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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    LB Tony Newson

    (On running with the first team)
    “Anytime you are off for an entire year, a lot goes through your mind and the reality of having a real job (sets in). So of course you’re more hungry than you were before.”

    (On what he did with his year off)
    “I was just rehabbing and working out for different teams. It’s just good to be back on the field.”

    (On if he was surprised when he heard he was running with the first team)
    “Of course. Anytime that’s thrown at you, you’re going to be surprised. But it was good news.”

    (On if it helps that he is playing with linebackers coach Joe Vitt, who he played for in Kansas City)
    “It helps a lot, anytime you are with a coach that long. He’s the only linebacker coach I’ve ever had, so I’m more comfortable with him and his teaching methods. So that helps a lot.”

    (On his off season improvements)
    “The offseason meant the world. Just getting familiar with the system, of course, and getting comfortable with the guys, and learning how everyone works. It’s still coming along, I’m a far ways away still.”

    S Aeneas Williams

    (On if the defense’s focus was to still stop the run first)
    “Certainly. In football you have to stop the run and everything else stems from there. It’s the foundation of what you are doing, and we will do a better job back there in the passing game. But if teams are able to sustain drives with the run, because of big pops on first and second down, then that pretty much limits our options in the backfield.”

    (On watching the young players grow on the field)
    “Well anytime, one of the goals as a player, particularly the more you play, the more you want to see the guys around you get better. One of the best things you can see is when guys reach their potential. I had the pleasure this year of playing with guys I don’t usually play with, Dre Bly (Detroit Lions) and Corey Chavous (Minnesota Vikings), to be in the Pro Bowl with them this year. So seeing guys flourish, and seeing Jerametrius (Butler) step up last year, Travis Fisher since. He’s been here. It’s a tremendous blessing to see guys reach their potential. I think what hurts the most is when you see guys with the talent and the ability to do it, but not see them develop the way that they need to. Certainly, seeing the guys develop has been a tremendous blessing to me.”

    (On the defense knowing that they’re a dangerous threat to other teams)
    “No doubt, we talk about it all the time. This is not just a team that we’re looking to take the ball away. One of the things that we talk about and emphasize just as much or more than any team in the league, is not just the turnover but also the scoring. We think about that all the time, our blocking schemes on defense, all of those things are predicated on scoring once we do get the turnovers.”

    G Scott Tercero

    (On if coaches are permanently moving him to left guard)
    “None of that has been expressed to me, I think just for the next game I’m going to be at left guard. So I’m just going to take it as that.”

    (On being more comfortable at guard then tackle)
    “I played guard in college, so I think I feel a little bit more comfortable at it, but I need to be comfortable at every position. I’m trying to get just as comfortable at tackle as I am at guard.”

    (On working with Jackie Slater)
    “I can’t say enough about Jackie. He’s a great guy, a great coach, and he knows so much. As much time as I can spend with him, as much time as all the offensive linemen can spend with him we try to. We’re out there early doing drills, and we’re out there after practice doing even more drills. As much as I can absorb from him, the better off we’ll all be