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Rams all the way in 2001!

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  • Rams all the way in 2001!

    Just wanted to start a new thread to kickoff the season. We are 70 minutes away from the Week 1 kickoff right now and we are all very pumped up. I was listening to ESPN Radio thismorning and one of the hosts was saying he really thinks the Rams are the team to beat in the NFC this year and will be back in the Super Bowl. I couldn't agree with him more and if it wasn't for injuries last year we would be back to back champs right now. Let's hope for a great game today and a 1-0 start to our season. GO RAMS!

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    Congrats on the win .. good game..
    Did I say that > just kidding....
    Geaux "you know who"


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      That's appreciated...

      Thanks Da'Chick! :cool:

      You guys did some good Buffalo hunting too, hey? First battle between NO and STL is going to be a riot! :p We shall see some good bad blood going on! It'll be great... and the anticipation HAS been brewing!

      "HUT! HUT- HUT!!" C-L-A-S-H /C-R-A-S-H!!! :p

      GO RAMS!


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        see I can be nice..
        Just don't look for me after the game with us..
        I'm a sore loser not that ya'll are going to win..
        hee hee


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          Hey Da'Chick (if thats you real name )

          your guys did a good job as well. It should be some match up when your team comes to town on the 28th.

          :cool: :rolleyes:

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            It's really Football chick-
            and I am telling. It took us awhile to get start at first..
            But once they got into the swing of things it was ok. I was getting palpations- but have since recovered.


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              I was listening to that first half before switching to the chiefs game and I did think you were having a spot of trouble. But the Bills have a new team and it will take them a WHILE TO GET UP TO SPEED. I never thought you would loose that game AND I was right

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Wait I know that I am slow..
                but did I read that right ??

                I will be at the opener this Sunday and hope it gets off to a better start. I think they were just a little rusty-I will barely be able to make it to Sunday.

                I picked the Rams to win yesterday.. I watched that game... I thought they could have protected Kurt a little better in the first half- but that's just me.. and I'm only a chick !


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                  I think the Rams did well to get out of there with a win. That was the ONE game that I was worried about.

                  They are a good team the eagles.

                  Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                    before you aints (by the way you can say saints now) go off half ****ed. I say worry as in injuries, not in if they would win or not

                    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                      I will convert you yet !!!
                      wait before the backlash begins.. I know you are a closet Saints fan.. it's ok I can keep a secret...:cool: :cool: