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    I want to heat EVERYONES opinion on the offense this weekend. Is it time to get nervous????

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    don't get nervous...yet. we get atlanta next week so we'll have some time. Also, defenses progress better than offenses, there is consistently a 3-4 week difference because of the intricacies of offense compared to defense - not just on the Rams.

    The O-Line was horrible and should be ashamed of themselves, we can see why Martz was pissed at them going back to the preseason. We better step it up here or Marshall and Kurt will watching a lot of games.

    Warner did OK, coulda been better, but he won the game with a bruised finger - still have to see what happens here. Neither INT was really his fault and he threw the ball to the WIDE open man everytime. All his incompletes were b/c he was looking into the eyes of Hugh Douglas, and Co. thanks to the o-line. I also LOVED the ball movement, everyone touched it and Conwell did awesome.

    Marshall and all receivers were fine.

    I was disappointed in the fumble by Cason but it was cool to see him and Yo in their new #s.

    Bottom line, we scored on TOs, always a must, however we did NOT score on non-turnover drives (only 6 points). We need to be able to drive down the field better (although we did eat up the entire first half of the 3rd quarter until a fumble). We need to watch the fumbles on our end, we got lucky and it coulda been A LOT worse.

    Grade: C+


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      Nervous? What?

      Why? Hey, Philadelphia has 2 of the best corners in the NFL, and there Front 4 isn't bad either. They are a very good football team. There defense is well known to be punishing. Warner threw for over 300 yards, that was just a bad call down in the red zone. Martz admits that. Faulk rushed well for the first game, and no one came out hurt. We showed how dangerous we really are in OT. Just ask the Eagles. Bruce and Warner haven't thrown much to each other this year, so that looked to me like things to come. And with Candidate in the same backfield as Faulk? Talk about sticking an LB in a round room and telling him to find the corner. Least we forget Conwell being healthy. No, not worried about the O at all. Last year, we would not have received the extra stop from the D. This year we did. I would rather win 20-17 on the road in hostile Philadelphia and no injuries on that ridiculous thing they call turf, than to score 35 and lose.


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        I'm sure our offense will be fine this weekend.I expect them to score 30+ this weekend.Also to
        txramsfanow did you create and upload your avatar?Uploading has been kicking this computer rookies butt.I dont expect you to go into details,but any advice would be helpful.Thanks!

        GO RAMS!


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          I must say I fully agree that we will score at LEAST 30 points this week. All will be great in Ramland again :-)


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            I got it from Atlas, he had a link for a bunch of them. I'm just not savvy enough to figure out how to make it wave. I don't know where the url is, but Atlas will be happy to show you


