds as if we need good depth immediately, not guys who are going to take two weeks just to get back into playing shape. I'm kind of dumbfounded by this. Unless this guy's a high level guard, is it really worth it?


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        Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

        I just read that Kennedy has a fracture in his foot. Brutal.


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          Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

          Yep. Reported by Howard to be the same injury Damione Lewis, Jason Sehorn, and Jevon Kearse suffered. Should require surgery.


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            Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

            How long would that put kennedy out for. does that cook him for the year?

            general counsel


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              Re: Head Coach Mike Martz Speaking--more injured

              Some people seem to wonder why sMartz catches such flak after he speaks. Let's revisit some current sMartz-speak shall we?

              Originally posted by sMartz
              (On talking to Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith)
              “I told Lovie this (having so many hamstring injuries) is so silly to me.”
              Uh, "silly?" Clearly an injury isn't silly. And to prevent reoccurences, I would think that an investigation into whether there is a correlation between weight loss and hamstring injuries might me a worthwhile endeavor. But, I'm not in football ... so silly it must be.

              Originally posted by sMartz
              (On new TE Ryan Prince) "He looks like he’s a pretty nifty guy.
              Nifty? Nifty? That another new analytical football term? An innovation in descriptive linguistics?

              Originally posted by sMartz
              (On being hurt at the tight end position) “We are, we can always void that and get around it a little bit."
              Void that? Like in voiding a check and cancelling the TE position and going to 5 WR sets instead? Or like in you have not been fired or terminated but voided?

              Originally posted by sMartz
              (On today’s injuries) “Jimmy Kennedy rolled his foot somehow. This was one of the things that were so adamant about with getting him a good, wide shoe in the off season so that these things don’t happen."
              Whoo boy. Not more tape, more strengthening around the ankle, stronger high tops ... but a "wide shoe." Must be more of that latent medical expertise of his shining through again.

              IN A "BREAKING" NEWSFLASH, an exclusive interview with J Kennedy has emerged.

              Reporter: How's the ankle?

              Kennedy: Not good. With proper intervention I hope to be out there on the field relatively shortly.

              Reporter: Statements are flying around that a wide shoe might be the answer, can you comment on that?

              Kennedy: Sure. Research at Martz University has shown that the length of the shoe, the height of the shoe is just not enough support for people as heavy as me. It is like in construction where they broaden the base of heavy equipment in order to lift and move weighty objects.

              Reporter: Have you had a prototype made for you yet and can we see it if you have?

              Kennedy: Not a problem. The colors don't match the team's yet, but I think you can get the idea from this ...

              Reporter: Yes we do. That certainly is on the cutting edge of wide shoes ...


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              • RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                by RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                Monday, August 9, 2004

                (On returning after the one-day break)
                “It’s good to get them out here without pressing them real hard. Their bodies have rejected them and now we’re going to try and let them get their bodies back again and have a good couple of days and get ready to play the Bears. By putting our guys in shells today we were able to get a lot of guys out here, but if we would have gone in pads a couple of guys wouldn’t have been able to go since they’re still trying to work through things. Tomorrow we’ll be in pads and we should get some good work in. We’re laying back a little bit because I’m very pleased with this team. They’ve got a great attitude, a terrific attitude.”

                (On QB Chris Chandler)
                “The thing that he is doing now is not so much the complicated plays, but it’s just the attention to the tiny things that we think make a difference. You’ve just got to be focused on the little things and when you have to think about it it’s hard, but once you know it it’s a lot easier. A year from now he’ll be a lot more comfortable. But, you can’t go six for six against air and not have a good day. I’m very pleased with him and his development. Veterans always have their way of doing things and on Chris’ behalf, for a guy that has been as successful as he has been, he’s not done that. You couldn’t ask for a better situation with a veteran like Chris.”

                (On development of RB Arlen Harris)
                “Last year, Arlen, like the young wide receivers, was trying to so hard to figure everything out and it’s different conditioning wise for them because you’re so much more fatigued when you don’t know what’s going on because you’re stressed. However, when you have a better idea of what’s going on you’re conditioning is better and everything is just better.”

                (On development of WR Dane Looker, WR Kevin Curtis, and WR Mike Furrey)
                “Well, all those guys, Looker particularly, has such a great feel for what we’re doing. When we get in that seven-on-seven in the red zone he makes nice little moves and just has a great feel for that. Mike and Kevin have progressed very well. We’re in a good spot with these guys, but you can’t get satisfied with them. We just want to make sure that they improve every week.”

                (On the development of S Adam Archuleta)
                “The hardest thing about Adam is we’ve thrown him into a role since a rookie, in terms of leadership, making plays, and being an impact player. That’s way too much to ask of any rookie, but we did that with him and he’s responded very well. He’s carried a certain load and a stress level that very few people can tolerate or deal with, and he’s done it extremely well. He’s extremely vital to what we do on defense. He’s an emotional leader just by how he plays, and the aggressiveness that he brings to the defense. The passion and the love for playing this game and his competitiveness...
                -08-10-2004, 02:38 PM
              • RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                by RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                Friday, August 20, 2004

                (On being back in St. Louis)
                “It’s good to be back. We had a spirited workout. The guys were moving around pretty good, so we’re ready to go.”

