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    What did EVERYONE think of our new and improved D ?

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    still needs a lot more work to get to where we need to be. I would have liked to see more sacks, but i'm happy with the 57 rush yds allowed. The hit by aenas on the goal line was awesome if he had been a little sooner. All in all, good, but not great.

    My man Archuleta got the fumble, but then caught fumblitis himself. Everyone did good and it was nice to see the rotation of guys and even the non starters produced well. We are relatively where we need to be.

    Oh yeah...dexter mcleon...sucked, i was screaming at him for 3 hours. he was flat out BEAT on EVERY play by a toothpick. It was embarassing and he looked like a rookie, he better step it up if he's going to go against the big boys, or else put someone else in there, soon.


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      Ditto (almost)...

      Clearly a significant improvement from last year -- and that's coming from way down!

      It was a difficult test which they passed with an all-out effort. True, holding the Eagles rushing game to such a low output is a great and encouraging achivement. Williams demonstrated why he is among the best CB's in the NFL, leadership, plays --I like the guy. Archuleta, as a rookie, played gutsy football. Linemen were terrific! London was himself, strong, reliable, motivating, executing. Overall grade based on expectations: B+.

      Good news? You better believe it... Rams D will get even better! They should, ought to do better next game hosting the Falcons.

      GO RAMS!!!


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        Although the Rams defense is giving up too many passing yards, each Sunday is getting more enjoyable watching them improve.

        Fletcher is on fire and Archuleta is playing better than anyone expected.

        The Lions will wish they hadn't come out of their den Monday night.


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          The D is better than I expected. They are better than average and will improve more. SUPERBOWL is now in our sights again.
          The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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            gotta love it

            I agree with the assessment of the Rams D so far as "improved", but it's really hard not to cross the line and call them flat-out a good defense, even if it is premature. The pessimistic take I've heard from non-Ram-fan friends is that they haven't exactly played any truly great offensive teams and that they are bending a lot and relying on turnovers (read: luck). I give that a big "whatever". Fact is last year's D was nowhere near this year's, so they can quibble all they want, I'm beyond happy.

            Plus, if you've watched football for a couple decades, you start getting an instinct about who can play in the NFL and who can't, and the fact that so many Rams new faces are decidedly in the "can" column is beyond expectation:

            AA- Obviously on his way to solid career, very surprising if he doesn't end up a star. Much, much further along than expected in his transition to safety. I was yelling at him for missing a tackle on Monday, but then I find out he had a broken hand all along and you couldn't even tell (aside from trying to bring down Stewart one-handed). That's true toughness.

            D.Lew- I'd like to see him get some more time. Already showing a non-stop motor.

            Big Grease- Pickett finally got some time and I thought he was great despite the mop-up circumstances (he smacked a guy after dropping into coverage in a zone blitz, I believe).

            Tommy Polley- very strange to see a rookie with no fear to step into spotlight and make a big play. Not just a tackle, but to bring it to the offense for a loss. I'm already drooling to see what Allen can do, too. Of course, with Fields and Fletcher ahead of them it will be hard to get playing time, but it's a nice problem to have.

            Brian Young- who is this guy, "Rudy"? He looks nondescript, but he's always making plays. Not bad for a 2nd year 5th rounder.

            Plus, the vet FAs are doing exactly what they were brought in for. Williams is an unquestionable leader, Chidi has utterly shocked me as far as his play goes (great pickup, another bonus from having Lovie).

            Finally, the guys we kept, like Wistrom, Fletcher, Bly and McCleon are proving why they survived the purge. And Lovie -- what else can you say about Lovie, except that I'm already scared of losing him to a head coaching job.

            I could go on and on, but let me just say for the record I'm not saying they are the best defense in the NFL or anything. As long as they keep hitting hard, flying to the ball, and leaving their hearts out on the field, I don't care about the ranking. We'll win with the new defensive attitude. The only negative I have is what someone brought up before, the occassional flare-up of what looks like punk activity (Fletcher, Bly). I would rather just let the play talk or else we risk getting painted by the media as the new NFL villain (to take the place of the harmless Cowboys).


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              Hey some good reading and good observations there AJD45, well done, nice read :cool:

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                AJD45: me ditto too with Dez!

                No, really! It's rather amusing to hear some people say the Rams D hasn't played against a high-caliber offense. Good grief! Is that presumed team from some other planet!?!

                Rams have defeated Miami (strong O), Frisco (what was suppose to be a "massive" test partly because of their offense), Philly (1st among toughest games for us).

