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Rams 28 Eagles 17

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  • Rams 28 Eagles 17

    The Rams will get a touchdown from Canidate using Faulk to draw d his way. Holt or Bruce will catch two laser beams from Warner. Fourth touchdown comes on an int by one of the linebackers. Philly's scores will come early then Rams will shut them down.

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    Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me...


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      8 points off

      My narrative was off but score was almost right. Rams showed a lot of toughness in beating a very tough opponent on their home turf. Look for offense to crank it up a notch against Falcons. Rams 37-17


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        Give or take only a few...

        At home against Atlanta, the crowd, a tested and passed Rams defense, fewer holding penalties by receiving special teams, and a wiser, more productive offense. ;)

        Yeah BWD69, I'd say that score for the Falcons game looks about right, maybe ± as much as 6.

        Let's do it!! GO RAMS!!!


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          Another Oregon Rams Fan

          I live in southern Oregon where the 49er fans reside like fungus on a sweaty foot. Great to hear from a Fellow Rams fan here. I had to go to Eugene to watch the game because the local station chose to show the whiners and the Falcons instead of the best matchup this weekend. I've been a Rams fan since 1972.


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            welcome on board bigwavedave69 or can we call you 69 ?? ;)

            Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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              You can call me 69,bigwave, wave, diamondDave,just don't call me when the Rams are on.


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                Safety in numbers (Bowen injury)

                What are the Rams going to do about depth at safety? Anyone on the waiver wire?


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                  you know, your the first to bring that up. I was thinking that myself last night

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    Safety first...

                    Was wondering if, as an interim solution, it'd be feasible to move Jacoby Shepherd, No. 22, as safety backup. Bowen is going to be missed all those five to six weeks; I understand he's one of those reckless /responsible, smart and tough defensive and special teams players.

                    Hey Diamond D! I'm in Tigard (SW Portland). There's another Portlander here in ClanRam but I haven't contacted him yet. Be strong against all those "Chargezzz, Winers, and Raidbugs" down there. That's too close... :p

                    GO RAMS!!!


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                    • RamDez
                      Falcon game predictions please
                      by RamDez
                      Well, the last REGULAR game of the 2001 season, SO lets get it on.

                      I will stick to my winning ways and go with Marshall and Warner with a point to prove as JOINT MVP's

                      Mmmmm, lets see now, ...... Rams 36 Falcons 14 :shield: :king:
                      -12-31-2001, 09:00 AM
                    • RamWraith
                      Early lines
                      by RamWraith
                      Falcons over the Rams---favored by 6.5

                      Eagles over the Vikings----favored by 9.5
                      -01-09-2005, 07:14 PM
                    • RamWraith
                      Eagles' performance puts the Rams' defense to shame
                      by RamWraith
                      BY JEFF GORDON
                      Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist
                      Monday, Jan. 24 2005

                      Oh, so THAT is how you defend the Atlanta Falcons.

                      The Philadelphia Eagles gave Rams Nation a look at what smart and robust team
                      defense looks like. The Eagles demonstrated how a Super Bowl-caliber defense

                      A week ago, the Falcons gashed the Rams defense for 327 yards on the ground. On
                      Sunday, the Eagles limited that same three-pronged rushing attack to 99 yards.


                      Not only were the Eagles linebackers visible, they were assertive. Couldn’t the
                      Rams use a hammer like Jeremiah Trotter in the middle of their D?

                      Eagles cornerbacks dove into run support instead of avoiding it. Agile
                      defensive end Jevon Kearse shifted form the left side to the right side to
                      contain the bootleg maneuvers of speedy Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.

                      “I think it took him out of his comfort zone because I don’t think he even
                      thought twice about scrambling to that (left) side,” Kearse told
                      “Basically, we knew we had to get upfield and not give him any step-up lanes.
                      That’s it, just keep him in the pocket. When he gets outside the pocket, he has
                      the ability to make plays running the ball or throwing the ball.”

                      The Eagles didn’t yield gaping holes for Warrick Dunn to dart through. They
                      didn’t allow the Falcons to play from ahead and eat the clock, a specialty of
                      bruising back T.J. Duckett.

                      There was nothing fancy about coordinator Jim Johnson’s game plan -– the
                      Falcons saw little of the blitzing they were braced for -- but there was plenty
                      to admire about their execution.

                      “They tackled, they flowed to the ball, they understood their assignments and
                      they kept backside leverage on Michael Vick,” observed long-time coach Marv
                      Levy, now an analyst for “Philadelphia executed its plan and really
                      had every player committed to it.

                      “It's not always what you do in a game, but the way that you do it.”

