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  • Head Coach Mike Martz

    Thursday, August 12, 2004

    (On the weather conditions)
    “I love it, I think it’s great, it’s terrific. Football weather. It’s easier on the players. If we played in 90-degree heat with that kind of humidity, that would be a different thing, then we would have to condition for it. Obviously there’s a psychological toughness that goes with training in that kind of weather, but we can get that with the way we practice. All it does is wear your body down a little bit.”

    (On if he’s pleased with the way camp is going)
    “I am. I’m really concerned with our offensive line, we’re down to just a few bodies in there. We may only have six or seven available tomorrow. So that does concern me, we’ll just have to see.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman’s condition)
    “I don’t know, I don’t know if he’ll be up or not. (Chris) Dishman has got spasm’s in his back, so we’re down to the last few standing.”

    (On DT Damione Lewis’s performance in camp)
    “Good. Obviously when he’s healthy, and not having problems with his ankle, he does pretty good. He’s had a real good camp, and a good practice with the Bears. That inside pass rush is so hard to find, he looks like he’s got some of that going for him.”

    (On what he expects to get out of the first pre season game)
    “The execution part of it. These games are usually so full of errors, we spend so much time with those things. I would like to see one step further then we were a week ago, in terms of the crispness of it. Eliminate the mistakes, and be sharp. I would like to see them play fast.”

    (On how important it is to win the pre season games)
    “I like to win everyone of them, I think every coach does with the guys you are playing. Obviously you can choreograph it to keep your ones in for the whole game, and win if you feel like you have to win all of them. We still need to look at some players, but it is still very competitive.”

    (On if the play calling will change due to the offensive line injuries)
    “We’ll just kind of have to get a feel for how they’re doing when we’re in there, you just have to adapt to it. I feel good that the guys, knock on wood, if we can stay healthy, will be alright. Scott Tercero and Grant Williams are doing terrific jobs. We’re getting down to the Red Cross time.”

    (On if RB Marshall Faulk will play on Thursday)
    “No, Marshall will not play. He’s not physically ready to play yet and that’s the reason he won’t play.”

    (On if practicing the Bears will have a bearing on the outcome Thursday)
    “I think you just do what you do in (the preseason). There is very little game-planning going on. You just try to get your protection and running game squared away, they types of blocking, the defense, getting guys lined up, and going to the ball, the coverages. As always, it’s about us, that’s the way we look at it. But especially in the preseason, about the execution and trying to eliminate the mental errors and get better skill wise.”

    (On how a young player can get his attention)
    “Making plays in situations where he can stand up and be accounted for. If you put any young player out there and he makes a play, you say, ‘Wait a minute, now.’ That’s on either side of the ball and on special teams. That’s what happened with Kevin Garrett last year. For a while there he just disappeared, then we put him on special teams and he went down there and did a tremendous job, and now he’s in the thick of things.”

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    Re: Head Coach Mike Martz

    That’s what happened with Kevin Garrett last year. For a while there he just disappeared, then we put him on special teams and he went down there and did a tremendous job, and now he’s in the thick of things.”
    Tx, there's your boy getting some airtime from coach. That's always a good thing. We've talked offense and defense, but if special teams can make some improvements this year, we should be in business. If we can get the coverage teams and return teams to turn it up a notch, the offense and defense will look that much better. It's never easy starting from your own 15 or having to defend from mid-field. Martz has really been talking up the new ST coach, I hope he makes a difference.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Head Coach Mike Martz

      You are right bison, Garrett is getting noticed. Not just by the media either, but Martz is talking him up.

      If Garrett and/or Groce step up and play solid in the nickel and dime packages, allowing Aeneas to stay at S, this defense is going to be stingy.


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        Re: Head Coach Mike Martz

        This defense is tailor-made to stop the pass. Speed at end, more speed at OLB, even more speed at CB & punishers at S.

        Come to think of it, Martz has built a defense to stop his offense...ironic at least. Now if we only stop the run...
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Head Coach Mike Martz

          What I love about this defense is how it's built off of speed and zone coverages that aren't going to be hindered by the league's cracking down on illegal contact. Teams like Philly, Carolina, and New England are going to have a difficult time adjusting I believe because of their defensive strategy, but the Rams don't depend on that kind of thing to make plays.

          What scares me is whether or not Marmie is going to ask Butler and Fisher to play more man coverage, which i don't think they're going to excel at. They're more than adequate cover corners in zone when we have a good pass rush, but I don't think they can hang one on one with some of the league's receivers.


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          • RamWraith
            Martz on the Mike
            by RamWraith
            Head Coach Mike Martz
            Wednesday, September 1, 2004

            (On goals for the fourth preseason game)
            “I think in game three we just want our ones to have a good half and get them to play well. We wanted them to just start clicking, and that happened. We need to look at as many guys as we can in the second half, and see them compete. It will be the same goal here, but the ones won’t play as long. We’ll get them in early, but we are trying to look at as many guys as we can at this point. We need to make some decisions over the weekend, and there might be some guys that usually don’t play a quarter or two, get some significant time.”

