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How long before Martz ruins Rams?

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  • How long before Martz ruins Rams?

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    You might consider this as obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws, but is intended as a legitimate question for those that care the most about the Rams.

    How long will you allow Martz to run down the Rams before you insist he be fired?

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    Explain what he has run down ??

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Rams | Martz Goes Insane - posted at KFFL (
      12:10 PT: Mike Martz still mad over yesterday's incident with the reporter was seen tombstoning him after Ram's practice. The same reporter reportedly asked questions about Mark Fields staying at Martz's house. When Martz was asked for comment about the situation he replied "Why don't you tell them what we were doing?" Then the reporter replied , "Sir, I don't think that is appropiate to discuss like this." That's when Martz felt like the world famous WWF Wreslter "The Undertaker" and proceeded to tombstone the reporter into the practice field. It all stopped there when Martz decided all the drama was too much for his son Adam Martz to witness. Expect the NFL to put a nasty fine on Martz and look into the Martz/Fields saga.


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        I just been informed that my quote above is invalid (it was posted as is on another board). Please disregard. It was posted as a "joke" somewhere else and is not real.

        But, honestly, am concerned about Martz's character. He will be the high flying Rams down fall, IMHO. You guys have a stellar team, full of talent. I can't help but feeling that the clock is ticking against the "greatest show on earth".

        If the Rams go say 7-9, or 8-8 this year, will Martz keep his job? I can't look at that guy with any rosey glasses


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          It is true that some "reporters" have been trying to test Martz, but lets look at it this way.

          The Rams allow reporters into practices as long as they follow some rules . Fair enough. Most NFL team do not allow reporters into practice. If a reporter then continualy breaks this rule, is Martz not entitled to crack up ??

          Last year people were slagging of Martz for him being to timid ?? this year the same people slag him of for standing up to them ?

          Guess you just canny win ;)

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            NO WAY!!

            I can't believe everyone is coming down on Martz already this season! This guy reinvented the Rams, gave us one of the most impressive offenses ever and help bring a Super Bowl to our team.

            This sounds a lot like them fans that hated Vermeil coming out of the wood work to blame somebody for not winning it all again last year.

            Martz is learning the head coach job, he is doing just fine! If you all start running him out of town already WE ALL will be VERY sorry. This guy is a machine and will learn from EVERY mistake he makes and will NOT let it happen again.


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              Martz is responsible for building the super offense we have now, and deserves allot more credit for the 1999 season then people give him. He hasn't ruined a thing. He is still young in his head coaching career, it's his 2nd season and so far he has done a great job. Last year injuries hurt us otherwise we would have been in Super Bowl 35 creaming the Ravens, so I would have to say Martz has been on the right track. GO RAMS!


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                It s just some aint "fans" who (as we all know) have never seen an offense before, hence they have no clue as to the subject :p

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                  Martz appears to be well on the edge with his behavior.

                  He doesn't appear cut out for head coaching but would probably be better suited as an offensive coordintor.

                  There's nothing wrong with what he did as an offensive coordinator. His head coaching decisions have been very questionable especially during game time.


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                    Everyone forgets (I think) that Martz was thrown into the Head Coaches job when DV retired suddenly. Given the fact he never had much time to get his act together, he did OK.

                    Lets see how he does this year. I think he will be fine.

                    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                      I agree to an extent, although I do feel Martz knew his day was coming in STL, maybe not in 00 but he knew it was near. And the organization knew also. Whether it's Vermeil or Martz though we are in good shape as the construction of the team has been on the right path for a while now. GO RAMS!


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                        GEt a catscan!

                        Martz guided the team to the playoffs with numerous injuries and a pathetic defense. he replaced the players who let the team down last year and brought in good defensive minds to create a plan for success. Rome wasn't built in a day,and it may take some time for the d to catch up with "the greatest show on earth ", but I think Martz has the team on a course back to the top of the league.I predict that at least 2 of his draft picks the last two years will be pro bowlers in the near future.(Archeleta, Lewis , Or possibly Polley, Pickett). Please get yourself some help!


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                          Man,I dont agree with all of Martz's decisions,Just like I didnt agree with all of Vermeils decisions,but last years problems were not Martz's fault.Anyway,last year was not all that bad.We just saw our defense break down and this year Martz corrected it.He brought in Lovie Smith and that was an intelligent move.Martz knows offense and he's smart enough to hand the defense over to someone who knows defense.I think Martz has made some pretty creative moves so far.Ultimately though,its the players who win or lose the games.GO RAMS!


