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  • Martz, Armey out after '04?

    "In St. Louis, the situation is slightly different. Word is that, if the Rams underachieve again this season, it'll be the end of the line for either coach Mike Martz or G.M. Charley Armey.

    Rumors have persisted for years that Martz and Armey don't see eye to eye. Martz did little to quell such talk by insisting upon final say over personnel, a duty typically referred to General Manager types.

    Regardless, the Rams generally have underachieved since Martz inherited the head-coaching gig from Dick Vermeil after the 1999 season. Martz has now had four chances to duplicate Dick's Super Bowl win, and it's not out of the question to conclude that Martz won't get many more before getting bounced."

    Now really...

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    Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

    what a bunch of crap! I will be very disappointed if they make any of them walk. Martz and Army have done fine given all the circumstances.


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      Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

      I propose a ban on all reposts of "articles" from They just make this stuff up. There's no place for their nonsense on a real football board.


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        Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

        So what that they dont see eye to eye. Who cares. They are both contributing members of the organization. One guy running the entire operation makes no sense to me,there is simply to much involved. I think martz is a very valuable member of the organization, as are both ziggy and armey. Unlike many others, i also like shaw. As you might expect, my favorite front office guy is bob wallace, who is the rams general counsel. I am working on getting mr. wallace to sign an autograph for me, gc to gc!

        ramming speed to all

        general counsel


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          Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

          Underachieved? UNDERACHIEVED??? Man, if some fans really believe that, they are too spoiled. Somehow having the best record in the league for the past five seasons doesn't exactly ring 'underachieved!' to me.


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            Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

            I am up for installing a ban on all post from the National Enquirer of football, PFT. When I challenged them last year on a false story about the Rams, I got an email back from them basically saying go do something to myself.

            Class acts huh....that site is worthless.


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              Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

              Or we can move them all to a new forum -- "pile of bilge" forum, frequented by those who have nothing better to do than play with themselves while making up stories to upset the suckers who tune into read the said bilge.

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

                im all for a new forum for this crap. we could call it the toilet or the bowl.


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                  Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

                  Personally I think the articles from have more truth in them than those on


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                    Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

                    So Dez your a celtic fan


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                      Re: Martz, Armey out after '04?

                      yes best team in the UK

                      Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                      • general counsel
                        Will mccutcheon survive the martz regime? How about todd hewitt?
                        by general counsel
                        Will lawrence mccutcheon stay with the squad post martz? How about todd hewitt, our equipment manager?

                        Note that the hewitts have been the rams equipment managers since bill granholme retired in the 50's i believe. Todds father held the job before him (i believe it was don hewitt)

                        ramming speed to all

                        general counsel
                        -12-28-2005, 09:19 AM
                      • RamWraith
                        Martz: 'I don't know' if can coexist with Rams' prez
                        by RamWraith
                        ST. LOUIS -- A day after announcing he'd miss the rest of the season with a heart infection, St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz harshly criticized team management and said he didn't know if he could coexist with the team's president of football operations.

                        Jay Zygmunt, the team's second-highest ranking official, stopped a representative for Martz at the door of the coaches' booth during Sunday's game against the Saints. The representative, team director of security Dan Linza, had been trying to bring a cell phone to offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild so Martz could talk to him from his home.

                        Zygmunt brought Linza to team president John Shaw, who decided against having an "open phone line" in the booth.

                        The confrontation brought to a head once again the team's front office power struggle. Martz has long been at odds with Zygmunt and general manager Charlie Armey, and he told radio station KSLG that he didn't know whether he and Zygmunt could coexist if he returned to coach the team next year.

                        "That's a personal question that I'm not really prepared to answer," Martz said. "There is a lot of history there. From a business standpoint, yes. From a personal standpoint, I don't know. There have been just too many things that have happened."

                        Martz had been in telephone contact from his home with Fairchild before and during halftime of a 28-17 victory over the Saints.

                        "I was very, very angry to say the least," Martz told the radio station. "I don't understand why that happened, what the whole thought process was. And if they had an issue with that why didn't they tell me ahead of time?"

                        Martz said he wasn't trying to interfere, just to help a young coach.

                        "There are some things as a playcaller that you need to look for," Martz said. "Those are the things I try to talk to those coaches about."

                        Martz admitted the impasse might be partly his fault, too, the result of strong wills clashing.

                        "My personality, I'm not the easiest person to get along with," he said. "My whole deal is to make this a better organization. As I tell our players and our coaches, everything we do we are trying to do the right thing.

                        "It's hard thing to do, but it's easy to say."

                        The Rams (3-4) will play their third game without the 54-year-old Martz on Sunday against the Jaguars. Joe Vitt, the linebackers coach and assistant head coach, has been named interim coach for the remainder of the season.

                        Martz expects to coach the team next season and could return to duty as soon as January. But he said Monday that he won't interfere with the team any more this season.

                        "I've got to divorce myself of this," he said Monday. "I'd become a distraction for them. They need to go and...
                        -10-26-2005, 05:21 AM
                      • Tony Soprano
                        Say Goodbye to Mike Martz.. NO DOUBT
                        by Tony Soprano
                        Shaw & Co. don't want Martz back.

                        Do you think Parcells would have been prevented from calling a play in similar circumstances?

