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  • Rams-Bears Quick Hits

    Rams-Bears Quick Hits


    Mad Mike is back in town: After tailback Arlen Harris carried on the Rams' first play from scrimmage, Martz ordered five passes in a row.

    But for the night, the Rams were well balanced: 28 passes and 26 runs.

    Lovie's back, too: OK, we'll give the Bears fans who brought the banner that read "Chicago loves Lovey" a spelling mulligan, because it was only Smith's first game as their head coach.

    Kurt who? QB Marc Bulger received the biggest cheer in pregame introductions.

    Back home in the dome: The retired Jim Hanifan, former head coach of the St. Louis Cardinals and most recently a Rams assistant coach, had a reunion with several Rams offensive linemen on the field before kickoff.

    Roll call: The Rams' Kyle Turley, who had been absent since leaving camp Aug. 1 to have his ailing back examined by various specialists, was on the sideline in street clothes.

    No sign of fellow offensive tackle Orlando Pace, though.

    Best debut: Running back Steven Jackson, the Rams' first-draft pick, powered 8 yards up the middle on his first carry as a pro.

    He finished as the game's top rusher, with 73 yards in 15 carries.

    On the board: Delightfully named Rams fullback Joey Goodspeed took a dump-off pass from scrambling - yes, scrambling - quarterback Chris Chandler 13 yards to the end zone for the first touchdown of the exhibition season. It gave the Rams a 10-3 lead late in the first half.

    Flagged down: The most exciting play of the game was wiped out - not surprisingly - by a penalty.

    The Rams' Shaun McDonald zigzagged 66 yards to the end zone with a punt return in the fourth quarter, but an illegal-block call nullified it.

    Question for Commissioner Paul Tagliabue: Exactly why is overtime in exhibition games a good idea?

    - Bill Coats

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