                      Just ask the Rams. Their defense took a major step backward in the Rams’ 47-17
                      loss at Atlanta.

                      We’ve suggested that coach Mike Martz and his reconfigured staff frequently
                      show that game tape as the team prepares for the 2005 season. They can see how
                      NOT to play defense.

                      Then the Rams should view this Eagles tape for a very hard comparison. Philly’s
                      performance, by contrast, was a defensive clinic.

                      The Eagles challenged Vick to beat them with his arm . . . and he couldn’t.

                      “By playing so much single coverage, the Eagles were able to commit more
                      players to the line of scrimmage, which helped put more pressure on Vick, who
                      was sacked four times, and...
                      -01-25-2005, 06:32 AM
                    • AvengerRam
                      Av's Falcons @ Rams (Playoffs!) SPOILERS
                      by AvengerRam
                      Here we go...

                      Rams 31
                      Falcons 22

                      And now... the SPOILERS!!!!

                      1. The last Los Angeles Ram player to score a playoff TD was Flipper Anderson (running to the tunnel!) against the Giants in 1989. Todd Gurley will be the next one, and it will happen in the first quarter.

                      2. The Rams will have defensive or special teams play that will lead directly to a TD, meaning either the defense/special teams will score a TD, or set up the offense inside the Red Zone.

                      3. The combination of Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn will record 2+ sacks in their first playoff game.

                      4. The Rams will force 2 turnovers, including at least 1 interception.

                      5. Jared Goff will have a higher passer rating than Matt Ryan.

                      6. Mohamed Sanu will have the most targets among Falcons receivers.

                      7. The Rams will score points in first drives of each half.

                      8. Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods will combine for at least 12 receptions.

                      9. Alec Ogletree will lead the Rams in tackles.

                      10. The Rams will have 5+ plays from scrimmage of 20+ yards.

                      And for a special bonus, here are my scores for the other playoff games:

                      Chiefs 27 Titans 10
                      Jaguars 24 Bills 6
                      Saints 28 Panthers 23...
                      -01-02-2018, 03:15 PM
                    • RamsInfiniti
                      Rams matchup well with conservative Falcons
                      by RamsInfiniti
                      The Atlanta Falcons are 7-2. They are a good football team. They are well-coached and disciplined, and poised to make a run into the playoffs in 2010.

                      What the Falcons lack are the so-called "impressive" wins. When we talk about "impressive" wins, we speak of games won by 10 points or more. Sure, they destoryed the Arizona Cardinals, but other than that game, the Falcons have found themselves in a nail-biter in most instances.

                      Why are the Falcons struggling to pull away from opponents? Simply put, they are ultra-conservative. Overall, this team could be more conservative than, gulp, our very own St. Louis Rams.

                      Looking at the Falcons on offense, you won't find much trickery or smoke and mirrors. They run base sets and formations, and operate a classic ball control system. They don't throw deep, only 19 passes attempted over 20 yards this season. Matt Ryan's YPA is ap edestrian 6.7. They run the ball, and run it alot, but the majority of these carries are going to be straight down the throat of the D-Line. Once you get a heavy dose of Michael Turner, you then get a healthy second serving of Jason Snelling, and the drop off is not as big as you'd think.

                      But this team is scoring points and lots of them. How do they do it?

                      It's simple:

                      1. They don't turn the ball over
                      2. They don't waver from the system
                      3. They have arguably the best WR in the league
                      4. They will wear you down until you want to quit

                      Ryan is going to throw to Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez, and they are going to see most of the targets. More than 50% of Ryan's completions are to these two. White is nearly indefensible. The only thing that can likely stop White is his hands. The Ravens had some success by throwing exotic schemes at him. I am sure Spags and company will have something special drawn up for White. Take him out of the game and the Falcons do not have the receivers to beat many teams. It's a two man show in Atlanta, and they need both of them to come up big when playing on the road.

                      Defensively, the strategy doesn't differ much. The Falcons give up a high rate of completions in the passing game, and they give up alot of yards. They give up 46.4% 3rd down conversions, next to last in the league. The run defense is stingy, but most know you need to beat the Falcons by passing underneath them. So how do the Falcons keep the scoring down?:

                      1. They bend but don't break
                      2. They dominate TOP offensively
                      3. They intercept alot of passes

                      For any quarterback, the most attempts they have, the more likely they are going to make a mistake.

                      The Rams match up well here. Jackson should be able to manufacture yards up the middle. Bradford should be able to find open lanes, but he may need to throw 50+ times to win this game. The Falcons have...
                      -11-18-2010, 08:26 AM