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Offensive line - protect him - protect him!!!!

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  • Offensive line - protect him - protect him!!!!

    I'm s anxious for the Rams game in the morning, I can't sleep.

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    You got it HighHoltage! As e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g as it gets! Until, of course, the Rams at SBowl XXXVI [?!?]

    I hear you loud and clear. This is where the experience and the maturity of the veteran players, captains and coaches is so valuable and so useful to the team as a unit!

    The Rams have a great and well established bunch of seasoned warriors. I trust they'll be fine after this first test against Philly, as in coming out with their first of many 'Ws' this season -- all the Way! ;)

    Hey, congrats on your first post Michael, just in time for the first kickoff. Welcome to the Clan! Let's GO RAMS!!!


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      love the name

      holtage -


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        I just got that :o :o :cool: :rolleyes:

        Welcome to the ClanRam mate

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          I think in the offseason Orlando Pace really established himself as the leader of the O line (finally). He is supposedly a soft spoken individual, but when he came to the defense of Bruce I think this year on the sideline, (can't remember which Ram it was) that really showed his resolve for the team. So, with that, he has to be the locker room guy that shoves his teammates up against the locker and gets into his Q about slacking off. Warner is it folks, without him we are toast. Martin is not a starter, if he was he would already have done it. Bulger is too young to do the job. O line, it is finally all up to you.


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            Welcome HighHoltage! Good to see someone with high energy, nothing wrong with that. This is a great thread to kickoff the season. Warner is the guy and as we all agree without him we are done at least for this year. Faulk can carry the team himself to a degree but not enough without Warner. Martin & Bulger are not going to be the remake of Jeff Hostetler in the early 90's for the Giants, or Frank Reich for the Buffalo Bills in the early 90's. Warner is the only QB on this team that can carry this offense for an entire season. Everyone knows we were talented going into the 1999 season but I don't think any of us expected the degree of success we acheived. Warner was a huge part of that surprise and without him we are toast. I think our Offensive Line is ready and will protect him as much as humanly possible. All in all stay positive my fellow Ram fans and remember that we are due for yet another revenge against the T.B. Buccaneers this year. If you visit allot of their fan web sites they trash on Kurt Warner as if he really did something to the Buc's, excuse us for being the better team and having the better QB Buccaneer fans! So I wouldn't mind another playoff elimination against those guys hehe GO RAMS!