            (On position competitions)
            “It’s very competitive in a couple of areas, there’s no question about it. That’s why some of these guys will play a great deal, they can kind of define themselves for the rest of the season.”

            (On WR Kevin Curtis)
            “He has shin splints, and after the game they seemed alright. But then he got out here and started running around and half way through practice they started getting aggravated. So we are going to try and back-off him a little bit. I don’t know what we are going to do about his shin splints, that’s something we haven’t had a lot. We’ll try to mess with his shoes, and they do tape up for shin splints, but he will be a guy that we will consider to play very little.”

            (On S Tom Knight’s injury)
            “He has a slight strain of the hamstring, nothing that is very significant. We will more than likely keep him out in this game.”

            (On T Orlando Pace still not being at camp)
            “To be honest with you I don’t think about it. This is our football team right now, I would just assume he’s not coming in. That’s his decision, and we’re moving on. You can’t let one player, no matter how good he is, or how good of a person he is, hold a team hostage waiting for him to come in. We have to move on, and get ready for September 12th.”

            (On if there’s a momentum value to possibly winning your last two preseason games)
            “I think so, I’ve always believed that. You would like to win your last games, but not to the extent of exposing Isaac (Bruce) or Torry (Holt) or a player like that longer than you need to. Otherwise you end up with a (CB Travis) Fisher deal. If that happens in the season, that’s life, but during the preseason, you’re getting so close, it makes you nervous.”

            (On the defensive performance thus far)
            “Well I think with two new coaches, and a new coordinator, the defense is beginning to understand his expectations, and he’s got them in the direction we want them to go. I think that is all chemistry and communication that is starting to come together at this point. It takes time to do that, and I think last week you could see the bonding in that group, the staff and players, the enthusiasm and execution. I’m very pleased at where they are at now.”
            -09-01-2004, 04:28 PM
          • RamWraith
            Players and Coaches Quotes
            by RamWraith
            Players and Coaches Quotes from Oct. 13
            Thursday, October 13, 2005

            Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

            (On the releasing of S Michael Hawthorne)

            “Well it was decision that our organization made. I talked to him last night and brought him into the office. I appreciated the hard work that he did right here, and we’re going in a different direction.”

            (On the players adjusting to Coach Martz absence)

            “The players showed up this morning to go to work. We had good installation meetings. We had good walk throughs. We had a good, sharp practice today, and we’re preparing to win.”

            (On whether any rules have been made for Coach Martz about how often he can call Rams Park)

            “There should be, but there isn’t, and he is.”

            (On how much Coach Vitt has heard from Coach Martz’s hospital room)

            “He has no discipline at all.”

            (On how often Coach Martz is calling)

            “He’s just concerned, and he’s just checking in every once in a while.”

            (On whether Coach Vitt expects a call from Coach Martz on Monday night)

            “I expect we’ll probably get a call at halftime. I talked to him. He’s concerned about the football team and everybody around us. We told him, ‘hey, get your treatment, relax, [and] let the doctors get you better.’”

            (On what is planned for the 53rd roster spot)

            “We don’t want to discuss that right now. We have a plan in mind. We’ve discussed it, and we’re going to hold off to see how some of our players, health-wise, are at the end of the week.”

            (On whether this is a ‘circle the wagons’ situation with Coach Martz out and facing the 5-0 Colts)

            “Yeah, there is a lot that goes into it, but I don’t know about that circle the wagons stuff. Hey listen, we’re all paid to get a job done. Let’s show up to work, roll your sleeves up, put your hard hat on, be disciplined, pay attention, do what we’re asking you to do, and it’s going to work. If that’s circling the wagons, then that’s circling the wagons.”

            (On how the defense corrects its mistakes of the last two games)

            “Well, like we’re doing out here, you work hard. Work is going to win and wishing won’t. We have to be more detailed. We have to be more disciplined. We can’t make the mistakes that we’re making. We’re making undisciplined mistakes, and today we took a step right. We took a step forward today.”

            T Alex Barron

            (On Coach Martz having to step away from medical reasons)

            “Coach Martz is pretty sick right now and has a lot of things going on. He had to follow doctor’s orders and do what he had to do.”

            (On how he feels he is progressing)

            “I’m coming along okay, just talking things week-by-week, trying to learn different things. I learn different...
            -10-14-2005, 05:28 AM
          • Rambos
            Better late then never…
            by Rambos
            “Some of the stuff that we are doing front wise we are going to get away from,” Martz said. “We don’t like it. Some of the stuff that hurt us last year doesn’t fit our personality or our personnel. So we are going to change some of those things. A lot of this is about coaching.”

            Ok couple things, ““Some of the stuff that we are doing front wise we are going to get away from,” Martz said. “We don’t like it” Mike it’s not like you where forced to run these schemes again, you had all off-season to look at the film and see that these sets do not work.

            “So we are going to change some of those things. A lot of this is about coaching.”

