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Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

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  • Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

    Apparently he is going on "vacation". I don't know exactly what that means, but it could mean alot. Are we looking for a replacement? Is he getting suspended?

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    Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

    per rotoworld. on Brown

    Cornerback and wide receiver also are areas where the Rams are exploring options in free agency. At cornerback, they were hoping to land free agents Drayton Florence of San Diego and Jacques Reeves of Dallas. But within the first 48 hours of free agency, Florence signed with Jacksonville, and Reeves went to Houston.

    Both signed big contracts, particularly for players who were primarily backups in 2007. According to the Florida Times-Union, Florence's contract averaged $6 million a year and included $12 million in bonuses. Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle reported that Reeves' five-year deal with the Texans averaged $4 million a year.

    With free-agent choices dwindling on the cornerback market, the Rams might have to switch gears and explore a trade. In fact, Philadelphia cornerback Lito Sheppard could be on the way out now that the Eagles have signed New England free agent Asante Samuel to a contract averaging nearly $10 million a year.

    It appears that the Rams are looking for cornerback help because of concerns about the long-term availability of Fakhir Brown. Brown missed four games at the start of the 2007 for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Another violation could lead to a one-year suspension.


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      Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

      Lito Sheppard is still available for a replacement.


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        Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

        I was really hoping we'd get Florence. He was good in SD (saw it in person ) and was only reduced to backup because the guys in front of him were amazing IMO

        But Lito would be good. I really like Bartell though, hoping he gets to elevate to a starting position this year.


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          Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

          Florence is a solid yet unspectacular cornerback IMO. He would have been a nice addition to the secondary, but ultimately not at the price tag he commanded ($36 million over six years, $12 million in bonuses). Depending on the asking price, Lito Sheppard would be a quality addition as well. The fact that Brown is one failed/missed test away from a year's suspension is troublesome.


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            Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

            One more positive drug test and he WILL get that one year suspension, I'd be worried to about getting some more depth behind him.
            Tye Hill should be back, and hopefully ready to have a break out year. I really like Jonathan Wade and hope he can turn in to that #2 CB.
            Of course, we still have our fan favorite from the end of 2006 in Bartell as well, right? He was great as a NB, but struggled when forced in to that starting role.


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              Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

              Originally posted by Nick View Post
              Florence is a solid yet unspectacular cornerback IMO. He would have been a nice addition to the secondary, but ultimately not at the price tag he commanded ($36 million over six years, $12 million in bonuses). Depending on the asking price, Lito Sheppard would be a quality addition as well. The fact that Brown is one failed/missed test away from a year's suspension is troublesome.
              so do you see Shepard as a possibility or a pipe dream


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                Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                With Samuel now in Philly, and Sheppard being a slight bit injury prone, they are certainly looking to dish him. I don't believe that they'll move Sheldon Brown to safety for a second. As for the Rams' ability to trade for him, it all depends upon what they want. Devaney's not against trading picks, but I really hope he won't overpay. They have trouble keeping their running backs healthy, maybe we could trade Leonard to them. I'd hate the cap hit due to his freshly signed bonus, but it can't be that bad. With the rookie RB we got from the Saints last year doing well at the end of the season, he's a possibility as well. I don't see too much depth otherwise that they'd want.
                I believe!:ram:


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                  Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                  Originally posted by 39thebeast View Post
                  a pipe dream
                  Wait... are you talking about Shepard or Brown? :x


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                    Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                    Nick, I agree about Florence. He is a solid nickel CB, but not worth that $ given the needs that we have. We are set at LB, even assuming Chillar leaves with Draft ready to fill that role. Draft a DL 1st day and go after a S to replace Chavous, who is basically done at this point. Tye Hill keeps improving and is our #1, while Brown is solid if not suspended obviously. Bartell is high risk/high reward gambling type corner. Wade could be good, but we need to address our #2 CB spot on day 1 of the draft.


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                      Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                      Originally posted by 39thebeast View Post
                      so do you see Shepard as a possibility or a pipe dream
                      You'd have to assume he's a possibility. The Rams have shown interest in adding a veteran cornerback to their roster, and Sheppard is certainly available to be traded. The free agent market was never incredibly strong at corner - big drop off in talent after Samuel. The question becomes how the Rams evaluate Sheppard and whether or not he'd be worth trading for. I can't imagine trading anything higher than a fourth or a fifth or even some kind of conditional pick to get him though, given his inability to stay healthy.


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                        Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                        I'd hate to think Hill is our #1 DB. He can't stay healthy and got toasted last year by Smith of Carolina. Remember that fiasco?

                        Brown outplayed everyone in our secondary, Wade got a baptism by fire and didn't hold up and Bartell just hasn't proved to me he's that good.


