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  • Bills game early preview

    So I took the 20 minute drive to St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY yesterday to check out the Bills. It's pretty much the only sports they are taking about now so I figured I'd check out the competition we'll be seeing in three months.

    I stayed for about an hour and a half and got a good feel about how they are looking this year.

    Moulds is a stud, period. Reed should do better than last year as he gets moved back to the slot where he was successful as a rookie. Evans will be a rookie so by November he should have a good feel for the offense. The rest of the receivers corps looked average at best, though.

    These guys were taking the O-line to school in drills and could be tough against us.

    Also looking good with some guy named London Fletcher, not sure if anyone in here has heard of him :tongue: But Takeo is a stud. Posey has improved steadily on the strong side over the past couple years.

    I didn't get a chance to see these guys since they were on the opposite sides. However, they have some solid veterans that should challenge our speed - Milloy, Reese, Vincent, etc. However, theses guys are getting up there in age. They've got some young guys that played good as well.

    Like I said, these guys were getting schooled in drills, but aren't that bad of a unit. Mike Williams has been a disappointment so far and didn't practice on Tuesday for health reasons I believe.

    Henry is a solid back that is taking the McGahee pick to heart. Willis is looking good so far, but still needs to get back the experience of getting hit in live action. However, by November, look to see both of them on the field, at the same time as well as separately. They are being compared to the Dayne-Barber combo of the 2000 Giants. McGahee, the speed back and Henry, the between-the-tackles back.

    Bledsoe is looking good and should do better in a new offense. But, it will be taking some time to get used to, of course. Losman, the first round pick, is taking snaps with the third team. Travis Brown was the #2 QB and looks like a consistent QB that is getting used to the team and the system.