            All of this is coaching; take a look at last year playoff game enough said. I can’t believe we wasted time practicing these sets this year, when did Martz realize that the new LB we brought in, where not the right guys to run this crap. . “We don’t like it”, translated means this crap does not work!
            -08-23-2005, 08:00 PM
          • RamWraith
            Rams Q-and-A: Martz on Monday
            by RamWraith
            Compiled by Jeff Gordon
            Monday, Nov. 15 2004

            Rams coach Mike Martz was in a predictably good mood the day after his team
            handled the Seattle Seahawks 23-12.

            “We’re very pleased with the effort of this football team, the intensity we
            were able to keep throughout the game,” Martz said. “It didn’t wane at any
            time. Even with some of the big plays they were able to hit on our defense, we
            were able to run to the ball.

            “We had some mistakes in the running game. We had some guys out of place and
            make a mental error, which resulted in some big plays. They made some plays,
            obviously, they are a good football team. They are going to do that.

            “A couple of real big indications would be the red zone stops, to get down in
            that situation and not let them in and hold them out from scoring touchdowns
            speaks volumes about the resolve and the tenacity.

            “We didn’t do everything right, there is no question about that. There is a lot
            to fix and continue to get better that. As long as you play with that type of
            attitude and enthusiasm, you can accomplish an awful lot.”

            Here were some other highlights of the news conference:

            On the play of the offensive line:

            “We had to shake things up there in the fourth quarter. For Grant (Williams) to
            go to left tackle, (Chris Dishman) has got a knee situation and Tommy (Nutten)
            goes in and plays very well. It has taken him some time to get his weight and
            his strength back up, but at this point he’s back up to where he was when he
            left, weight-wise and strength-wise. I’m very confident about his ability to
            start at left guard.

            “Blaine Saipaia came in and did a terrific job. There is a lot to like about
            (Saipaia). Coming out of college, we had such a high grade on him. We kind of
            tracked him a little bit. We were able to get ahold of him, bring him in here.
            As we went through practice, it became very evident he has excellent feet. He
            has got terrific punch. He’s a strong guy, learns quickly, is a quick study on
            a lot of the stuff. Very physical player. When we moved him to right tackle, he
            was a fish out of water. He didn’t take to the pass rush very well. But over
            time, he’s done a great job on that.

            "He has enough confidence to play and not be stressed out. He is very poised. I
            wasn’t sure he would play as well as he did. People say he’s too short at I
            guess 6-3 or whatever, I don’t understand that. I don’t know. If you block
            them, that’s good enough.

            “I felt like the New England game was an exception to what this group really
            is. I thought they responded very well. Anytime you rush for 200 yards against
            anybody, that...
            -11-16-2004, 06:40 AM
          • RamDez
            Head Coach Mike Martz
            by RamDez
            Head Coach Mike Martz
            Tuesday, October 5, 2004

            (Opening statements)
            “There are some things that I would like to mention that are really outstanding from that game: Tyoka (Jackson) came in and had three hits on the quarterback, two pressures, two tackles, and two assists, really on third downs, which is terrific. Pisa (Tinoisamoa) had nine tackles and five assists, 14 tackles all totaled, and half a sack. Jerametrius (Butler) had the interception and he broke up two passes. Leonard Little had four tackles and three assists, for a total of seven. He had three hits on the quarterback, he had a pressure, he had one sack, and, of course, he recovered a fumble, so he had a terrific game. Rich Coady is our defensive player of the week with four tackles and six assists, that’s 10 tackles, two passes broken up, a forced fumble, and a quarterback hit, just a terrific evening for Rich. On offense, Marshall (Faulk) and Isaac (Bruce) are our offensive players of the week. Marshall, obviously, with the big night: 23 carries, 121 yards, a total of 146 yards, and Isaac, for the fourth week in a row, starts the season with another 100-yard game. (Isaac) was not just catching the ball, but he was vital in the running game, in terms of blocking down the field, which he always is. He is a complete player, very unselfish player. I thought Marc (Bulger) played really well. The offensive line played very well. They came out fast and furious in all three phases, and that’s what we asked them to do, attack, be physical, not worry about mistakes, play fast. I thought we played disciplined football. We did not turn the ball over. We got two turnovers. We had a very limited amount of penalties, which is something that we have been trying to stress. We are getting better, we really are. That first half was played at a high level, and that’s what we are asking them to do. We’ve got a lot of room to go yet. We can get a lot better, and we need to go in that direction. We came out of that game, physically, in good shape. But I’m very pleased with the effort of this football team. I’m ready to put this one to bed, because we have a big one up in Seattle.”

            (On the Rams’ defense)
            “(The *****) really tried to get something going, and the same running schemes that have hurt us in the past, we shored that up a little, the stretch and cutback type of plays. Penetration by the defensive line, by and large, the entire defensive line was a exceptional. They played really well. And Ryan Pickett, who plays nose guard, just won’t get credit for anything. You’re not in the position to rush the passer, so you’re not going to get sacks. All you do is get beat on the whole time. You’re not going to make a lot of tackles, but what you do, it’s the most unselfish position in football. All you do is take the hits and try to throw them off, so the linebackers and everyone else make the play. But he was penetrating, getting back into the backfield, and...
            -10-06-2004, 01:00 AM