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Martz can't hide the injuries any more

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  • Martz can't hide the injuries any more news services

    In a new directive sent Monday to all 32 NFL teams, commissioner Paul Tagliabue laid down new ground rules for reporting injuries that is certain to draw disapproval from NFL coaches who are guarded in their public disclosures.

    Tagliabue said that teams may no longer simply list a player as having a "leg injury," but must specify whether the injury is an "ankle, knee, calf or thigh." He stressed that teams must be factual and accurate with their information.

    The memo also went so far as to tell teams that they must report any player who does not participate in the full-team (11-on-11) portion of any practice, and the reason for that player's non-participation.

    In addition, it encouraged coaches to open at least a part of practice to the media, although it did not make that mandatory.

    Some coaches, including New England's Bill Belichick, have been accused of deliberately fudging injuries, claiming that to disclose what area of the body is hurting would encourage opponents to deliberately go after the sore spot. However, the competition committee, which approved the memo, includes coaches Jeff Fisher of Tennessee and Mike Holmgren of Seattle.

    Tagliabue also will require that Friday be the new mandatory day to update injuries. Previously, teams would provide injury updates on Wednesday and Thursday, although some have been reprimanded for not disclosing a significant or worsened injury that may have occurred during a Friday practice.

    Tagliabue promised strict enforcement of the new ground rules, telling clubs that the league will screen random videotapes.

    "The policy will be strictly enforced and violations will be subject to disciplinary action," the commissioner warned in the memo.

    ESPN's Chris Mortensen and The Associated Press contributed to this report
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    Re: Martz can't hid the injuries any more

    i completely agree with Bill Belichick on this, my coaches have always told me that if you git one ankle taped you gotta tape the other or else they will attack the hurt one, and I have always believed it and if any of ya'll have played football you would know its true too.


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      Re: Martz can't hid the injuries any more

      Any time I think about New England and injuries, I remember the regular season game against the Colts last season. I remember the Colts were driving toward the end zone on what could have been a game-winning drive and Willie McGinest went down on the field with what looked like some injury to his leg, which was convenient for the Pats since they were reeling and were out of timeouts. Then, when play resumed and the Pats stopped the Colts on the goalline, McGinest took off sprinting down the field with his arm raised in victory. Not exactly a pillar of honesty being bred in New England.

      I know that's unrelated, but that's what I thought of when I read the article.


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        Re: Martz can't hid the injuries any more

        Just another example of how the Pats cheat to win. Sub par talent with an over achieving coach. I am not sure why I dislike this team so much, but it is becoming clearer adnd clearer. More and more rules being added and rechecked because of one team.

        Originally posted by NickSeiler
        Any time I think about New England and injuries, I remember the regular season game against the Colts last season. I remember the Colts were driving toward the end zone on what could have been a game-winning drive and Willie McGinest went down on the field with what looked like some injury to his leg, which was convenient for the Pats since they were reeling and were out of timeouts. Then, when play resumed and the Pats stopped the Colts on the goalline, McGinest took off sprinting down the field with his arm raised in victory. Not exactly a pillar of honesty being bred in New England.

        I know that's unrelated, but that's what I thought of when I read the article.


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          Re: Martz can't hide the injuries any more


          You guys are just too funny.

          This is football for cryin out loud!!

          Curly ~ Horns


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            Re: Martz can't hide the injuries any more

            Interesting how many ways the Patriots under Belichick have taken advantage of vague or unenforced rules.

            The "tuck" play (not his doing, but they took advantage of it)...

            Their creative way of defending receivers (i.e. tackling them when they try to run patterns)...

            and now this.

            I respect a good coach, but Belichick is kind of a dirty coach, if you ask me.


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              Re: Martz can't hide the injuries any more

              I'd have to agree with you, Avenger.