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                          Re: Whats the deal with Fakir Brown

                          Why would we want Lito Sheppard? When you look at the stats from last year Bartell's were pretty good (especially for someone who was asked to play +3 positions). If I'm not mistaken I read somewhere that there was not one touchdown pass completed against him last year. If we shore up the Dline our corners will be fine with or without Brown. We need to address our inability to stop the run and a solid fourth corner, not a starter.


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                            Source: Rams cutting Jason Brown
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                            Jason Brown Profile

                            St. Louis Rams center Jason Brown has been informed by coach Jeff Fisher that he'll be released today, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

                            The Rams abruptly replaced Brown with Tony Wragge at the end of last season despite Brown receiving high blocking grades from the coaching staff.

                            Brown joined the Rams three years ago when he was signed to a five-year, $37.5 million contract that included $20 million in guaranteed money and made him the highest-paid center in the game.

                            Under the terms of that deal, he's due a $5 million base salary and carries a $7.2 million salary-cap figure for next season.

                            He started 46 games in three seasons for the Rams.

                            A former Baltimore Ravens fourth-round draft pick from North Carolina, Brown, 28, has started 91 career games.

                            The 6-foot-3, 320-pounder has built a reputation for his leverage, strength and technique.
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                            Brown Sets Sights On Starting
                            by Rip32
                            Brown Sets Sights on Starting
                            Friday, March 31, 2006

                            By Nick Wagoner
                            Senior Writer

                            On the surface, the Rams’ signing of cornerback Fakhir Brown on March 14 might have been a simple afterthought in the grand scheme of the team’s many offseason moves.

                            But, if Brown has his way, the move will be much more than a simple under the radar signing.

                            “I am expecting to be a starter,” Brown said. “That’s what I want to be…a starter. I have got big plans for myself.”

                            It didn’t take much for Brown to agree to a five-year deal with the Rams considering what he perceived as a prime opportunity to have his breakout season.

                            Soon after his arrival for a free agent visit in mid-March, Brown put pen to paper on a contract. The reasons for his choosing St. Louis were obvious. Jim Haslett, his former head coach in New Orleans is now in charge of the Rams defense, giving Brown a chance for a comfortable transition to St. Louis.

                            “I look at him like he’s still the head coach because that’s the only thing I know him as,” Brown said. “It seems to me that he will be just the same as he was in New Orleans.”

                            But, perhaps more important for Brown was what Haslett and the rest of the coaching staff told him about his potential role in St. Louis. In his time with the Saints, Brown had been limited almost exclusively to a role as the nickel back and on special teams until 2004 when he started the final 10 games of the year. He finished that season with two interceptions, three forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 65 tackles.

                            Brown seemed to be on the verge of a breakout after that performance, but things changed again after he chose to stage a holdout in hopes of a new contract. He didn’t miss any minicamp or training camp, but it didn’t help to miss a chunk of the offseason conditioning program.

                            Brown started the year as the team’s starting cornerback in 2005, but suffered a knee injury that cost him four games. By the time he returned from that injury and a legal issue, Fred Thomas had the starting job essentially nailed down.

                            When he was on the field, he was playing in nickel or sub packages, only called upon when opponents went to three or four receiver packages. Brown started four games and finished with 31 tackles, six passes defended.

                            Now, Brown has the contract he had been looking for after 2004 and the opportunity that he has long sought.

                            “It feels very good for me,” Brown said. “I talked to the defensive coaches once I made it here. I have talked to the coaches and everyone is making me feel comfortable and at home. They are just telling me to keep doing what I have been doing and everything will work out well.”

                            In signing with St. Louis, Brown joins a crowded defensive back field that is wanting for talented cover men. As it stands, the Rams...
                            -03-31-2006, 12:07 PM
                          • RamWraith
                            Brown gets starter money !!
                            by RamWraith
                            Rams add cornerback from Saints
                            By Jim Thomas
                            ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                            Tuesday, Mar. 14 2006

                            In a move that adds depth - and perhaps a starter - to the secondary, the Rams
                            signed free-agent cornerback Fakhir Brown to a five-year year contract Tuesday.

                            Brown, 28, has spent his past four seasons with New Orleans, playing for
                            current Rams defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. At 5-11, 192 pounds, Brown
                            brings good size to the position. He's considered a good tackler and has some
                            playmaking instincts.

                            "He's a physical corner," Rams coach Scott Linehan said. "He matches up well in
                            our division. We've got big receivers we've got to contend with at Arizona. ...
                            You like to have those bigger corners that have long arms that are physical at
                            the line of scrimmage and will be able to match up against those guys."

                            In 2004, Brown started the last 10 games of the season at cornerback for the
                            Saints and finished the season with two interceptions, three forced fumbles and
                            two fumble recoveries, as well as a career-high 65 tackles.