                (On having G Tom Nütten back)
                “Tommy is a ways away from playing, obviously. He’s a little light, but the good news is, when he left here his body was pretty well beat up and he’s been able to recover. He checked out very good medically. When (he’s ready to play) he will. I think that (G Chris) Dishman is doing a real good job, so as when he works himself into better condition we’ll be fine. Obviously he played for us for a lot of years and played at a high level. So having Nütten back in that frame of mind is terrific. ”

                (On RB Joey Goodspeed)
                “He has a tight hamstring, so we kept him out a little bit. Same thing (with LB Tony Newson). He has a little bit of hamstring (injury). Anybody that gets a little tight back there, we’re a little gun-shy about that, so we’ll keep them out.”

                G Tom Nütten
                Friday, August 20, 2004

                (On if his return happened quick)
                “Yeah, I would say so. I’m still having a hard time believing that I’m here. I have a long way to go, but I made the commitment. I do believe that it’s doable, and I’m here to help in any way I can.”

                (On when the Rams contacted him)
                “Not too long ago. I think it was Wednesday late afternoon. Then it happened very quickly. With my history, they needed to do a couple of medical checkups, which apparently I passed. Then there were a couple of official things that we needed to take care of. I came prepared. If it was going to be a go, I wanted to be ready to stay and here I am. I apologize to the kids who signed up to my football camp. That was the biggest decision I had to make, with the commitment (of his football camp in Germany) I had over there. But this was an opportunity, for me personally, that doesn’t come around too often. Hypothetically, people always ask ‘what would you do if a team calls you and wants you to come out of retirement?’ I always say, ‘I don’t know.’ Knowing that it’s a long shot that a team calls you anyway, especially an old team. If it would have been any other team, it would have been an easy answer, ‘No, no thank you.’ It was a hard decision. The hardest part was overcoming my commitment I had in Europe, but it’s an opportunity I didn’t want to slip away. And again, I apologize to the kids and hopefully I can make it up to them in some way.”

                (On how he feels after the year off)
                “It’s been a while since I pushed people around, so not doing that for a while helps the body. I trimmed down a little bit. There was no need for me to stay at (his playing weight), back then fighting weight. I try to stay in shape in a certain way, obviously not football condition. But it will definitely take...
                -08-20-2004, 11:18 PM
              • RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                by RamDez

                Head Coach Mike Martz
                Saturday, August 14, 2004

                (Opening statement)

                “All in all I was very pleased, with particularly the first half with both groups. We were a little taped together there in the offensive line. I thought Adam Timmerman was outstanding. Scott Tercero has really come to the forefront, he has really done well in the past few weeks. I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know he played this well, but he did, he played exceptionally well. You would have to give him terrific marks on anybody’s evaluation. I’m very pleased with him particularly. Offensively, Steven (Jackson) is learning the offense, he’s getting better. He still doesn’t have the leg strength back yet that he will have eventually. He’s still learning our offense, but he did a terrific job in pass blocking, which for a rookie, is a big challenge. He did a great job in recognizing blitzes and getting over. Fortunately, they did blitz us, and that’s good for us, because with him back there, he has to get tested before the season starts. We made some mental mistakes in there on a couple of sacks, and two of the sacks were due to mental errors. We’ll clear those things up, that’s easy to fix. I thought (Shaun) McDonald was terrific, in every phase, from a blocker to a receiver, and punt returner on special teams, he was quite remarkable. Defensively, I was pleased with the effort. We overran some things, which resulted into some big plays, which is good because you can fix that. I thought that DeJuan Groce was outstanding, he had a terrific game. Robert Thomas, I thought, was just absolutely exceptional, just outstanding in the time that he was in there. I thought that Bryce (Fisher) was exceptional, for a guy that had that ankle he came back, if you watch his effort for the time that he was in there, he was really outstanding. Of course Tyoka (Jackson) and Leonard Little did a good job. A rookie that stood out, that makes you take notice, is Brian Howard, he was good. Those were the guys that I thought were up and above everyone else. Not that anyone else played poorly, but those guys certainly deserve special mention. Brandon (Manumaleuna) was really significantly good, I think on that fourth and one we probably should of challenged it.”

                (On G Adam Timmerman’s shoulder injury)
                “Well he had some treatment on it, and the way they treated it made it a little bit sore, which is the normal treatment. Once he had that soreness out, he was ready to go. Adam, you can put in any competitive situation and he’s just got two speeds- stop and go. He’s what your looking for as a leader, and an example in every form.”