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              • RamWraith
                Martz silent over status of injured Rams
                by RamWraith
                By Jim Thomas
                Of the Post-Dispatch
                In Philadelphia, Eagles coach Andy Reid reported Monday that offensive guard Shawn Andrews suffered a fractured leg that would require surgery this week. Reid also said cornerback Lito Sheppard had a fractured thumb, but might be able to play with a cast protecting the injury.

                In Tampa Bay, Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden said Monday that wide receiver Joey Galloway will be out four to six weeks with a severe left groin strain, and safety Dwight Smith was questionable for Sunday's home opener against Seattle with a bruised left rib.

                In Denver, Broncos coach Mike Shanahan said cornerback Lenny Walls suffered a shoulder dislocation and is expected to miss four weeks or more.

                And on and on throughout the National Football League. Monday is an important day for injury news - to fans and reporters.

                But in St. Louis, Mike Martz said nothing. In an unexpected twist, Martz refused to provide any information on Rams injuries coming out of Sunday's 17-10 season-opening victory over Arizona.

                When asked if there was any update on linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who suffered a shoulder injury in the game, Martz said: "Any of the injury stuff, we'll delay until Wednesday. The league now, they would ask you on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to reveal (any injury information). So any issues we'll just address on Wednesdays."

                The NFL has had an injury-reporting policy in place for its teams since 1947, in part as a service to fans eager for information about their team. But there are no guidelines compelling coaches to report injury information on Mondays.

                Some coaches and teams were skirting, or even abusing, the old guidelines for reporting injuries. As a result, the new policy requires teams to provide more detailed injury information on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of game weeks.

                In a memo to head coaches and team public relations directors dated Aug. 16 from NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, teams were reminded that the league policy on injuries "continues to be critically important to the integrity of our league."

                The revised policy is designed to improve how injuries are to be identified by teams, and to provide an indication of the extent to which an injured player is practicing. It also stressed that teams should provide "credible, accurate and specific" information on injuries on game day.

                But there is no mention - pro or con - of how information is to be reported on Mondays, when head coaches traditionally have "day-after" media briefings.

                So it is unclear why Martz went the non-disclosure route. If he did so out of protest of the new guidelines, it was news to NFC information manager Michael Signora.

                Teams can be fined for not complying with the injury-reporting...
                -09-14-2004, 05:34 AM
              • RamDez
                Martz' method works for Rams (pats press)
                by RamDez
                Martz' method works for Rams

                By CHRIS KENNEDY
                [email protected]

                St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz has always taken an unusual approach to bye weeks.

                Judging from how well it has worked, maybe it should not be such an unusual approach.

                For the fifth straight season, Martz gave his team the entire bye week off. The Rams, who were off last week, play the visiting New England Patriots Sunday.

                The Rams are 4-0 following bye weeks under Martz, and they have averaged 39 points per game with an average margin of victory of nearly 25 points.

                The controversial coach said it was a difficult move to make at first. He added he has continued the practice in part because his team's bye week has always fallen pretty much in the middle of the season.

                "After you have gone through the preseason and the entire start of the regular season, these guys physically and emotionally need a break, and the coaches could use one," Martz said.

                "They have to come in and lift and run three days out of that week," he added. "They get away with their families, their bodies are healed, and it's just like starting the whole year over. It's kind of refreshing."

                Most teams will hold two or three regular practices during a bye week before giving players the weekend off.

                INJURY UPDATE: The Patriots made no changes to their rather lengthy injury report.

                Running backs Corey Dillon (thigh) and Patrick Pass (thigh), receivers Deion Branch (knee), Troy Brown (shoulder) and David Givens (knee), tackle Tom Ashworth (back) and special teams linebacker Larry Izzo (knee) all missed at least a portion of team practice for the second straight day, according to the team.

                All are questionable for Sunday's game except Branch, who is doubtful. "I'll be back soon," Branch said. "It (being injured) is part of life."

                Cornerbacks Ty Law (foot) and Tyrone Poole (knee) will not play Sunday.

                Poole said players such as second-year pro Asante Samuel and rookie free agent Randall Gay will have a chance to gain experience, and the Patriots will benefit from that later in the season.