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                            No one else would have coached the Rams any better last year. When you lose Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk for a few weeks your entire offense is shot, and I don't think any of us thought the defense was going to be that poor last year. If those injuries had not happened the Rams could have easily finished off 12-4 at the worst and won the Super Bowl again. Opponents who are criticizing Martz are just trying to get to us because they know how much they have to fear in the Rams this year.


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                              My first post here. And I promise you'll never see me going low-brow and criticize without backing it up. This is YOUR home and I'm a guest...and will act accordingly. O' TAY?

                              My opinion: As a Saints' fan, I've seen coaches in the varying stages of 'losing' their minds. Some of you are familiar with Mora's 'Diddly-poo' tirade and 'Shoulda coulda woulda.' And there was three years of the Ditka Era (Error is more appropriate).

                              I felt Martz' performance in that press conference was in line with the forementioned ones. It was indicative of a coach who is working his hiney off...long hours, tons of pressure, bad personnel decisions...and it's getting to him. He was and is a great coordinator, but upon Vermeil's hasty departure, the HC job and essentially the GM job got thrust upon him and Martz wasn't ready for all of these additions to his job title.

                              The Rams' future success, in my opinion, depends upon hiring a real personnel guy and lessening Martz' burden.
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                                This is Mad Mikes team and its now showing.

                                He has the keys and he needs to get back and get that engine started.

                                All those that wished for something else ....... are now reaping the results
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                                Martz should return to the Rams because
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                                For the following reasons....

                                #1 You may not agree but he has shown over the years that he identifies problem areas and then takes action to correct them. For example, last year he knew he needed to help the Run D, secondary, special teams, and OL.

                                Martz continues to show growth and is willing to make changes as needed.

                                #2 What do you think he's doing with all his free time? I think I can answer that. Martz is spending time tweaking and adding to the play book. Imagine what the Rams offense will look like next year?
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                              • jmk321
                                Rich Eisen on Mike Martz
                                by jmk321
                                Martz seems to be appreciated for his analyst work at the NFL Network. A recent tweet from Rich Eisen's twitter account said:

                                "Doing the show with Rod Woodson and Mike Martz. Every time Martz opens his mouth, I feel like I've learned five new things about football."

                                Just throwing that out there in case anyone finds that interesting.
                                -10-08-2009, 09:40 PM
                              • Nick
                                Martz bashers now have proof: He doesn't know the score
                                by Nick
                                Martz bashers now have proof: He doesn't know the score
                                BY JEFF GORDON
                                Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

                                I believe we all like a little self-deprecating humor in our coaches. In a field of know-it-alls and Inventors of the Sport, the ability to mock oneself is an endearing quality.

                                We can only take so much of the Bill Walshs and Marty Schottenheimers of the world.

                                However, I'd like to use this corner of cyberspace to give Rams coach Mike Martz a little advice.

                                Never, never, NEVER come clean during a post-game news conference. Never admit to a lapse in your cognitive powers.

                                Never admit you didn't know what the score was in the last minute of a game.

                                You know how some citizens of Rams Nation are. They doubt Martz as a head coach and disparage his game management skills. They bristle every time he burns his timeouts, as he did in the second half of the Raiders game.

                                They hang on his every word, waiting for him to make an incriminating statement or use an improper tone of voice. There are folks who walk around town muttering one of Martz's favorite lines, "Shoot, we'll fix that," under their breaths.

                                As veteran talk show host Howard Balzer noted on 1380 ESPN Friday morning, Martz should NOT have made a confession after Thursday night's 28-24 loss at Oakland.

                                He admitted ordering Jeff Smoker to throw a sideline pass with nine seconds left, even though the Rams needed to get in the end zone.

                                "I can't believe I was yelling for a field goal," Martz told reporters. "That was the dumbest thing I've ever done as a football coach."

                                Oh, boy. You don't want to get Rams fans going down that road.

                                That was tantamount to throwing out a three-hour radio call-in topic. That was like throwing fresh hamburger into the shark tank. Fans will be eager to respond to that assertion.

                                "Smoker was yelling at me, 'Hey coach, we're down by four!'" Martz continued. "Can you imagine Jeff Smoker telling me what the score was?"

                                Everybody at once: YES!

                                Now I'm a pretty big Mike Martz fan. He inherited outstanding talent from Dick Vermeil, but he also had to rebuild an atrocious defense.

                                He has accomplished plenty on his own, including winning an NFC Championship and reaching postseason play three times.

                                The NFL is a tough place to coach, as Steve Spurrier would tell you. Rams fans tend not to give Mad Mike all the credit he deserves.

                                But Martz DOES do some goofy things. He seems to become immersed in his scripted play chart, to the point of becoming impervious to all the drama swirling around him.

                                When asked to comment on such-and-such an incident on the sidelines, Martz often has no idea what reporters...
                                -09-03-2004, 04:19 PM