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  • JCYA RAMS - Junior Rams Website

    Hey Rams Fans - look at this website of the 9-10 year old RAMS - sign the guestbook and wish them luck - A great bunch of kids in some killer Rams uni's - THANKS!

    Also, I'm trying like mad to get these kids hooked up to play at halftime at a Rams game - anyone have any ideas or caontacts? Email me at [email protected].


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    Most excellent!...

    Hey Paintedhog, that is absolutely terrific!!! Sincere kudos to you all for organizing such a great team and site for these fine young Rams!

    You've got a real roll model of a QB there too! And of RB's, and of a DE's, and TE's, C's, WR's, DB's, LB's, OT's, DT's, and coaches, and... GO RAMS!!! So :cool:

    It would certainly be super to have the junior Rams perform during H/Time! Surely you've checked with the St. Louis Rams' main office[?]. I feel bad I don't have any contacts to assist you with that great idea but if I could, or if you would have something for me to do (sign, write, call, other), I'd be more than glad to. A wonderful progRAM you've got going! Keep up the good work, yes sir --and kids! ;)


    GO RAMS a-n-d JUNIOR RAMS!!!