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    Anybody else concerned with the Rams ineffective offense today against the Eagles. We've seen offensive problems during the pre-season but now I know the offense is struggeling.

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    Good question K-Ram, in fact a necessary concern!

    Yes, considering the "patented" potential that has made Rams big O so revered and renowned, it's clear we're not quite there --yet. Specifically, the pass game, it sold itself poorly today (albeit against a very strong Eagles defense). Still, a well earned victory during a great, tough game! ;)

    I do believe Kurt and company will improve dramatically by next week's game. Coupled with the progress which the Ram defense proved today, I think the entire team will auto - supply itself with strength, confidence and ability as a whole. That is, now the offense, aware of what they're capable of, will step up a couple of levels in performance and this will inevitably enhance the entire horse power / ram power of a true Super Bowl contender.

    [Special teams: now cut out those silly holding penalties during returns!!! :mad: ]

    Ok, now let's go after dem Falcons! :cool: GO RAMS!!!


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      All they did is look rusty!

      They played VERY little in the preseason and it showed. Give them a couple weeks to put it all back together. They will be fine as long as Warners Thumb is ok


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        I am concerned. It was obvious that Warner needed more work in the preseason. Rusty to say the least. Faulk played like he hadn't been away from it. Cool!

        You've got to give the Eagle defense credit for making our offense look less than stellar. But some bad play calls do need to be corrected.

        The defense has really step up! The offense will get the cobwebs out. If wasn't a pretty win, but perfect games are boring. Gotta give our guys credit for keeping it exciting. Hey, bottom line--we won the game. Time to look forward to the next one.


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          Warner needed WAAAAAAY More work in preseason. He still will be great, but VERY rusty. It doesn't help when the O-Line is continually getting beat.

          Pace held off hugh for a while, but even hugh was getting around pace. O-Line is a major dissappointment/hinderance.


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            Yeah, I agree. I see now where Kurt should have played at least another half during the last preseason game. And I think coach Martz sees it too.

            He completed three, four or five important short passes thanks to --or rather, only because-- of a saving effort by the Proehl, Hakim, Holt; the ball was well behind on all of those! Clearly, his accuracy and timing sharpened in the second 1/2 --sigh!

            Let's get his thumb up then and start shooting some Falcons!

            GO RAMS!!!


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              The offense sputtered a bit,but I think they will come around next week.Credit the Eagles,they have a great defense.Overall, I think our Rams showed a lot of character.A championship team has to win the close games and we did.A championship team also has to win when not firing on all cylinders.We did that also.Overall,Im very pleased with the teams performance.

              GO RAMS!


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                Play calling in OT

                In OT, you make two great plays and get the ball to the 14 yard line, first and ten.
                Then you run an end around reverse which gains two yards. That was stupid! Ernie had not taken a handoff the whole game. They should have kicked the field goal on first down.
                Stupid Stupid Stupid.

                As Jerry Glanville says..... This is the NFL, which means Not For Long if you keep making bonehead calls like that!

                Oh yeah, Next the offense a little more. They looked entirely too rusty!


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                  the reverse was to line the ball on the Left hash and achieved its objective


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                    No worries Mate

                    Worried? About the offense? Why worry? Folks, they played against the best corners in the NFL last Sunday. The Eagles D is as solid as anyone's, and Warner STILL threw for over 300 yards. We are spoiled with the "Greatest Show on Earth" dismantling teams. Remember, the game was in Philadelphia. Believe me, Philadelphia on NFL Sunday's won't be mistaken as the "City of Brotherly Love." The Vet is one of the toughest places to play in the NFL when the home team is good, and guess what; the home team is good. This was the first time they were together on the field for an extended period of time, and had to begin their year against one of the best defenses in the league. I think the offense did a "B" game job in the second half, and they would admit it. However, just like them, I am not worried.


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                    • rampower
                      Fantastic Victory
                      by rampower
                      Now did we look good or did we look good. Now that was a fantastic victory. 3-0 3-0 3-0!!!!! Today we played like champions.
                      Lets hope its a good sign for the future.


                      -09-30-2001, 01:06 PM
                    • Gabrielfan
                      Ram fever
                      by Gabrielfan
                      I have been a Ram fan for a long time and still get an absolutely
                      incredible nervous stomach when I watch them! I can never
                      relax! Loved the game yesterday but am already anxious about
                      the game next week against the Eagles. Our defense needs to
                      be on top of their game like yesterday. McNabb seems to be
                      almost unstopable. Our Defense needs to be super Heroes
                      like yesterday. Awesome! Oh gosh, I think I'm gonna throw up!:confused: :eek:
                      -01-21-2002, 04:10 PM
                    • txramsfan
                      Defense is carrying the Rams
                      by txramsfan
                      Currently, and who would even have considered this, the defense is carrying this football team. From containing McNabb, shutting down Owens, eliminating Lamar Smith, shutting out Detroit, and really getting tough against a very good Giants team, this D has earned all respect.

                      It is always easier to assemble a defense than it is an offense, and the front office has put together a great defense. What is the beauty of all this are the Don Davis, Tyoka Jackson, and Bryan Young types of acquisitions. Chidi Ahanotu has played unexpectedly well this season, and Young just came in and took a roster spot. Archuleta really showed me something with the hit that caused the fumble or INT, game ending turnover whichever it was (I can't spell Juravicus sp).

                      The offense has struggled, really weird game today against the Giants. Quite a bit of dropped balls; Holt across the middle in the first quarter, Faulk dropping the screen pass in front of a wide open end zone. With this type of effort last season from the offense, the Rams would have lost. However, our defense came through again and are carrying this team. And I bet if you asked any of them, they would say that "It ain't heavy."
                      -10-14-2001, 06:17 PM
                    • ramsanddodgers
                      Offense tends to be the pretty girl at the dance...
                      by ramsanddodgers
                      But defense, as the old saying goes, wins championships.

                      Ours defense has shown it is up to the task!

                      Now the offense needs to get to be bit more consistent.

                      Hopefully Legatron had his confidence boosted today and will only get better. His leg strength has shown to be amazing but that is moot if the accuracy isn't there.

                      The team is showing improvement in all facets and things look good for (hopefully) several years!
                      -12-03-2012, 12:24 AM
                    • RamWraith
                      Hate to say it...
                      by RamWraith
                      ...but I told you so.

                      I go back to my comments I made earlier this preseason. We are going to have to rely on the defense for the next couple of weeks while these players get use to this new system. When we start clicking, look out folks. This could be a fun season of growth and maybe even a few wins along the way. The team in my book looked solid. And I fully expected the offense to stumble this week.
                      -09-10-2006, 05:05 PM