                            Looking for a new contract, Brown held out the following spring, missing three
                            weeks of voluntary light practices known as OTAs (organized team activities).
                            He didn't get the contract, and returned for minicamp and training camp.

                            Brown opened the 2005 season as a starter but suffered a knee injury in
                            practice, forcing him to sit out the next four games. During a walk-through, he
                            was running a blitz when he collided with Saints defensive end Darren Howard.
                            The injury did not require surgery.

                            "It was a fluke deal," Linehan said. "It wasn't anything that's a concern for
                            us now; it was just a bad-luck injury."

                            After Brown recovered from the injury, a driving under the influence charge
                            delayed his return to the starting lineup. And his replacement, Fred Thomas,
                            was playing well. Brown ended up starting four games in '05, finishing with 31
                            tackles and six pass breakups, playing in the nickel back role when not

                            The Rams have a lot of question marks at cornerback, where Jerametrius Butler
                            missed the entire '05 season with a knee injury suffered in training camp, and
                            Travis Fisher was slowed much of the year with a groin injury that placed him
                            on the injured reserve list Dec. 14. DeJuan Groce is a restricted free agent.
                            The Rams also have second-year man Ron Bartell, who may play cornerback again
                            or get shifted to safety.

                            Linehan said Brown will get every opportunity to compete for a starting job at

                            "No question," Linehan said. "I think he's right in the mix, right away. His
                            only issue last year was he got hurt...
                            -03-15-2006, 04:55 AM
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                            Brown ready to roll with Rams
                            by RamWraith
                            By Jim Thomas
                            ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                            Sunday, Mar. 01 2009
                            Begin with the premise that as a football player, you're supposed to be happy
                            and excited after signing a huge free-agent contract.

                            Even so, center Jason Brown took it up a couple of notches at his introductory
                            news conference as a St. Louis Ram. He's ready to roll up his sleeves and get
                            going at the task of turning the Rams from also-rans to winners.


                            "I'm thinking about working right now," Brown said. "Because I know the
                            challenges that we're going to have to overcome in order to be a great team
                            this year."

                            Brown knows it can be done because he witnessed it in Baltimore where the
                            Ravens went from 5-11 in 2007 to the AFC championship game in 2008 despite
                            having a rookie head coach (John Harbaugh), a new offensive scheme and a rookie
                            quarterback (Joe Flacco).

                            "All you guys have already discounted us," he told a group of reporters at Rams
                            Park. "Just as the guys in Baltimore discounted my team last year. You know
                            what they said: 'It's a brand new regime; it's a rebuilding phase. The best
                            they're going to be is a .500 team.' "

                            Which pretty well sums up the picture for the 2009 Rams. Actually, they might
                            hold a parade in Earth City if the Rams ended up 8-8 next season.

                            "There's the potential to do something special — to discount all you guys,"
                            Brown insisted. "I'm telling you right now, we're going to be better than a
                            .500 team."

                            Obviously, it's that kind of attitude that attracted the Rams to Brown, beyond
                            his blocking skills.

                            "I'm fired up," coach Steve Spagnuolo said. "What struck me first when I met
                            him (Friday) morning was the person that he was. The things he said — he just
                            spit out exactly what we're looking for. The team aspect. How unselfish he was
                            as a player. Some of the things he went through in Baltimore. The things he
                            shared with me. I'm very, very impressed with him.

                            "This is a quality guy. You talk about character and quality people that we
                            wanted to add to this (team). I tell you what, unless we're way off, he fits it
                            perfectly. He's very, very serious about his job. I could see that immediately
                            when I met him. I think he's mature beyond his age."

                            Brown, 25, was one of the most highly regarded free agents in this year's pool
                            regardless of position. Philadelphia, Washington and Miami were very interested
                            in him. Baltimore, where he spent his first four NFL seasons, offered him a
                            contract worth $6.25 million a year.

                            "To tell you the truth, I was hoping to stay at home with the Ravens," Brown
                            -03-01-2009, 04:28 AM
                          • MauiRam
                            Brown is a Ram Again !!!
                            by MauiRam
                            Fakhir Brown re-joins Rams
                            By Bill Coats
                            St. Louis Post-Dispatch

                            Cornerback Fakhir Brown is back with the Rams. On Monday, Brown signed a one-year contract to rejoin the team.

                            To the surprise of many of his teammates, Brown was released Sept. 24, one of Scott Linehan’s last moves as head coach. Since Linehan was fired Sept. 29 and replaced by Jim Haslett, the Rams have been trying to re-sign Brown.

                            The need for more secondary help became even more paramount after Ricky Manning Jr. went down with a season-ending ankle injury in Sunday’s 19-17 victory at Washington.

                            All for now . . .
                            -10-13-2008, 01:23 PM