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I was impressed by our run defense

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  • I was impressed by our run defense

    we looked very stout against the run. i know the Niners arent a particularly strong running team but we have been gashed by them before. And seeing the RB being constantly stopped or pushed back on 3rd and short was just brilliant to see. The line looked strong, and i was impressed with Carriker. But it was just great to see the linebackers constantly making plays at the LOS. Chillar looked solid, Pisa looks bigger and stronger, and Spoon was just awesome.

    But once again this was a game where the defense gave up big yardage in the fourth quarter. However the blame for that has to fall on the offense. After driving down the field on the opening drive, the offense floundered, and the defense spent a lot of time on the field. If the offense could have just sustained a decent drive in the second half or in the fourth quarter, then the defensive numbers would have looked so much better

    we did lack a bit of a pass rush in the fourth quarter, but that seems to be because we were only rushing the four DL players. i know some people would have wanted to be sending some LBs at Dilfer, but that would have just left him more space to throw into.

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    Re: I was impressed by our run defense

    Actually I was watching in the fourth quarter and usualy there was 1 lb blitzing also with the 4 lineman, but regardless, we won ill take it
    Built RAM tough


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    • kman1521
      This defense needs to start stepping up
      by kman1521
      Is anyone else frustrated with this defense? They cant seem to stop anything. The Seahags just drove up and down the field at will. Peters got torched. They kept running the same draw play over and over and we couldn't stop it..The run defense is so disappointing. I know they are 5-0 but they cant keep winning this track meets, sooner or later it will bite them ni the a$$. Barron's tackling was horrendous. He will be a goner next year for sure. And please Zeurlein come back soon, these kickers are awful..
      -10-08-2018, 07:38 AM
    • Goldenfleece
      What Ails the Defense
      by Goldenfleece
      The big problems I see with the defense right now are as follows:

      1) The run defense was atrocious today. Kennedy actually did seem to be tying up two blockers a lot of the time, although he only actually managed to fight through the blocks to make a play maybe once or twice. I saw Witherspoon fight his way through blocks without losing much speed to make some really good stops. But that's all the good I can say for our run defense.

      I'm still not sure where to lay the blame on this. On LT's first big run, our entire D except Otogwe bit on the counter and headed right (the offense's left). Fullback Lorenzo Neal gets a big block on the left defensive end, Glover has already been corraled out of the way by the right guard when Tomlinson makes his cut back to the (offense's) right. That leaves the right tackle and tight end loose to take on two of our linebackers in pursuit (Spoon and Chillar I think). OJ is in position to make the play, but LT easily breaks his tackle. As some of the chatroom folks pointed out, Atogwe tackled too high. That leaves Chavous deep trying to come back in before LT gets to the endzone, and a corner trailing behind. But neither was close enough to really have a chance at him. Later I recall Chavous whiffing on another big run. They aren't the only ones to blame, but our safeties definitely earned a share of the fault in our loss today.

      2) Fisher is a major liability in coverage. I'm not the first to say it, and I won't be the last. At about 7:10 in the second quarter Fisher appeared to be covering Eric Parker (with a five yard cushion) and would have given up a big first down if Parker hadn't dropped the pass. Later, he gave up 3 plays consecutively of 16 yards, 11 yards, and 11 yards towards the end of the second half. To be fair, though, his excellent coverage of Antonio Gates on a deep third down pass later in that drive forced a punt. So you could say he atoned a little bit for his mistakes, but it doesn't change the fact that he made them in the first place. Looking through the play-by-play, it appears that Fakhir Brown gave up about 7 yards total through the air on his side. It seems so clear to me when I watch plays going Brown's direction or even towards the Chargers' corners, that they all seemed to be playing much tighter coverage. Our receivers made some great catches despite the fact the Chargers' corners were getting their hands up there on the ball; I'm not sure Fisher ever touched the ball.

      3) We've gotten only 3 of our 13 sacks this year in the second half of a game. I suspect our defensive ends are wearing down late in the game, and it's affecting our ability to get pressure. This is in part a depth problem. I think we've sorely missed having a good situational pass rusher to bring in as a change of pace. I'm thinking along the lines of 2004 when Bryce Fisher got 8.5 sacks for us as a backup. Does anyone reckon Green is even going to be good for...
      -10-30-2006, 02:39 AM
    • supachump
      Rams looked good to me...
      by supachump the first half.

      This is enough for me to have a more positive outlook than most on this message board. Everyone seems to be calling for their heads. True, some changes NEED to be made.. But...

      The Rams offense looked good last night. There was FINALLY some good passing going on. Marc looked good on the short and long ball, he had some decent time to find targets, Steven Jackson looked good as usual, and they finally looked more like they are supposed too.

      The defense played pretty good the first half. They held back the run and although some plays got by, it was an improvement. We still need some major holes plugged up for next year. But I felt good in that first half.

      The defense and special teams fell apart in the second half. And that was disappointing, frustrating, etc, etc. But, we did look decent for enough time to let me know that some patches can be made in trade/draft to right this ship.

      That was a positive game for me. Even if we did lose to one of the better teams right now (with some help from the refs). We aren't going to make the playoffs, get over it. This is the time I look for positive for next year in both the players and the newbie head coach.

