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A new respect for Dishman

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  • A new respect for Dishman

    Apparently Dishman took off after the Bears game to go back home to tie up loose ends. This turns out to be the whole reason he left football in the first place; his family. His kids have had several sleepless nights and shed a lot of tears for their dad's absence. Dishman's comments were; "the money is good but his family is much more important and makes the money he's being paid inconsequential". Dishman also needed to put some closure to his High School team, in which he never really said good bye or had a chance to explain the situation to the kids. He also stated that he was honoring his contract and would never go back on his word.

    I now have a whole new respect for this guy. His priorities sure seemed to be in check. He seems to be playing for this team for all the right reasons. It's good to see stuff like this about athletes