                (On G Scott Tercero being so successful in camp)
                “I think that there’s a toughness in Scott that I didn’t realize was there, because he’s such a quiet young man. There’s a resolve, if you will, you don’t know about these guys until you put them in pressure...
                -08-15-2004, 01:15 AM
              • RamWraith
                The Quote Sheet - Wednesday
                by RamWraith
                Head Coach Scott Linehan
                September 27, 2006

                (Opening statement) “Pretty good shape on the injury front. Orlando [Pace] did not participate much today in practice. He was out there. Didn’t feel great the last couple of days. Precaution is with these things is to go pretty slow, so we just kept him out. He probably felt pretty much like he did last week. That’s part of the evaluation with these things. We’ll evaluate him day to day here as we get closer to the game.”

                (On Pace’s condition) “I’m not sure you’d say it was nausea, but he said his head’s not quite right. He just doesn’t feel quite right so we’ve got to be a little bit cautious with him, as we have been, but kind of do it day by day.”

                (On when Pace will be evaluated) “I think every day we’re going to evaluate him. Evaluate him today, see how he feels after a full day at work, and do it again tomorrow. From what I understand, the evaluation process is part on how you feel and the other on how you may to respond to questions. The post-concussion syndrome is something that goes on and on and on for weeks so we’ll just keep an eye on him.”

                (On if Pace took any blows to the head in Arizona’s game) “Not that he felt or we noticed, so it wasn’t anything like that. I think it’s just…he came back pretty quickly. He wouldn’t have been cleared had he not passed all the tests, but I think he’s still got to go through some of the residuals from that.”

                (On if there’s a possibility of Pace sitting out against Detroit) “He could. I think it could go on for a while now. That would be a consideration if it got worse.”

                (On if Pace should have sat out against Arizona) “Not from what I understand, because had felt this way as the week went out, he certainly wouldn’t have played. He improved so much that he was cleared to go. I’m not sure that sitting would have made him feel any better now. He said he started feeling worse as the week went on. That’s why we really evaluate it up until game time.”

                (On his thoughts about the offensive line) “You’ve got to start with Richie [Incognito] because he started his first game as our left guard, and then, boom, he’s right over there at the center spot, and hadn’t really done it. I think he’s done a heck of a job making that move. We had a little bit of an idea that he could do it but you’ve still got to go into the games…I think he’s played very well there. Todd [Steussie] has been in the league so long, he understands how to play the position, even though he’s more comfortable at a tackle spot, he’s able to go in and function very well at the guard spot. Our right side, with Alex [Barron] and Adam [Timmerman], that really hasn’t changed, and up until Orlando’s injury, he’s been there. I’ve been really happy with the fact that they’re adjusting. We worked a lot last week with Adam in there at the left guard spot and Todd out there at...
                -09-27-2006, 04:49 PM
              • RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                by RamDez
                Head Coach Mike Martz

                Wednesday, July 28, 2004

                (Opening comments)
                “We’re making progress, we have a long way to go. Efforts terrific but as we all know efforts not enough. So we have to do things right, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re going in the right direction, I’m pleased with the effort, after the first day there’s not a whole lot to tell you.”

                (On where to begin in training camp)
                “We always repeat, when we were allowed to have two mini-camps, you just keep recycling things. We start off today just the same way we start off in mini-camp, same plays and same defense, all that stuff is the same. So they get reacquainted with the basics and the base of what we do, and then you begin to move on.”

                (On the new practice schedule)
                “To evaluate the effect of that will take some time. The way the practice is structured isn’t just for one day, it’s over a long haul. It allows these guys to recover in the afternoons. Because they’re not so tired in the afternoon they should be sharp. In the morning it’s a little bit cooler weather, and being in the morning they should be a little bit sharper. That’s kind of the logic behind it.”

                (On the different options at defensive end)
                “I know there’s a lot of concern, there’s a lot of emotional attachment to Grant (Wistrom) and he’s played so well for us for so many years we all thought that he was going to end his career here, as a Ram, he didn’t, it didn’t workout that way. On the other side of the coin, there’s six guys out there on the defensive end, on the left and right side, that you would be happy with lining up and playing with, I can safely say that. So whoever lines up at right defensive end, that’s who he is, and I’m sure whoever that is he will play very well.”
                (On moving Nick Burley to tight end)
                “One of the things, probably, he is a little slight in build, when you look at the numbers. He might make the roster, he might not. I think he has a terrific chance because just watching him catch the ball and run, his attitude is a little bit like we did with Robbie (Thomas). He (Robert Thomas) took to it. He learned it very well and it came easy to him. (Nick Burley) will have to adjust to some of the stuff in pads, being the hitter instead of the hitee, which always happens when you go from offense to defense and visa-versa. But for a guy who comes out with the right frame of mind and is an athlete like he is, he’s got a real chance to show himself. He’s a long ways away. It’s a bit of project here in the first few weeks until he gets things squared up, but he should be alright.”

                (On if Nick Burley played tight end at the off-season workouts)
                “He was there in OTA’s (organized team activities). We moved him early, when we thought he had a chance there. There are a lot of tight ends that you can go out and bring in the league, and we thought...
                -07-29-2004, 10:59 AM