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Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

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  • Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

    The following report was posted on the Herd board. I cut out the Bears part. Good read.

    Posted by Isiah 58 on the RamBeat Mail List-

    Although this is from a Bears' fan's perspective, it
    is pretty interesting but long. The second half is
    Bears' stuff, but I didn't edit the post. Note his
    characterization of Stephen Jackson!
    Isiah 58

    Made it to Macomb in time for the afternoon practice
    on Friday. Stayed overnight and attended the scrimmage
    with the Rams today. Here are my observations. They
    are uncluttered. I have not read the home page. I
    tuned in WSCR on the way out of Macomb, as it was the
    only AM station broadcasting something other than pork
    belly and grain futures. However, the contradictory,
    rambling, self-serving opinions quickly became
    background noise. I have no idea what the heck those
    guys were talking about.

    Please remember that these are lay observations and
    they are from memory. I wish I had video-taped the
    scrimmage or had taken notes. There was an
    extraordinary number of substitutions, with varying
    combinations of personnel. It was really tough to keep
    track of everyone. The plays were run very quickly.
    Additionally, it was a beautiful day and there were a
    lot of beautiful, comfortably dressed females in
    attendance. I would like to take this opportunity to
    say a special 'Hello' to the bleach blond in the
    pink top and white SHORTs sitting with the skanky
    looking dude by the south end zone and the 'Mom'
    from the Quad Cities (with her 'father-in-law' over in
    Section N ).

    With that disclaimer, I begin this somewhat unedited
    post (note re: Friday's practice - We watched the
    Bears Offense play the Rams Defense. However, we sat
    high enough in the stands that we could see the
    adjacent field where the Rams O played the Bears D.):


    -- The staff was extremely cordial and helpful. They
    seemed delighted to be hosting this weekend. The
    stadium was immaculate, the practice facilities
    excellent, and everything seemed to go smoothly,
    including Will-Calls and last minute general admission
    sales. Traffic flow, 'signage', and police protection
    was first class. They even had rent-a-cops standing
    guard on the hilltops in case al-Qaida decided to
    attack Hanson Field.

    The place was completely packed. My son just came down
    to tell me that ESPN reported 14,000 fans. I dunno
    about that, but I am sure there wer ove 10,000. There
    seemed to be an equal number of Rams and Bears fans.
    Everyone seemed to get along quite well, even though
    we were completely intermingled. Rams fans are
    actually very nice people, I was disappointed to
    learn. I was hoping it would be as easy to hate them
    as it is, ohhh, say, Cheeseheads.

    My only gripe is that there are only two (count
    'em-2!) water fountains and bathrooms for the whole
    stadium. Both water fountains had broken handles, so I
    had to spend $2 for a small bottle of water. A pretty
    minor gripe. We ate before coming to the stadium, but
    the grilled pork sandwiches smelled delicious.

    Am I glad I went? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Would I
    readily do it again? Probably not. It was quite an
    investment of time and money to watch second-stringers
    beat the crap out of each other for 90 minutes.

    The Rams D

    -- They are loaded at the defensive back positions
    with the addition of fine rookie CB prospects 20
    Dwight Anderson from South Dakota and 27 Corey Yates
    from Southern Miss. Rookie FS 30 Jason Shivers from
    ASU looks like he will stick. He can hit. At SS, I
    liked the way Rich Coady covered the field and did not
    seem to miss assignments against the Bears deceptive
    offensive scheme. However, I would be surprised if he
    takes Adam Archuleta's starting spot.

    Dwight Anderson seems to be the best of the bunch of
    the new D-backs, although I am sure he is still
    adjusting to the size and speed of NFL receivers. I
    don't think he saw too many like this at South Dakota.
    He had no problem with covering any of our guys. He
    has excellent technique, contains his bumps to the
    five-yard zone instinctively and seems to anticipate
    cuts. I did not see any of his guys 'get open.' The
    long catch that Bernard Berrian made against him in
    the scrimmage was a combination of an excellent
    NFL-caliber throw by Jonathan Quinn and a great
    leaping adjustment by Berrian. I don't think Anderson
    could believe that Berrian caught the ball. He had
    very good coverage on the play. It was a very
    impressive leap and catch.

    -- LBs 50 Pisa Tinoisamoa and 51 Tony Newson looked
    great and sounded dangerous when they hit things. Like
    opposing human beings. All-in-all, this is a young,
    fast athletic group. I would be very surprised to see
    rookie 54 Brandon Chillar UCLA make the team. They are
    just too deep. Trev Faulk had a sack in the scrimmage,
    but I wouldn't make too much of that. OC Terry Shea
    and OL Coach Pete Hoener were mixing assignments and
    positions up at that stage.

