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rams vs falcons in december, a critical game

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  • rams vs falcons in december, a critical game

    the rams falcons game in early december is a key game for the rams. That game could be crucial in determining draft pick position. The falcons are about as bad as we are, dont let the one win fool you. They are desparately in need of broehm as their new savior. If we lose to them and get the better pick, we could have a terrific trade partner to move back. I actually think the dolphins are the worst team in the nfl, but at the rate we are going, it will be close. Note that if bulger gets hurt again, we may not have a functioning qb available and given the state of our oline, that is hardly a longshot.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: rams vs falcons in december, a critical game

    I'm actually going to that game. So we're calling it the Draft Pick Bowl?
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    • RamWraith
      Disrespected Rams big underdogs vs. rock-solid Falcons
      by RamWraith
      Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

      Talk about your classic playoff scenarios . . .

      On one hand, you have the resurgent Rams. After a season-long struggle with injuries, lineup shuffling and generally poor execution, the Rams won their last two regular-season games and beat Seattle in the wild-card playoff round.

      On the other hand, you have the rock-solid Atlanta Falcons. They parlayed a strong rushing game and an aggressive defense to score old-school success during the regular season.

      The Rams are the massive underdogs, since they were 6-8 just three weeks ago and headed toward a major overhaul.

      The Falcons have been one of the NFL’s feel-good stories, with exciting Michael Vick breaking out at quarterback and Jim Mora emerging as the league’s brightest young coach.

      The Rams must venture back onto the road, albeit to play in an environment much like their own at the Edward Jones Dome. But the Falcons will have a potentially disruptive crowd working for them as Rams coach Mike Martz tries to orchestrate his offense.

      The Falcons feature a physical defense that forced 32 turnovers this season. The Rams are the most mistake-prone team to EVER reach postseason play; their minus-24 turnover ratio is the worst any playoff-bound team has recorded.

      The Rams still have issues along their offensive line, where left guard Tom Nutten has been attempting to hold the fort on one leg. The Falcons will attack with a talented front four, led by Rod Coleman, Patrick Kerney and Brady Smith.

      The Falcons feature a three-pronged ground game, with the speedy Vick, the elusive Warrick Dunn and bruising T.J. Duckett. The Rams have only recently improved their rushing defense; earlier this season the Falcons ran the ball 38 times for 242 yards while rolling toward a 34-17 victory in the Georgia Dome.

      The Rams can play pitch and catch all day, especially indoors on artificial turf. Earlier this season at Atlanta, quarterback Marc Bulger completed 24 of 31 passes for 285 yards and a touchdown.

      They have revived their four wide-out attack, thanks to the development of young receivers Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald, and Bulger can also throw to both running backs and both tight ends.

      On the other hand, the Rams rushed for just 30 yards on 15 carries during that loss to the Falcons and now running backs Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson are trying to play hurt.

      Both teams are just glad to be in this game. The Falcons raised expectations by rolling to a division title, but they are still an upstart. The Rams slid into the playoffs through the back door, so they, too, see this as a gravy game.

      The Falcons played their back-ups for much of their last two games, to protect their battered stars from further injury. Then they enjoyed a bye...
      -01-11-2005, 02:10 PM
    • Guest's Avatar
      Getting Ready this morning to go to the Rams/Falcons game...
      by Guest
      I'm taking Mrs. Falconator with me to the Rams/Falcons game.....made sure to say "Rams" first so the gestapo moderator does not move this to a different forum

      Anyway, should be fun - if Falcons win and somehow Drew Brees & Saints can win home game against the Panthers - then Falcons get a first round bye and home playoff game. So, the Falcons should be trying to play their best to beat you guys....Hopefully we take the Rams out of the game in the first quarter.

      I think you guys want the Rams to lose almost as much as I want the Falcons to win so you can try and secure the #2 overall pick. I'm sure some of you just want the "W".....

      Good luck to the Rams turning around their season starting with off-season coaching hire, new ownership, free agency and the draft. But let's just wait until after this football game today until we start the rebuilding, shall we?

      Welcome to the Falcons' Roost.

      My prediction: Atlanta 30, St. Louis 20
      -12-28-2008, 07:25 AM
    • AvengerRam_old
      What is the Rams' biggest match-up advantage against the Falcons?
      by AvengerRam_old
      Which match up is the most favorable?
      Rams WRs vs. Falcons CBs
      Rams TEs vs. Falcons LBs/S
      Rams pass rush v. Falcons pass protection
      Rams run D vs. Falcons running game
      Other match-up (which one?)
      -09-13-2013, 09:21 AM
    • evil disco man
      1999 Rams vs. Falcons
      by evil disco man
      Miss watching football on Sundays? Here you go.

      Watch Kurt Warner throw 3 TD passes... in a row!

      2nd game of the 1999 season for the Rams, when the Greatest Show on Turf was just getting started.

      YouTube - NFL 1999 Rams vs Falcons Part 1
      -06-14-2009, 04:57 PM
    • PandaRam
      Bring on the Falcons
      by PandaRam
      With Minny's win over the Pacs, the Rams will now play the Altanta Falcons in the Divisional Playoffs. I think the Rams will have a good chance to win, if we play like we did in the first quarter of the Seattle game, and eliminate our careless mistakes, we should be able to reach the NFC Finals.

      Share your thoughts...
      -01-09-2005, 05:48 PM