      While many of you are moaning and groaning, I'm looking at this glass half full.
      -12-12-2006, 09:52 AM
    • Goldenfleece
      The Good, the Bad, and the Defense
      by Goldenfleece
      Here's what I'm taking out of the game:

      The Good: Special teams can and will give us better field position this season. Dante Hall may even have some return touchdowns. Coverage teams were good, too.
      The Bad: If our offense plays like it did in week one, it won't matter where they start on the field. After an 84 yard return, the offense can't go 3 and out and bring out the kicker.

      The Good: Excluding the one long TD catch and run, Smith had only 50 more yards on 6 catches. Decent coverage by Hill most of the day.
      The Bad: When you do count the big play, Smith had 118 yards receiving and a TD. And that's still what we call a good day for our secondary.

      The Good: The defensive line pressured Delhomme for much of the first half.
      The Bad:When we brought pressure, Jake could consistently dump the ball off to receivers. On the first drive, his passes gained 2, 11, 6, 11, 6, 6, no gain, and 10 yards...but the Panthers still scored. At some point, we've got to start breaking up even the short passes.

      The Good: Brandon Chillar was in on a number of good plays.
      The Bad: Pisa Tinoisamoa wasn't getting his name called by the announcers much until he got injured.

      The Good: Jackson was picking up good yardage on the opening drive.
      The Bad: Jackson gained more yardage on his first carry of the game than he did the whole second half.

      The Good: We limited the impact of the running game up the middle.
      The Bad: We got gouged for big gains around the end.

      The Good: We forced two fumbles on defense.
      The Bad: Jackson fumbled twice in the third quarter.

      The Good: We entered the half leading 10-7, and we would get the ball at the start of the 2nd half.
      The Bad: After the half, our offense never stayed on the field for more than 3 plays until 7:09 remaining in the 4th quarter. And it wasn't because we were putting up quick scores.

      Okay, obviously the bad outweighs the good here. That's why we lost. However, there is room for hope. The Panthers are a good team, and we were hanging with them until the offense tanked in the second half. What the defense showed me was that they could keep us in a game. At the half, they'd allowed only one TD. Early in the third quarter, they forced a fumble to give us the ball back in Panthers territory. That could have helped us seal the game. Jackson coughs up the ball. The defense gets the ball back again!

      No, our defense can't win games for us. We're not the Ravens or the Bears. But the offense had all the opportunity in the world to win this game. The play-calling was bad. I can see why Linehan wanted taller receivers, though. It seemed like there were several plays where Torry and Isaac were futily trying to reel in jump balls. I could just picture those type of plays being designed for Randy Moss. Unfortunately, if we were using...
      -09-10-2007, 03:49 AM
    • Rambos
      Rams 'D' Stands Strong
      by Rambos
      Rams 'D' Stands Strong
      Saturday, September 15, 2007

      By Brett Grassmuck

      On a day where Hall of Fame cornerback Roger Wherli was honored for his on-field accomplishments, the Rams defense was able to hold the San Francisco ***** offense to 186 total yards without their two starting corners.

      “We bounced back well, especially playing against the run,” defensive lineman Adam Carriker said. “They’re a running team, a downhill, power team. They’re going to come right at you. That’s what they do. That’s what we focused on all week, and we did pretty well against it.”

      The defensive goal against San Francisco was to slow down running back Frank Gore. While Gore wasn’t completely stopped, the Rams defense did a nice job against a run-minded offense that helped Gore to over 1,500 yards last season.

      Gore accounted for 81 of the ***** 186 yards, with 56 coming on two runs. The first was a 13-yard carry with the ***** in a third-and-long situation on the opening drive of the game. The defense was playing to prevent a long pass and came up with a stop to get the team of the field.

      The second was a costly 43-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter that was one of few mistakes made by a banged-up defensive unit.

      “They hit a long run on us,” defensive end Leonard Little said. “Other than that, they got hardly anything. We played a good sound defense. We tackled pretty well.”

      Other than the two long runs, the Rams held Gore to 25 yards on 18 carries, which is an average of about 1.4 yards per touch.

      “I think we came in focused, we can’t give up that (43-yard touchdown run),” safety Corey Chavous said. “That play cost us. We made a lot of concentrated efforts on improving in some areas. We have to get a lot better, but we’re still seeking to improve. Next week we don’t want to give up any plays. So that’s the goal for us.”

      The Rams defense was down two starting cornerbacks after Tye Hill suffered a back injury in Thursday’s practice and was also without starting linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who injured an ankle in last week’s game.

      Cornerback Ron Bartell, who has started the Rams first two games for suspended cornerback Fakhir Brown, was solid in coverage, finishing with four tackles in the unofficial press box stats. Along with his play in the secondary, the third year player made his presence felt in the San Francisco backfield, coming up with a 13-yard sack in the second quarter and sniffing out an end-around by wide receiver Taylor Jacobs for an 8-yard loss in the third quarter.

      “Bartell and (defensive tackle Clifton) Ryan, that’s what they brought them in here for,” Little said. “We had some guys down so those guys stepped in and did a good job. We have to, just as a team, play like this the whole year.”

      Ryan, a rookie out of...
      -09-17-2007, 08:59 AM