                "If something happens in a crucial game, the coaches don't have to say, 'Wow, I wonder how this guy is going to react in a crucial situation,' Poole said.

                "We have injuries, and that's not a positive, but it's a positive in the fact that it gives the guys who would not normally have opportunities to play the chance to do that."

                New England coach Bill Belichick was asked yesterday morning what his players would wear at practice...
                -11-07-2004, 03:59 AM
              • RamWraith
                The cheaters (Pats) are crying about Martz and company
                by RamWraith
                Coaches in full bunker mentality: But facts back conspiracy theory
                By Michael Felger/ Patriots Insider
                Wednesday, September 8, 2004

                FOXBORO - The games are about to begin and the filters are on.

                That means Bill Belichick isn't about to discuss his true feelings about the NFL's new emphasis on illegal contact in the secondary. That means the coaches that brought the emphasis to the league's attention - namely St. Louis' Mike Martz and Indianapolis' Tony Dungy - aren't about to stand and be counted. That means Colts general manager Bill Polian isn't about to express his thoughts regarding the officiating in last season's AFC Championship Game.

                Dungy, as he did during a conference call, will point out he is no longer a member of the competition committee that formally ratified the emphasis - which, to put it kindly, is being obtuse. The NFL lists Dungy as the chairman of the coaches' subcommittee, although Dungy said his tenure has expired. Dungy will also fail to point out that Polian is a longstanding member of the competition committee on the executive level.

                To get everyone's true feelings, you need to go back in time. Polian, for instance, was so incensed by the officiating in the Pats' 24-14 title game win that he sent 20 plays to the league office for review. Three days later, he lashed out during an online chat. The following quote has certainly found its way into the Pats' locker room.

                ``There were seven total penalties called,'' Polian said. ``They were all penalties that occurred before the ball was snapped. . . . Those officials, in the second-most important game of the year, did not call one foul that occurred during the course of play. In the average game, there are 15.75 penalties. I will say this: (Tight end) Marcus Pollard was interfered with on third down on the last drive. He was interfered with on fourth down. Those are the facts. We did not get any memo saying they were throwing away the rule book. If that was the case, both teams should have been notified.''

                As a member of the competition committee, there's no disputing Polian was involved in pushing the new emphasis through the league. And there's also no disputing that Belichick fought against it during the owners' meetings in Palm Beach in March. In fact, Belichick blasted the new directive.

                One of Belichick's biggest problems was that the on-field officials in charge of making the call are typically lined up 25-30 yards off the line of scrimmage and therefore won't be able to accurately gauge whether contact comes at 5 yards (legal) or 6 yards (illegal).

                ``I don't really understand what we're trying to do,'' Belichick said during a coaches breakfast. ``We sat in there and watched all the film. All the coaches were in there. When you put the films on and they say, `Here's a violation,' OK, clearly...
                -09-08-2004, 06:04 PM
              • RamWraith
                Martz won't let guard down
                by RamWraith
                By Michael Felger/ Patriots Notebook
                Thursday, November 4, 2004

                FOXBORO - St. Louis coach Mike Martz is aware of the Patriots [stats, news]' injury situation - and he isn't about to be fooled by it.

                ``The best thing you should do is always assume they are going to play at the same level. If you make any other assumption, you are going to get your butts beat,'' said Martz. ``We went to San Francisco a year ago, and they lost their quarterback and they were starting a guy (Tim Rattay) who hadn't played before and this guy is out and that guy - and we got embarrassed (30-10 final).''

                Of course, Martz has a history with Bill Belichick [news], losing to the Pats in the Super Bowl and then being one of the driving forces behind the NFL's crackdown on illegal contact two years later. But yesterday Martz and Belichick did nothing but express mutual respect for one another. Belichick said he holds Martz' passing game in such high esteem that he takes time every offseason to study it and incorporate elements into the Pats' offense.

