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  • Fun w/Wiretapping

    My team of surveillance experts have been hard at work tapping the phones of various Rams players, coaches and agents. Here's a transcript of some of the more interesting conversations they have intercepted:

    Orlando Pace/Carl Poston

    Orlando: "Hello?"

    Carl: "Orlando, my friend. How are you doing?"

    Orlando: "Okay. Look, this needs to be quick. I just finished lunch and I need to start eating dinner in a few minutes."

    Carl: "No problem, I just wanted to let you know I'm preparing your contract demand."

    Orlando: "My what?"

    Carl: "Contract... you know that piece of paper you write your name on so I... er, I mean you can get paid?"

    Orlando: "Oh, yeah. So what's it say?"

    Carl: "It says you should be paid the same as all the other players on the team combined."

    Orlando: "Is that a lot?"

    Carl: "It should be!"

    Orlando: "Okay. Let me know when I should start playing again. Gotta go eat. Bye."

    Mike Martz/Kyle Turley

    Kyle: "Hello?"

    Mike: "Kyle! I'm glad I reached you."

    Kyle: "Who's this?"

    Mike: "Its me, Kyle. Coach Martz."

    Kyle: "Um... oh... um... there's nobody named Kyle here. You... uh... must have the wrong number."

    Mike: "Kyle, I know its you."

    Kyle: "Cccrkxxshhhh! What? I..cccrkxxxshhhh! Can't hear...cccrkxxxxshhhhh! I'm going through...ccrkxxxshhhhh... a tunnnel!"


    Mike: "Kyle? Kyle?"

    Lovie Smith/Mrs. Smith

    Lovie: "Hello?"

    Mrs. Lovie: "Hi Honey! How did the scrimmage go?"

    Lovie: "Um... it... uh... What have I done!!!!! Why did I leave!?!"

    Mrs. Lovie: "It'll be okay, Dear."

    Charley Armey/????

    Charley: "Its me."

    ????: "The plan is working perfectly."

    Charley: "How many have you drawn in?"

    ????: "There's over 1,200 members now, and a good number of regular and casual posters."

    Charley: "Excellent. How long until the subliminal messages will start taking effect?"

    ????: "Not long. They should start sending us their credit card numbers within the next few weeks."

    Charley: "And they won't know they're doing it?"

    ????: "No. In their minds, they'll just be discussing Ram football on a message board."

    Charley: "Well done, De... wait, I think there's a tap this phone! I'll call you back later."

    Not sure what that last one was about.

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    Re: Fun w/Wiretapping

    I just had to call IT again due to the fact I spit water all over my monitor belly laughing from this one.


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      Re: Fun w/Wiretapping

      That was quite humoruos AV. :redface:

      Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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        Re: Fun w/Wiretapping

        Very nice.


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          Re: Fun w/Wiretapping

          Tape found today

          ????: Hello Charley

          Charley: yes ????, ?

          ????: I think we have a mole.

          Charley: Mmm, what should we do?

          ????: Activate the "Horn Puller"

          Charley: You really think we need to use him?

          ????: I think we need to get this little mole and get him fast, and the "Horn Puller" will get him quicker than anything I know.

          Charley: OK, I will activate him but can we control him?

          ????: I dont care, I live in Sc........ er, another country.

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            Re: Fun w/Wiretapping

            Now you know why I always use subcontractors for my surveillance jobs.