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Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

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  • Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

    I am hearing so much about who is available and can we trade and we shouldn't have gotten rid of Young.


    D-Tackle is our deepest postion I think. It's not the end of the world here. We still have...

    not to mention 2 other warm bodies, and in a pinch Jackson (which I think is a better fit with Hargrove and Fisher coming on strong) or Moran can move in there.

    We are fine.

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    Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

    Agreed. I don't think Kennedy's injury really hurts the Rams because we made it a point to get plenty of depth on the defensive line. Holsey was a starter last season and did well on a poor d-line. He should be able to rotate in with Lewis and Pickett well. Although if Lewis suffers another injury, we might be a little thin in terms of experienced talent.


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      Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

      If one of the DE wild cards (Hargrove, Fisher, Flowers) can step up and become a consistent contributer, that will allow T.Jackson to move to DT, where he has played well before.


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        Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

        I agree... nothin from nothin is nothin, which is what JK contributed.

        However, the boy is sucking up dollars for nothin.....

        Dump him! And find the best way to save the money for nothin...

        "I shoulda learned to play defensive tackle,
        I shoulda learned to play that line,
        Make a million dollars sittin on my butt,
        Make a million dollars ridin on the pine..."


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          Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

          Originally posted by coy bacon
          Dump him! And find the best way to save the money for nothin...

          The best way to save money is to keep him. By releasing him, we'd take a cap hit equal to his accelerated bonus, and thus, Kennedy would in effect cost the Rams more money against the cap.


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            Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

            I agree on move Ty Jackson back to DT and Kennedy I'd keep him anyway he was working fine and he should be ready for second half of season and if not anyway I'd keep him to the next year


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              Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

              I'm starting to think Kennedy beat Coy up and stole his milk money when they were kids.


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                Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

                Nick, you can try all you want but you will never get Coy to understand the salary cap and and accelerated signing bonus.


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                  Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

                  What if we all chipped in and bought him a copy of Madden so he could play around and get the basic idea? :p


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                    Re: Does Kennedy need to be replaced??

                    I agree that the team is deep at DT and the loss of Kennedy will not be a major impact. I think Jackson is better playing the DT position than DE.

                    What if we all chipped in and bought him a copy of Madden so he could play around and get the basic idea?
                    Aug. 12th release date. Hey, aren't the Rams playing that day?
                    JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                    "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                    • general counsel
                      Kennedy, an enigma wrapped inside a riddle
                      by general counsel
                      How bad do you have to be, both physically and attitude wise, to lose your job to the nutcracker. Lewis is so bad out there it is really beyond description and yet kennedy is on the bench. Something is going on for sure, i wish i knew what.

                      Kennedy is a key guy for us. We need him to step up and develop. He has shown flashed, but zero consistency.

                      As the debacle at defensive tackle continues, god knows where we would be without pickett. he MUST be resigned.

                      ramming speed to all

                      general counsel
                      -11-27-2005, 03:40 PM
                    • Rambos
                      Have we been unfair with Kennedy?
                      by Rambos
                      It seems to me, we have been very patient with D Lewis, waiting for him to play like a top draft pick. But with Kennedy itís seems we have already wrote this guy off. Here are some number pulled from

                      The facts:
                      He was hurt in 04
                      This is his 4th year as pro
                      He was in a scheme that really sucked not to many player flourished under this scheme
                      He had no mentor other then another peer in Pickett

                      Could he still break out with a mentor like La'Roi Glover and a DC in Hasslett?

                      Is he really a bust or can he still play like a number one draft pick?...
                      -03-15-2006, 08:18 AM
                    • RamWraith
                      Kennedy suffers broken foot--out season
                      by RamWraith
                      By Jim Thomas
                      Of the Post-Dispatch
                      MACOMB, Ill. - The Rams had their first serious injury of training camp Thursday afternoon, when defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy suffered a broken right foot that could sideline him for most, if not all, of the 2004 season.

                      Kennedy suffered the injury during a one-on-one pass-rushing drill against the Chicago Bears, who are in town for three days of joint practices with the Rams. It was a non-contact injury: Kennedy was planting his foot to make a cut when he heard a pop, and went down with the injury.

                      Coach Mike Martz was unaware of the severity of the injury after practice, and told the assembled media at the time that it was simply a foot injury. But post-practice examination by the Rams' medical staff revealed the severity of the injury.

                      Kennedy left Macomb on crutches at about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, heading back for St. Louis and surgery today. Martz could not be reached later to comment, but team officials confirmed the injury and confirmed the fact that Kennedy will be sidelined for at least three months.

                      Under that timetable, Kennedy would be sidelined until early to mid-November. Even then, and with no further setbacks, it might take several additional weeks for Kennedy to round into "football" shape.

                      The No. 12 overall pick in the 2003 draft, Kennedy had a highly disappointing rookie season. But he dedicated himself more fully to offseason conditioning and reported to training camp bigger, stronger and in much better shape this season.

                      It would be a stretch to say that Kennedy had been a star during the first week of Rams camp at Western Illinois University, but he at least looked like he belonged, and looked like he might be able to contribute in the Rams' defensive line rotation this season.

                      Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis are the starters at defensive tackle. But Kennedy's injury leaves only newcomer Bernard Holsey with any experience as a backup tackle. Holsey has been basically a spectator in camp so far as he recovers from offseason surgery. The Rams have been using Tyoka Jackson mainly as a defensive end in camp, but Kennedy's injury might force the Rams to use Jackson more at tackle.
                      -08-06-2004, 05:33 AM
                    • theodus69
                      The DE's
                      by theodus69
                      Seems every one is worried about L.Little and what will happen to him come Court time. But what about the D-Tackles. This Defense ranked pretty bad and I'm wondering if the middle might be the bigger problem. The middle seemed so bad that opposing offenses could double team our DE's all day. So I ask.....who the hell is gonna step up in the middle and draw the Doulbe team so the fast ones can make the plays? Which in turn helps the LB'S and the DB'S!
                      -02-15-2005, 12:45 PM
                    • Chiledog
                      SI's Banks on Pivotal Picks (by Rams)
                      by Chiledog
                      Sports Illustrated, April 25, 2006
                      Tony Banks

                      The one key draft decision that shaped each NFL team

                      NFL talent evaluators may spend millions of dollars and months of work poring over the available prospects, but that doesn't mean the draft will ever rise to the level of science. Now that the league's annual personnel crapshoot is again upon us, let's review one recent key draft decision for each of the NFL's 32 clubs, a pivotal move that for better or worse helped shape the teams they are today:

                      ST. LOUIS RAMS
                      Jimmy Kennedy, DT, Penn State, first round, 2003
                      It's hard to imagine the Rams' defense showing any sustained improvement until they stop taking underproductive defensive linemen in the first round. Kennedy, who went 12th in 2003, has followed in the tradition of defensive tackle Damione Lewis (12th in 2001) and Ryan Pickett (29th in 2001). Second-round defensive end Tony Hargrove (2004) has been a nice find, but the Rams once again need draft help at the front of their defense, and that can't be an every-year occurrence.

                      -04-25-2006, 08:34 PM