                As for revenge from Super Bowl XXXVI, Martz said that's taken a major back seat to keeping the Rams (4-3) in the playoff race.

                ``Payback really isn't an issue with me. We are just trying to keep our head above water,'' he said. ``If we were better, then maybe I would consider (it). I think if we were ever fortunate enough to see each other again in the Super Bowl, then maybe that would be something to think about.''

                Givens makes the list

                The injury report brought more bad news as receiver David Givens [news] was added as questionable with a knee injury. Givens scored the Pats' only two touchdowns in Pittsburgh, but he apparently hurt himself on the second one - a diving 23-yard catch in the end zone.

                Deion Branch [news] (knee) remained doubtful while Tom Ashworth (back), Troy Brown [news] (shoulder), Corey Dillon (thigh), Larry Izzo (knee) and Patrick Pass (thigh) were questionable. The team reported that all of the above players missed portions of team practice. . . .

                The key this week is taking care of the ball after four turnovers in Pittsburgh.

                ``(The Rams) feed off that,'' said quarterback Tom Brady [news]. ``You give those guys a short field, you can bet that they are going to be putting it in. That's a big point of emphasis this week as it is every week. That level of concentration needs to go up.''

                Poole won't rush it

                Tyrone Poole, who originally hurt his right knee in Buffalo in Week 4, admitted he may have rushed back too quickly against the Seahawks Oct. 17. Poole said his knee tightened up at halftime of that game, and afterward it was determined he should have a procedure (likely an arthroscopy) to ``clean up'' the knee. According to Poole, who won't play...
                -11-04-2004, 04:06 PM
              • RamWraith
                Rams Rallying Around Martz
                by RamWraith
                Wednesday, October 5, 2005

                By Nick Wagoner
                Senior Writer

                With their head coach spending his mornings and not much else at the team’s training facility; the Rams are doing their best to go about business as usual.

                The players are watching tape and practicing, the coaches are game planning and everything is as it seems except for the one big missing piece at the top. That isn’t to say the team doesn’t miss Mike Martz, though.

                If anything, the Rams are going above and beyond to make sure they do right by their coach while he is missing in action. There has been extra attention to detail and the practices have been sharper according to assistant head coach Joe Vitt.

                “We have such great respect for Mike and Mike has been so good for us and good to us that everybody is going to step it up a little bit and make sure we have his back and do the best we can,” Vitt said.

                Martz’s status is unknown as of Thursday afternoon after he released a statement Wednesday saying that he would miss Wednesday’s and Thursday’s practice because of illness.

                Martz said at the time that the doctors suspected he has endocarditis, a disease that is an infection of the inner lining of the heart or its valves. Martz spent Thursday afternoon having more tests done.

                The results of those tests won’t be known right away, but the illness has not kept Martz from actively participating in the day to day operations of the team. In fact, Martz was at Rams Park on Thursday morning,

                Martz went through his normal morning routine, reviewing tape of Wednesday’s practice, Scripting Thursday’s workout, meeting with the offense and going over any corrections from Wednesday’s practice.

                “Mike wants to be with the team,” Vitt said. “This is where Mike belongs. It’s killing him. When Mike showed his face this morning our players were elated to see him. There was a sense of calm when they saw his face. We are working through this thing right now. Our players are working their butts off, our coaches are pulling together. These are trying times, but we’ll pass the test.”

                Every Ram that spoke about Martz’s condition on Thursday did it with the hope that the coach would be OK. There is no doubt that there was some sense of worry about Martz, but many were happy to see him in the morning, even if it was just briefly.

                “It has been a little bit more kind of down around here,” running back Steven Jackson said. “But it’s not down because of work, it’s down because we know our head guy is sick and everybody cares about him. We want to make sure he gets right and as long as he is doing that, we are going to take care of business on the field.”

                Because of Martz’s absence there is some obvious concern that the team would tend to lose focus while wondering about his status.

                Receiver Torry Holt said...
                -10-07-2005, 02:18 PM