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  • Congratulations

    It was a great game just as I said it would be. Defense looks a lot better then last year and you should do well this season. Warner got hit way to many times for comfort, but I know Martz will be more then able to convince the O-Line about the error of their ways. So I'm sure that will be much improved next week if anything is. Once again. A well played game and congratulations!

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    Thanks, it was a tough game. My heart isn't supposed to beat that hard, this early

    Sounds like you guys had a tough one as well. I am pretty surprised Miami pulled that one off, I would have bet on the Titans.


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      Long story, with losts of sad things. McNair hurt his shoulder and is getting it looked at, but I won't go into details. Seems some people just don't want me to even mention the Titans except in the designated areas. :rolleyes: I just look at the bright side. The Titans almost always start off slow.


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        Thanks Atlas...

        That's cool, Atlas. Your sportsmanship and accurate comments about the Rams are much appreciated. :cool:

        [Sorry about the Titan's opener - loss against Miami. Good, exciting game, especially the second half; too bad about that missed extra point.]

        Protecting Warner will remain a key priority, no doubt. That and improving reaction against the blitz which the Eagles used effectively yesterday; their defense was aggresive, hungry and well planned /executed. They did a good job in clogging the Rams' explosive scoring machine.

        But the Rams D was also very hungry and they too clobberd Eagles right and left (literally ). I believe that was the grand total difference in winning a real tough battle, they contained McNabb for the most part and all but shut down their rushing game! It's just great to know our defense has improved so much when compared to last year's drag. All we need [so much easier said than done :rolleyes: ] is to bring Kurt and company back to "normal," i.e., back to their extraordinary ways. :p

        Go Rams!!!


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          Atlas sorry bout the lost to the Dolphins. I know from experience how passionate the Titan fans are. I was there for the Rams lost in 1999. Meet a lot of great people and was shown a great deal of respect by the Titan fans. Good luck to the Titans the rest of the year and hope to meet again in the Big Eazy in 2002.


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            Right now, I'm just about as worried about how my first year at Fantasy Football is going. I just lost my main reciever to a broken leg for the season. :eek:And my RB situation isn't so good. At least I can look at this as a very big learning experience. I think everything that can go wrong so far has. Oh well. I guess this is just the way the cookie crumbles.