                        Andy Reid?

                        Bill Bilichick?

                        Tony Dungy?

                        Joe Gibbs?

                        Mike Shanahan?

                        Of course NOT.. Shaw and his buddies in the Front office will continue to take authority from Martz in order
                        to force his hand. Martz won't stand for it and they know it. It couldn't be any clearer.

                        -10-26-2005, 12:09 PM
                      • RamWraith
                        The Martz era may end soon in quiet divorce
                        by RamWraith
                        By Bryan Burwell
                        ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                        The last time I saw him, Mike Martz stood on a slight hill just behind his sprawling home in the St. Louis suburbs, looking out at the glorious autumn view that spread out in front of him. As he walked down the tree-lined path full of vibrant fall color toward a shimmering lake, the Rams' unappreciated genius, controversial mad scientist and head-coach-in-exile chatted dreamily as if he had at long last discovered Shangri-La.

                        "We just love this place," Martz said as he proudly pointed to all the landscaping details along the path. "We're putting a tackle box down here on the dock so that the kids can come here anytime and go fishing. We've got a few more things we'd like to do back here to make this place real special."

                        As always, Mike Martz saw things the rest of us couldn't. He sounded like a man who would be staying here for a lifetime, even as most of his visitors raised a few eyebrows at all this talk of long-term living from a man we all knew was working in a short-term world.

                        Back in October, Martz figured he would be on sick leave for only a few weeks, then back on the sidelines to handle his business and defiantly battle against the tide of discontent that has been swirling around him for his entire head-coaching career in this town. That is the way Martz should have finished up his career here in St. Louis, forever battling against all his real and imagined enemies with his distinctive style of pride and genius, arrogance and attitude, boldness and bravado.

                        But it appears more and more that Martz will not get a chance to go down in a blaze like an old gunslinger. The longer you watch the behind-the-scenes machinations at Rams Park, the more you know that the Mike Martz era will soon end quietly over a conference table with lawyers and accountants negotiating the inevitable buyout.

                        And that will be my greatest disappointment, because I'll never get to see what a healthy Martz would have done in his final season with the Rams. I wanted to see him with the ball in his hands on the final drive, not standing on the sidelines while the other guys ran out the clock.

                        Illness has robbed him of that opportunity to save his job in a fast and furious finish, or crash and burn in spectacular fashion by thumbing his nose at all sorts of football convention, rankling his conspiratorial bosses, spiting his many detractors and creating one more improbable, eccentric chapter to this strange saga in Rams history.

                        We have been flipping ahead of a lot of pages in this book lately, scribbling down new tales, imagining various plot twists and discussing all the candidates to be his successor. It gave the impression that we were all trying to shove Martz out the door, when the truth was most of us were just facing the inevitable - that his bosses were the actual culprits with...
                        -12-09-2005, 01:31 PM
                      • ramavenger
                        Martz rumors unnerved team
                        by ramavenger
                        Martz rumors unnerved team
                        By Jim Thomas
                        Of the Post-Dispatch

                        St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz
                        (Alan Diaz/AP)

                        Story continues below adMike Martz was getting ready to board the team bus Saturday afternoon for the drive to Lambert Airport and the flight to Arizona when he got a call from ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

                        "He wanted to know if there was any chance that I wouldn't be here next year," Martz said.

                        As in fired or resigned. Martz said no, he didn't plan on resigning and didn't think he was about to be fired.

                        "If it were true, then you deal with it, that's fine," Martz said. "But when it's not true, it's just maddening and aggravating."

                        Martz said he didn't know until after the Rams' 31-7 loss to Arizona that Mortensen reported Sunday morning that Martz could be in trouble at the end of this season.

                        But with the Rams playing a late game against the Cardinals, apparently several players watched or heard about the report on television in their hotel rooms.

                        "So the players were very, very concerned and upset when they got on the bus to go to this game," Martz said. "Well, that was a nice, warm, fuzzy way to play a game. I didn't know about it till after the game, because nobody wanted to tell me."

                        Martz said that after the game "a couple of the (assistant) coaches had relayed the concern from players. ... It was an emotional thing before the game for some guys. I'm very close to some of these guys.

                        "It was very divisive, destructive and did hurt this football team. Not because they love me or anything else like that. It's just disruptive. Guys are always worried about their future. But (assistant) coaches are worried about it, too."

                        Just to make sure, Martz said he spoke with team owner Georgia Frontiere and club president John Shaw about his status after the Sunday report.

                        "Georgia was very encouraging," Martz said.

                        Shaw told the Post-Dispatch on Monday that Martz had the "complete support" of the organization, and that the possibility of firing Martz "totally hasn't entered my mind."

                        When Martz addressed the team at a meeting Monday, he told them he was not resigning and was in no danger of being fired.

                        On Thursday, Martz said Shaw's words of support helped a great deal.

                        "The one thing that's been constant for me in my tenure here, that's never wavered, has been John Shaw," Martz said. "Everything he says is absolutely the way it is. So I feel at peace with all that. He knows we're busting our butts trying to get this thing done. He knows the issues that we have, and what we're dealing with. He understands all those things. And he's trying...
                        -12-24-2004, 04:41 AM