    -- DL The guy that kept standing out was Tyoka
    Jackson, the 10th year vet (Miami, Bucs, Rams) who
    played a lot of the practice and the scrimmage at LDE,
    although he can play DT, too. I wasn't really looking
    for him when I went down there, but he seemed to be
    around the ball every play. Valuable guy. Bryce Fisher
    and Sean Moran also looked good. Fisher got tagged
    pretty good at one point by Brock Forsey and left the
    game limping. It was kind of hard to tell, but it
    looked like his knee gave out right before Brock
    slammed him. Fisher is a big guy and if it were his
    knee, he could need a long rest.

    Note from Rams Camp on Fisher - the coaches and
    players said they, too, thought his injury was bad
    when he went down. Trainer said it was just a
    twisted/sprained ankle and the Fat Guy will be back
    soon. revised - 8/9/04

    The Rams O

    -- First, the bad news. Chris Chandler is better than
    any QB we have. Now the really bad news - he's the
    back up to Marc Bulger, who took away 2-time NFL and
    1-time Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner's job and got him
    shipped to the Giants. Chandler is throwing great. I
    am here to predict that Chandler will step in without
    missing a beat the second Bulger stumbles this season.
    In the practice session, I saw Chandler make at least
    three throws on 15-20 yard 'outs' that were smack on
    the money. He had NO trouble victimizing Nathan Vasher
    or Peanut Tillman. Chandler had an awesome throw TD to
    Torry Holt, I believe in the scrimmage. Bulger is
    still, deservedly, Da Man. He's like a machine. MSU's
    Jeff Smoker looked like the rookie that he is. Hoffman
    Estates' very own Russ Michna, the rook QB out of
    Western Illinois, played behind a basically rookie and
    free agent OL (Phillips, Kennedy, Heyer). I think it
    was the Rams way of saying, "Thanks for stopping by
    for the cup o' coffee."
    Rams coach, Matz, stated on Sunday that he likes
    Michna, that he is "not just a 'camp arm'", and that
    he is receiving serious roster consideration. Hey,
    Mike, it's your team, Man. revised 8/9/04

    --Now for the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad news. Steven
    Jackson is a friggin' load-and-a-half. The guy can
    catch, run inside and outside, block, hit and take
    hits. He's a nightmare. Get his rookie card - and get
    it signed. Ten years. HoF. Period. I was very happy to
    see Jerry Schmacher and Cameron Worrell laying some
    lumber on the guy. More on those two guys in a bit.
    They nailed him a few times, but he kept coming and
    coming and coming.and falling forward. Marshall Faulk
    better be ready to start picking splinters out of his
    bobble-head (they gave them away free on Friday) arSE.

    --At FB, Joey Goodspeed (Our Lady University of the
    Golden Domes) seems to be playing very well. He had a
    couple of nifty catches and was not afraid to block
    any of our big, bad D-linemen.

    --At wide receiver, they have Tory Holt and Isaac
    Bruce. I wish that were the end of the story, but it's
    not. They also have this tough little bas-tid Mike
    Furrey, a second year guy out of Northern Iowa. He
    catches, he runs after he catches and he returns
    kicks. He doesn't look like much either on paper or in
    pads, but this guy is a football player. He left
    Nathan Vasher looking for his jock about ten times.
    And McQuarters is still trying to find the guy. He
    seems to be very hard to bump off the line, for some
    reason.sneaky little pr*ck.They have pretty good depth
    at WR with Dane Looker, who does not appear to be
    capable of dropping passes.

    At TE, Brandon Manumaleuna looks to be as good as they
    come. I know he is listed behind Cleeland on the depth
    chart, but I fail to see why. He runs well, blocks
    like a beast and catches anything he can get to. He
    made some of our LBs look pretty slow, including Leon
    Joe and Marcus Reese. He seals off the DE on sweeps
    very well, but, then again, Steven Jackson doesn't
    need much of a seal.

    --I know the Rams starting OL is a bunch of beasts. I
    did not spend as much time watching the Ram OL as I
    usually do because I wanted to watch the skill players
    and our D. Orlando Pace is not in pads. He is a
    'franchise player' and, as such, doesn't have to get
    dirty-wirty or any owwie boo-boos during training
    camp. They gave our DL a lot of trouble, suffice it to

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    Re: Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

    Man, I've heard Rams homer reports that have been less flattering.