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            • txramsfan
              Where is the passion this year?
              by txramsfan
              Is it just me, or is all the passion of the team this year solely on the defensive side of the ball. I haven't seen the offense have fun since Detroit. I just don't see the same salt and vinegar on the offense this year. It is like the Rams O has began to believe all the media poison. "Greatest Show on Earth", "Only the Rams can stop the Rams" that sort of thing. Well, wouldn't it be a crying shame if the Rams did stop themselves? They may just do that if they don't fix a few problems.
              -11-27-2001, 05:16 PM
            • jdpbmo
              Rams vs NE
              by jdpbmo
              Man o' man, that was a good game. First award goes to the defense for doing their thing. Right now they are the glue that is holding this team together and on top. I love to watch that offense and they are something else, when the interceptions and fumbles are avoided. That point still bothers me, but hey you can't throw too many stones at 8-1. I would really like to see them stick it to TB and NO. I don't think they will have much trouble with TB, but the NO game will be tough. I hope Brooks throws some interceptions then takes off to tackle the man so we can plow him like they did Warner in the dome. I thought our special teams did an excellent job. Their crowd was really into the game and Warner and company did a great job of neutralizing them by scoring. I also liked the way we held the ball at the end of the game by a stiff does of Faulk and Warner. Faulk is amazing, as a player, as a person, as a role model. I thought Warner threw the ball better last night, at least it looked like the thumb didn't affect him as much. I think when they got that first down late with the little flare to Faulk that is the first time I have seen Martz show emotion. Hell, even when he's on someone he seems cool and composed. I didn't understand the timeout with a few seconds left in the 3rd quarter? Not much else, just great job again and a wonderful team effort.:angryram:
              -11-19-2001, 11:37 AM
            • shortman1984
              What happened to our great offense
              by shortman1984
              Yes we won and im happy about that but why could we not move the ball.. We started out good i mean real good but just looked bad at times. Our Defense won this game because if the Cards scored TD's everytime the got in the redzone then we would have been hurting. Bulger looked horrid too. I dont know what was wrong with him really. Only good thing i can see from this is that we barely beat the Cards last year and they are suppose to be better this year. But i just hope this Offense does better. Last week they couldnt score in the redzone and this week they could barely get in the redzone. So they need to improve on Offense. Believe it or not. Oh and Warner did do pretty good but what are 300+ yards going to do when you cant score and have multiple turnovers.. i didnt look at all the mistakes Warner made cuz quite frankly, i dont care it is another game to me. I just thought ppl were over with the whole Bulger-Warner discussion...
              -09-19-2005, 07:11 AM
            • jdpbmo
              don't blame Martz
              by jdpbmo
              Well, where to begin. First, Martz didn't commit the 8 turnovers. Second, he didn't jump offsides with 2 minutes to play to seal the doom. How can a team be so utterly, utterly amazing in one half and look like the bad news bears in football gear the next? And we were stupid enough to have the false illusions of going undefeated, 19-0. I don't mean to speak for others, but it popped into my head a time or two. What was Warner doing today? Did he forget who he was supposed to throw to? And then when he was on target the receivers dropped the ball. And when he was on target and the receivers caught it, they soon fumbled it. I would much rather lose a game like we played against NYG than lose like we did today. As bad as they played, they would have won the game. There is no doubt in my mind that we were going to drive the field and either score a game-winning touchdown or at least a field goal to tie it up and send it to overtime where we would win.....if they just don't jump offsides. I would fine McCleon $1 million dollars...not for the mistake, but for being stupid. If he stays on side, NO kicks the field goal and we get the ball back for the game winning doubt about it. It's a shame we have a game like this. NO deserves the credit for their comback and the Rams deserve exactly what they got-a loss. Martz can only call the plays, he can't throw it, catch it, hold onto it, or tackle. over and out jd
              -10-28-2001, 05:14 PM
            • porkchop
              The good, the bad, and the ugly
              by porkchop
              Alright guys, we are off to a 1-0 start in 2001. If you guys don't mind, I'd like to give my thought on the game. Just my opinion of course!

              First off, let me say that the refs in Philly will live to see another day. That's the good news. The bad news is, I'm not sure if that was a touchdown? When going to the replay, you have to have indisputable proof to reverse the call. I did not see that from the replay. My initial thought before the replay was TD. After looking again, I still doubt it was. Hometown call.

              The offense performed well most of the time. We should have had more than 17 points going into OT. I think the difference in the game, was actually the int at the goalline, not the overturned replay.

              Offensive Line 6/10

              Servicable but not spectacular. They let Warner get sacked too many times. Sometimes there is nothing you can do when the numbers don't favor you. Other times guys just broke free and made the sack. These guys need to get out of Faulk's way. There were too many times in which he ran into one of them and could not pick up yardage. I realize that Faulk is alusive and makes his own cuts sometimes, so he does that to himself too.

              Receivers 9/10

              Many times they reached back and made great catches on the quick hitters. I was amazed at some of the catches. These guys are the best receiving corps in the league hands down. They need the ball even more! The only mental mistake I saw was when Holt ran out of bounds on the long throw. It had 6 written all over it. He needs to be more aware of the sideline. Easy for me to say! He's got more talnet in his shoe than I will ever have. Just honest critisism.

              Tight Ends 9/10

              Nice to see Conwell and Robinson involved. This could potentially open up even more for Faulk and the receivers.

              RB 9/10

              Faulk is simply the best. He blocks, he runs, he catches, and plays hurt when he has to. He just makes people look stupid sometimes. Hodgins needs to be taken out of the passing game. Big mistake putting him into the pattern.

              QB 8/10

              Warner is still great. Makes the best throws in the world, but there were times when I thought he was a little tentative, and other times I thought he was pressing. Give the guy time, and you are dead! Bottom line!

              DLINE 7/10

              Nothing real bad today, yet nothing real great. They held up well, but need to get more push. Pass rush was non-existant sometimes. Yet I can't help but wonder, did the coaching staff really want a big rush? Hey, let McNabb stand back and throw. Better than running around everywhere right?

              LB 8/10

              Pretty good coverage all game, and along with the line, made some really nice stops on the backs. I knew the running game would be a non-factor today. I'm glad I called it right. If they had not shut down Staley,...
              -09-09-2001, 05:49 PM