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  • What makes a Ram Fanatic?

    What makes a Ram Fanatic?

    By Dez S Urban /
    Sitting in my office, looking around, I was suddenly struck by the lack of non Ram related items adorning the walls. I stopped chewing on the end of my Ram pencil, placed my Ram coffee mug down on the desk, switched off my Ram Super Bowl CD and took stock.

    What makes a Ram fanatic?

    Living in the darkest depth of Central Fife (Scotland), I can lay some claim to being a Ram Fanatic myself but what really does make up this mythical beast?

    I am not talking about those fans that go to the game or watch the team on TV; I am talking about those fans that live the Rams, every single day of their lives.

    Was it their propensity to dress in Ram regalia from the moment they woke up and after showering in the morning, using their Ram soap and Ram shower gel of coarse, was it the way they feverously wolfed down their favourite breakfast (Warner’s Crunch time) before heading out the door, and into their chosen vehicle of transport (a Dodge Ram) and winging their way to work, to then sit in front of a wall covered in Ram trinkets.
    Is it the way their siblings would be adorned with every single bit of Ram paraphernalia because “they look cute”?
    Can it be their fascination for anything beginning or ending in the word RAM?

    Maybe Fanatic is not the correct word we should be using here. Maybe we need to re categorise this beast?
    Let’s call him or her a rampant fan.
    Rampant is far more descriptive of the beast I am trying to describe here. This fan goes beyond support, he/she will sit at a computer and listen to the web feed of a game being broadcast (because they live in some part of the word that does not show the Ram games live on TV) and at the same time they will join a chat room to be in contact with other like minded rampant fans.
    Some of them, like me, will sit up to all hours of the night to listen to these games (I am 6 hours ahead of St Louis time so a 8pm kick off I St Louis works out at 2am here in Scotland) and then go to work after the game has finished.

    So to those rampant fans, I take my Ram cap off, raise my Ram shot glass and salute you. I am proud to know you and maybe, count myself as one of you. See you in the chat room.

    I look at myself (in a mirror) and wonder if the blue hair dye will last another week or will I need to break into a new bottle of Ram Hair, at $10 a pop. Running my fingers through my goatee (dyed gold to offset the hair colour) I notice a chip on one of my special Ram finger nail covers. Dam, another trip to the manicurist to get a blue and gold retouch was called for. Ah well, I can drop by the local opticians and see if they have my new Ram contact lens covers in stock yet.

    Hey, maybe I can call myself a rampant Ram fan ;)

    By RamDez
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    Re: What makes a Ram Fanatic?

    A great read mate, it's a hard question to answer, I live and breath Ram Footie, sometimes to much as my wife tells me, but I just cannot help it, the moods I get myself in the next day if we loss, and don't tell me this is ONLY a game, as my wife does!!! I love the for most of the 90's I was in a constant mood LOL... Myself like Dez live over the pond, and I have sat up on the computer through the night with the time difference listening to the radio through the internet and chatting, I LOVE IT, talking to you guys even if a have my head balanced on the desk and typing with one finger due to tireness, I too go straight to work after the game... My mates know if we have LOST or not!!! they just have to look at my face.... but I wouldn't miss the Rams game for anything, hell before the internet we had a service over here called teletex, which use to give the up dated scores ever ten minites, I use to just watch that for three hours......

    I think I would call myself a Fanatic Rams fan!!! :ramlogo:

    P.s can't wait to chat again!!!!!during games,even if it is through the night...

    steve :ramlogo:
    "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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      Re: What makes a Ram Fanatic?

      "I am not talking about those fans that go to the game or watch the team on TV; I am talking about those fans that live the Rams, every single day of their lives".

      WOW, That's it in a nut shell !! Don't make me choose between whatever may be going on in my life at the time and my Rams. There isn't a longer relationship I've had, besides my Mom, Dad, & siblings, than the Rams. Lot's of things, people, changes, have taken place over the last 28 years, but my one true passion throughtout that time, is following the Rams. It's almost a mystical sense that I could never describe to anyone. My best friend of 34 years thinks I'm wacked out of my tree after watching a Rams game, win or loss.

      Just one/two things, from east bum F**k Maine. Thank the Lord for the internet and all it's fingertip info. And the Clan, for people to share it all with!!

      Go Rams !! :ramlogo:



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        Re: What makes a Ram Fanatic?

        Too many things that has happened in my life because of the Rams make them family.

        We had season tickets to the Rams from 1966 (I was six) until they moved to St. louis. So I virtually grew up with them.

        My Father, who I loved. And my older brother, who was my idol, went crazy watching them play.

        So it made me focus in on the Rams very early in my life.

        Those two losses to the Vikings in the NFC championship games (74 and 76) have emotionally scarred me. That is the truth.

        My first car was a 72 Ranchero gt (with the hood scoop). I had it painted Ram blue and pin striped
        Ram yellow. On the back it said LA Rams in a coca cola style.

        I met my wife because of the Rams.

        I have over 75 complete ram games from 1971 on.

        I have a game worn Joe Namath ram jersey from 1977 signed by Joe too. (remember the wife i have because of the Rams, I almost lost her when she found out what I paid for it, lol).

        Our cat's name is Roman.

        I took on 4 bikers in a biker bar (well they kind of kick the livin xxx out of me) defending the honor of the Rams. That's when in one hand you have your ram loyalty and in the other hand you have stupidity and you mesh them together and add you were drunk at the time, well you know how it went.


        On my 1973 Porsche 914-6 my license plate says RAMSRDU. (that car is over 30 years old and it still looks better than 99% of these new cars and I will take on anything coming down from tahoe.

        2 days after super bowl 14, rod perry was our hostage for over 2 hours (we wouldn't let him leave our store in fresno, ca.)

        The final piece of why the Rams our family is I have the only Father who got a divorce because of the Rams and whiners (i have never been so proud to be his son).

        Now before you jump to conclusions. My Mom and Dad were married for over 32 years. My Mom loses her fight with cancer. My Dad goes looney (very lonely)
        for two years and meets someone from the bay area.

        To make a long story short, me and Cindy went to the bay area one weekend. It happened to be a ram-dallas playoff game in 1980.

        Lorraine little nephew dorian perfect fit of a name for this slug) came over. Well, Dallas started hammering us and every first down dallas got, this punk would point his finger at me and yell YEAH YEAH YEAH.

        Well, since i am in a home with people i really don't know, i won't strangle him.

        Well, late in the 3rd quarter dorsett fumbles the ball and it is bouncing on the turf. I run to the tv hoping the rams recover.

        They don't and when the refs says it is still dallas ball the kid gets in my face and puts his finger inches from my eyes and yells YEAH YEAH YEAH.

        Well i lost it and lorraine who has been in the other room comes running in.

        she asks what is going on. I tell her dorian is a worm.

        My dad yells at me to shaddup.

        the slug leaves and two hours later me and cindy leave.

        within a 1/2 hour of our departure my dad gets in a fight with lorraine, gets in his Jaguar and comes back to his home in fresno.

        never sees her again and they get a divorce.

        Less than 3 months from their wedding day.

        My Dad would get a few drinks in him and would say "you know those dam rams cost me a divorce".

        God, i love him.

        I no Ram fanatic because the rams are family.



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