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      Re: Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan


      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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        Re: Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

        The best compliments come from your adversary - well done! Off to a good start.


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          Re: Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

          It's all Good!!

          I was hopng to hear about the patchworl o-line. But that's OK.

          ARF :king:


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            Re: Scrimmage Notes From A Bears Fan

            --Now for the REALLY, REALLY, REALLY bad news. Steven
            Jackson is a friggin' load-and-a-half. The guy can
            catch, run inside and outside, block, hit and take
            hits. He's a nightmare. Get his rookie card - and get
            it signed. Ten years. HoF. Period.

            This is a good read and this guy is funny. He saw and rememberd a lot about the players. Very impressive.

            I went to Redskin camp this weekend and my recount goes more like this ....saw the cheerleaders performing in the distance. Watched the band play. Was surprised that "Hail to the Redskins" did not have more crowd participation. Waited around for Joe Gibbs to speak. Saw the Chief. Saw some guys dressed in tights with capes and masks... Joe Gibbs finally shows up and gives a short and quiet speech that I pretty much could not hear or see. Saw some players running drills, catching balls. They had the football launcher going for the return guys. That was cool. I recognized one player, Patrick Ramsey.

   notes are not very good :redface:


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            • general counsel
              My observations on the game
              by general counsel
              I watched the full replay this morning on nfl network. Here are a few of my general views, with the flashing red light overview that these are only observations based on one preseason game, insufficient data is available to draw any conclusions.

              1) Jackie Slater is an Excellent broadcaster. He is also an enormous human being, his girth is quite impressive.
              2) Claude Terrell is the largest guard i have seen. He looked pretty impressive and is certainly ahead of sapaia on the depth chart.
              3) Willig was not terrible. He is brand new. sure, he got beat clean once, the other sack on him i thought was a coverage sack. remember we are not looking at him as a left tackle, if THe Big Man goes down, we have lots of troubles.
              4) Tucker struggled quite a bit. i wonder if playing him at tackle is an attempt to move his position for opening game or provide flexibility for later. He stayed in a long way and played a lot more than sapiaua. Tucker missed an entire year, i think people have been too harsh on him too soon.
              5) Claiborne looked good the little he played.
              6) Bartell had some nice plays where he was right with his guy.
              7) We got very lucky to win that game. A bear receiver dropped a ball that hit him in the hands in the end zone in the last 45 seconds.
              8) Fitz looked ok to me, nothing great. arm didnt seem that strong. Interesting choice, physical talent vs. brains. Smoker should get a real chance.
              9) Brandon Green was obviously dominating during scrubiny time.
              10) Dez was impressive on punt coverage. It is quite clear to me that his off season workout routine has paid big dividends.
              11) The chat room was great.
              12) Hard to tell yet on hodges. He sure didnt blow me away, but wasnt terrible. The biggest disappointment was the last punt, which really was awful when we had a chance to pin them down at the end of the game without timeouts.
              13) Barring injuiries, a little birdie tells me garrett is in trouble. I think ivy and fair are both ahead of him at this point.
              14) Pisa was really flying around out there. continues to remind me of isiah robertson.
              15) it was great to see leonard literally throw fred miller into the qb
              16) Mamliamamliamula is one of the most underated rams. His blocking has improved quite a bit IMO and he makes some very very tough catches. I think he can contribute more this year if given the chance.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel
              -08-14-2005, 05:26 PM
            • Mercclass
              Monday at Macomb
              by Mercclass
              Went up to Macomb to catch the afternoon practice and wanted to post a few of my observations.

              Camp runs so smooth from begining to end with all the signal horns in between. The people in the Western Ill/ Macomb area are all incredibly nice.

              Marc Bulger is clearly the number 1 starter for this team. His passes were all excellent and on the money. During seven on sevens and eleven on elevens I think only one ball hit the ground (A Shaun McDonald drop if I remember correctly) I may have caught Smoker on a bad day but he and Michna performed at about the same level during the drills and practices I saw. Both show good arm strength but not the same accuracy and quick release that Bulger has. I think they each threw an Int during drills. Although Smoker threw a beautiful fade route to Manu during a goaline drill (Bulger did as well). Just throwing to the WR during a CB cover drill Michna looked a little shaky. Chandler helped out with the running backs during their drills but didn't get any snaps during the seven on sevens or eleven on elevens.

