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Bulger hurt today but OK

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  • Bulger hurt today but OK

    He got hit on the arm today in practice.
    observers said it looked bad.
    things turned real quiet when the docs and Martz looked at him.
    Bulger was holding his bicep area. big deal.

    Tom Ackerman (KMOX) reports that he saw Bulger tonight, asked him how he was doing and Bulger said he was fine....that what happened looked a lot worse than it actually was.

    Martz was ticked. "That's a two-minute drill. Defensively, you've got to stop. This is our No. 1 quarterback. And the right tackle's got to do a better job of blocking. He just thinks it's a walk-through, I guess."



    Just a couple of quickie followups, and I appreciate the improved (and more intelligent) level of discussion:

    I would politely suggest that the Rams are at the average talent level just about now...and were there for the most part last season. Except for the WRs, what position of this team is absolutely above the league average? I think the young DBs if they continue to develop could be in that upper tier...and perhaps Jackson, eventually, will raise the level of the RBs. (Marshall's in decline).

    I totally agree that Martz blew the Super Bowl; I led the (media) charge on that. I still believe he gave away that game by not adapting to the nickel-dime package and the way the game was being called. However, the passage of time has me at a more understanding place. No. 1, the Patriots were allowed to assault Rams receivers. I give BB props for the strategy, but had the game been called on the square, the Rams win. Given what the Pats have done in ensuing years -- win another Super Bowl -- perhaps the difference between the Rams and NE wasn't as profound as we believed at the time....I mean, who was Tom Brady then? Now after winning two Supers and leading last-minute drives to win each one, he's been compared (by serious NFL historians) to Joe Montana. And he's on track for the Hall of Fame. That's the irony, eh? We thought there was a Hall of Fame QB in that Super Bowl...but it turned out to be Brady, not Warner. If that doesn't show us something about how quickly fortunes change....

    It kind of reminds me of my childhood and the earth-shattering upset in Super Bowl III....Namath and the Jets shocked the Baltimore Colts and the world -- and in my case, sent a 10-year-old boy to his room to brood and throw stuff at the walls. But in retrospect -- and I've talked to a # of good old-school Colts fans -- was it really that big of an upset? The Jets had the best QB, superior running backs, better DBs, and a coach (Ewbank) who knew precisely which area of the Balt defense to attack. I mean, I think the Colts (if Morrall connects on some easy throws and avoids those awful red-zone INTs) play their game, they win. The Colts were old and slow....the Jets were much, much better than anyone thought at the time. History has elevated them.