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If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

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  • If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    Sorry guys, but I didn't know where else to put this, if there's a better place for it, feel free to move it. This is something I heard at work today.

    One of the engineers where I work was at his son's football practice yesterday, when a parent's worst nightmare happened right before his eyes.

    As the practice was breaking up, and cars where coming and going to and from the parking lot as parents were picking up their kids, a 5 year old boy ran out between two cars and was run over. The car came to rest with a front wheel on top of the childs hip and my friend had to tell the driver to back up slowly so they could free him.

    He was in very bad shape and was helicoptered to the closest hospital.

    As we rant and rave at each other on this forum about things we deem important, we should remember what's really important in life. It sucks that things like this have to happen to bring us back to reality.

    So if you have small children (I have two and this had me thinking about them all day), please remember to hold their hand in the parking lot. Give them the biggest hug you can tonight and tell them how much you love them!
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    Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    Thanks for this post Yo. I can't imagine anything worse than not having my son.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

      I moved this to the Rams forum because I think it has an imporant impact we all should read. We are a Rams family here and it breaks my heart to read something like this. Thanks for sharing!


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        Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

        If you have kids, give yourself a big hug too. It is a responsibilty and perspective like no other.


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          So I walked into Fazoli's today......
          by BigDaddyPace
          So me and the gf walked into Fazoli's today and I immediately noticed a mountain of a man in front of us. After looking at his face, I realized by the wart on his cheek that it was none other than our Adam Carriker. He was there with who I am assuming was his gf/wife and his or her parents who are in town for the game. This guy's forearms where MASSIVE! I was shocked to see that although I know he gained some weight this offseason, he still looked remarkably lean for a 310 lbs. I would have asked for an autograph but I didn't wanna be an jerk and interupt his meal. He looked very relaxed and ready for the game tommorrow. I hope so. Ill be there cheering him on.
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          Riddle Me This, Batmen.
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          Where did the energy come from? Why didn't we run out of gas again? These guys finished the deal today. We were in it, somehow. We caused and caught some big breaks when we needed to, but we played the game today and didn't lay down or turn off the switch.

          How could the team immediatly succeed with a new coach that was already on the coaching staff, and the defense play better in the bargain? What drama could have possibly been going on in the clubhouse? Will we ever know? Hhhhhmmmmmm.
          -10-12-2008, 06:38 PM
        • macrammer
          Sj39.....stepped up today and led by example
          by macrammer
          A great win today for Rams and all of us suffering fans I was so happy to see SJ39 get all over his line on field and on sidelines. Telling them to pull heads out of you know where. Did you see the linemen when he was lecturing them on sidelines? They did not dare to do anything but listen!

          It was also very cool to see him walking off field with thos esame guys. That is a leader!
          -10-30-2011, 04:36 PM
        • rams8821
          Who is pumped up today!!!
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          I dont know folks but Im feeling really good this morning in good ole Sunny North Carolina.

          1) My Will Witherspoon Jersey came yesterday! Yay!
          2) Its beatiful outside, perfect weather
          3) Since we have a late game I can go play some hoops with my son and daughter
          4) I just have a good feeling we are going to get a W today!
          5) I have some cold beers on Ice ready to celebrate a Rams win.
          6) I have some ribeye steaks marinating ready to be grilled!

          I know it will be tough, but for some reason I woke up with a good feeling. Hope all you Rams fans did as well.

          Go Rams!
          -10-29-2006, 05:54 AM
        • LaRamsFanLongTime
          Dodger Breakdown after 1
          by LaRamsFanLongTime
          Well the boys lost a hard fought game today that they should have won.

          Jeff Kent slowing down on a ball that was obviously gonna drop stupid.

          Waving in J.D Drew right behind Kent even dumber.

          Getting two tagged at the plate on one hit???

          Leaving Lowe in to give up two more runs when it was obvious he was done incredibly stupid.

          Bringing in Penny to be our releiver?????????????????????? Not a good idea! Love the guy but if he is having back issues no way do you bring him in. Where was Sele or Tomko?? Let Braxton throw 2 innings and Dodgers would have had a much better chance.

          Boob of the game? Sorry but it was Kent, he had some nice hits but he made rookie mistakes out there today. The base running error, The fielding error and just slow to the ball today. I really do not think he should still be a second baseman anymore. It is a huge hole that will be taken advantage of time and time again.He is a great hitter and I like him in the lineup I just think maybe its time to play in the outfield. Ask me who I want in his place?? I dont know Im not a baseball expert maybe drew can provide more speed and close the hole quicker.

          Management I really feel lost us this game though. I think they handled the bullpen terribly today. When someone gives up 2 dingers in an inning it is time to at least get someone warming up. Lowe definatly should not have been pulled in the 4th/2 HR inning but they did not even make the call till right before he started the 6th.

          Tommorow is a must win vs Glavine. I think the boys have what it takes. I really like this squad and yes I know Im too hard on Kent. I guess maybe its because of his Giant days. Too see the boys only lose by one after all the mistakes management made I feel pretty good about this series.
          -10-04-2006, 11:54 PM