              Marshall looks fine. Although the running backs weren't running full speed. He also didn't make any big cuts either but he looked normal. Arlen got most of the backup touches and he looks just as fast as last year only larger. Jackson got in on a few of the drills but they were all non-contact.

              Kevin Curtis is better than Dane Looker I'm sorry. Dane looked solid but Kevin is just a budding star. He roasted a couple of CB's during their coverage drills and his concentration and hands are remarkable. Shaun McDonald fielded punts very well and is extremely shifty he didn't get to run any back but just his first few steps after the catch made him look dangerous. He also made a terrific catch on an angled punt from Landeta that was pretty difficult to field. Furrey on the other hand muffed a punt and doesn't look like he's as good as the others (Looker or McDonald). Isaac only practiced a little bit on Monday during seven on sevens but when he stepped on the field you just new he was there. He is just so smooth. Torry is clearly the best wide receiver the Rams have. He outran out caught and out performed anyone who lined up across from him during drills the whole time telling jokes hammin it up and laughing. He makes it look so easy. Look for another big year from him if he can stay healthy.

              I didn't concentrate too much on the O-Line. But some of the one on one drills were very telling. Eric Flowers is quick! During one drill he beat his blocker so quickly it almost seemed like his O llineman just wasn't ready or sumthin Flowers deked and went right around him to the outside while the O lineman pushed at air.. Tyoka put a devestating spin move on another pour soul to get to the quarterback on the very next snap it didn't look fair at all. I thought the drill was just weighted towards the defensive player until I saw another O lineman smother...
              -08-10-2004, 03:04 PM
            • Nick
              Jeff Gordon's Rams Recap
              by Nick
              Rams Recap: Makeshift line and Chandler hold up well
              BY JEFF GORDON
              Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

              As dress rehearsals go, Thursday night's exhibition with the Chicago Bears was fairly productive.

              The Rams got plenty done during their 13-10 preseason overtime loss to the penalty-prone Bears at the Edward Jones Dome.

              Youngsters Andy King and Scott Tercero got to take their bows with the first-team offense during the pre-game introductions. Then they held up admirably at left guard and right tackle, respectively, despite their inexperience.

              The makeshift offensive line allowed only one sack, on a linebacker blitz, until well into the third quarter. Under the circumstances, that is not bad.

              The front defensive seven had an excellent surge for most of the game, despite the constant rotation of personnel. Captain Tyoka Jackson spent a great deal of time in the Bears backfield.

              Back-up quarterback Chris Chandler didn't always look sharp up at Macomb, Ill. -- but he was most impressive during his first Rams game in a long, long time. He looked surprisingly nimble in the pocket during his first-half appearance and made accurate throws all over the field.

              Here is what else caught our eyes:

              THE GOOD

              * With the Bears in scoring position, we loved the way cornerback Kevin Garrett smothered receiver Marty Booker on a corner route into the end zone. That Rex Grossman pass landed harmlessly out of bounds.

              * Rams quarterback Marc Bulger appeared to be in midseason form when he found receiver Isaac Bruce for 19- and 24-yard passes on back-to-back plays. He also threw a nice third-down strike to receiver Dane Looker, good for 13 yards along the right sideline and a first down.

              * On their first defensive sequence, the Rams applied decent pass pressure but didn't get results. But on the first play on of the second sequence, veteran Jackson burst in and dumped Jonathan Quinn.

              * The assault continued with defensive ends Leonard Little and Bryce Fisher arriving simultaneously to sack Quinn.

              * Receiver Shaun McDonald reminded us why the Rams liked him so much last summer; he snagged a Chandler pass while slicing right to left through the Bears secondary. He turned on his jets and turned that into a 40-yard gain.

              * Chandler showed his veteran poise to throw his first Rams touchdown pass in some time. He looked left and found nothing, then rolled back right and flipped a pass to fullback Joey Goodspeed -- who released into the right flat for a 13-yard TD reception.

              That capped an impressive 86-yard scoring drive engineered by Chandler. Maybe he does have a little bit left in that 900-year-old body.

              * Nice pass, nice catch -- rookie quarterback Jeff Smoker gunned a nice throw down the middle...
              -08-13-2004, 12:19 AM
            • Nick
              Three Reports on Weds Evening Practice
              by Nick
              From the Herd Board-

              Posted by MoRam
              Last night the Rams held practice on the stadium field. It was nice to be high enough to see the movement everywhere on the field. The practice opened fairly slowly with the usual drills. No pads or hitting. There were several drills to watch. The QBs threw to the receiver corp. The linemen pushed on each other some. The DBs ran coverage drills. Usual stuff.
              After about 20 minutes of drills, they ran walkthroughs. Nothing too exciting.