                Bottom line: it is just great to know Rams defense is now being criticized as "not" being as good as it seems! :rolleyes: Even funny. Maybe it's just a "defensive" attitude /posture by, as you said, non-Ram-fan friends.

                Let's get it on! GO RAMS!!! :mad:


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                  Also improvements on the D is the line. Little bulked up 35 lbs or so from last year, but really hasn't shown any lack of speed. Look at the game against Detroit, 2 sacks but lots of hurries. And how about the hit Young laid on Detmer, he shot right through the line quickly and just had a straight shot to Detmer's midsection. AA has played the run very well this year, as compared to last year. Last year, the safety would make the tackle against the run 12 yards up the field. Not sure if it was due to the fact they had to constantly watch the deep ball, or they just didn't want to tackle. AA plugs the hole and makes the play. Lots of work needs to be on his pass coverage and assignments.

                  Polley was one guy I have been excited about since the draft. I always like defensive players from Florida State, they always have that snarl and bad smell about them. You are right AJD, he is fearless, but that is how he played even in college.

                  The key to this whole thing is speed. The Rams speed on both sides of the ball is superior than most teams, and that is the only attribute you can't coach, speed.


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                    Williams Captain D.

                    With pro-bowler Williams captain of Rams defense, is what Taylor was to the Giants!


                    He Williams knows that this is his best shot to win a Superbowl.

                    With there speed they can play farther back and run up to make the tackle, and in most
                    cases stop the first down. We have seen this!

                    When the Rams take the lead the they force you away from the run then you have to pass. And where do they try and force the pass [email protected] the middle! Swarm!
                    Custers last stand.

                    The non ramsfans hate us. ( good ) we know were winning!

                    First it was week division.
                    Next we played nobody with a winning record.
                    Cupcakes cant forget that!
                    Now its are the Rams that good or the other team that bad?

                    So I would say The Rams are making a whole lot of cupcakes,
                    an thats a good thing as Martha Stewart would say becouse im hungry for some football!

                    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Motivation machines...

                      Ramranger, welcome to the class of ClanRam warriors!

                      No doubt, motivation, true, heartfelt motivation is of the essence. It is quite evident this year within the entire Rams organization: they're hungry, bold and aggressive, i.e., it's happening --winning results prove it.

                      In addition to the coaches' duties, the Rams 2001 D has, I feel, THREE higly motivating machines: Grant Wistrom, London Fletcher, and Aeneas Williams.

                      I really enjoyed an NFL film this week called "In Their Own Words," an interesting production where several players still active in the 99 season speak out their views regarding the passion, the purpose, and the pain which stems from all great football players. Among the players is veteran Aeneas.

                      Although Williams was still a Cardinal then (wearing the red Arizona jersey yet described as a Ram), you can clearly see his intensity and sincerity for the game. And you're right, this is his golden opportunity to win the big one! ;) But the point is that he does in effect bring an emotional, stirring motivation to the Rams Newname D --maybe because he needs them to help him help them make it happen! NOW! :p

                      Hey, nothing wrong with using shortage of time as motivation! It's legit... It's :cool: ...So cool! Go for it! GO RAMS!!!


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                        WOW! Now you're all talking some football! Nice thread you started here, J-Ram! I wish I could add something to it, but you guys said it all.


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                          Hey Jorge

                          Methinks ya coined a great new name for our 'D'. The Fins had the "No Name Defense". Now we have the "New Name Defense"!

                          I love it!!


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                            The title...

                            That title came in fact at the beginning of the season from one of the sports writers for - ??? - can't remember if it was ESPN or another one. But yes, I liked it too! ;)

                            What's in a name? THE RAMS NEW NAME DEE That's what!

                            Alright then StLouy: LET'S GO FOR IT! GO RAMS!!! YEAH!


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                              Thanks Jorge Valdivia for the welcome, A diehard Ram warrior all my life.
                              1960 to 2001 and where ever they take me.

                              This defense also has flair and they want there new name defense known as well as the offense.

                              I smell victory for clanrams.

                              I also want to think the rams offensive line for protecting Kurt the way they have.

                              And what about right tackle Tucker separated [email protected] fractured hand in the first quarter? Another Jack Youngblood!

                              Out here in Ct. New York giants say we will have to shove the ball down the Rams throats.

                              The Giants offense is not that good, the rams defense has allready played better teams.
                              Like the Eagles!

                              The Rams got to go to [email protected] me to, GO! RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ramranger out!