              Then the teams began to run some plays. You could feel the competitiveness of these guys build not long after this began. It was not supposed to be this intense, but as the plays passed these guys began to compete with each other.

              The receivers looked excellent. In past camps we had so many of the receivers with injuries that you had four or five people to run all the plays. This year I haven't seen any of the recivers gimpy. Bruce and Holt are performing at their usual level and Looker is improved from last year, but everyone is healthy so you have Mcdonald, Curtis, Furry and Coleman to run routes also. Most everyone has been catching balls you would expect caught, but there have been some drops and aa few circus catches by Looker and Curtis. All are up to speed. Looker caught a fairly long throw over the middle that was very well thrown at about 40 yards. It was a good split on the zone by Looker and a well thrown ball by Bulger. A little hope maybe? Chandler has found people nd thrown well. I feel the ball is back there too long, so we will have to see what develops as far as pressure.

              DB must not be well. Fisher and Butler sat all day and didn't do much of anything. Cody was in his usual spot by the trainer. I wish we could find a DB that was full sized. We appear to have very small people at the position across the board.

              The d-line is bigger this year. Lewis and Pickett seemed active in the middle, but this was a scrum, so who knows where we sit until the hitting starts. Kennedy seems to be in a little better shape this year, but I will wait to see something before I add him to the plus column. I didn't see anything to be high or low about so far. There may be a couple of surprises out of camp. Flowers and Hargrove seem agile and quick, but no one is knocking heads yet.

              On the TE front, Manumaleuna seems to have lost a little bulk. Mike Brake is getting some reps there as well as Nick Burly. Brake is in a position to block well most of the plays. If he can blockup to snuff, he will help. He finds his man and gets there almost every play.

              O line is thin. Pace will take a few weeks to adjust again this year after the season starts, so I hope King and Randall develop. I don't see the experience of past years.
              Jackson needs a map still. Once again last night he was on the wrong side for a play....
              -08-05-2004, 09:30 AM
            • Nick
              Article on Bears' offensive struggles provides some notes on Rams D
              by Nick
              Offensive struggles reemerge
              By Jason Klabacha
              Date: Aug 6, 2004

              Toward the end of Friday’s afternoon session the Bears offense went up against the Rams defense in an eleven-on-eleven drill. The results left more then a few questions in mind.

              While the Bears offense has looked good for the most part against the Rams defense, during a string of plays the unit looked as bad as it did last year.
              On the first play of the drill Damione Lewis pushed Olin Kreutz back into Rex Grossman, which took the quarterback down. Trying to prove his moxy, Grossman got up and despite the fact that the play had been blown dead heaved the ball 50 plus yards toward Bobby Wade.

              The Bears then went to the ground game, but Thomas Jones coughed up the ball and Tommy Polley recovered the fumble. There is a concern that Jones’ upper body is too muscular and fumbling could become an issue.

              The worst moments of the practice came when DE Bryce Fisher consistently beat Qasim Mitchell off the snap and reached Grossman with ease. Luckily contact is off limits or Grossman might have been seriously injured.

              "The negatives, well my glass is half full most of the time," Lovie Smith said recently. "Those negatives, we’re trying to concentrate on the positive as much as possible. We have a better idea now where we are with those, but all we’ve done right now is get ourselves in position to start competing against someone else. Then things will really start to clear up."

              For all involved, the faster a decision to move John Tait to the left side the better. Granted he’s gotten some reps at the position, but he was back on the right side today.

              "John is our best. We gave him a lot of money. That's what we were saying when we gave him that money. We think he's a pretty good football player and of course you need your best tackle at the left tackle position."

              Considering Tait hasn’t been a full-time left tackle since 2001, it would benefit him to know that will be his position going into the season so he can get in as many reps as possible.

              "The more practices I'm there the more comfortable I feel in that position," Tait said. "In my mind I'm preparing myself to play left tackle. Now if that doesn't happen that's fine because I can flip over to right no problem. But if I were to play more at right and all of the sudden I have to be thrown over to left then that's kind of a bad situation to be in and I just want to be ready."

              After reviewing Mitchell’s performance on tape the coaching staff should be that much closer to making the switch. A poor showing in Saturday’s scrimmage could be the final straw for Mitchell.
              -08-08-2004, 10:24 AM