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What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

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  • What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

    I believe it's the running game. The Rams had one of the worst running offenses in the league last year, and I think it hindered what this offense was able to do. I believe that if the Rams reestablish themselves as a team that can not only dominate through the air but also run the ball effectively with both Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson, then this team will go deep into the playoffs.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

    Winning is the single most important factor without a doubt.

    To achieve this, I think you are 100% correct when you say running and here is why. It seems some people believe that Bruce is not much of a factor any more and Holt is a good receiver but not in the top 5 or so in the league. (Hello McFly look at his production since 1999) So let them think that then we make them bring their safeties up to stop the run. Get 8 of 11 defensive players in the box and we should see some long scoring plays out of our receivers. Plus they are going to start calling holding on defensive backs.

    I have a feeling though that we are going to find out just how much we miss our two starting tackles in Pace and Turley. I think they are both premmadonna’s who have been gifted with talent while most other linemen on the roster have to work their asses off just to secure a roster spot and a minimal payday.

    I have no proof other then my gut feeling that Turley's back problem is mostly in his skull. As far as Pace goes, everything has worked out for him to get a bigger payday then the Rams can afford what with Galley for the raiders signing a multi billion dollar deal and Turley talking about not playing it kind of leaves Pace and Poston in a win win situation.

    On the other hand we have not been able to run the ball behind Pace anyway so maybe it is a blessing in disguise if he does hold out. I like this kid Jackson and I have a feeling that Faulk is going to have a huge year. Winning is simple. Run when they think you’re going to pass and Pass when they think your going to run but you have to be able to do both. A balanced attack if you will.

    As far as the QB situation, had Bulger came in and replaced Tony Banks he would have looked like a profit or a God send so I think with Warner safely in New York now, we need to get behind Bulger just as much or even more then we did behind Warner. Bulger has shown some over the top potential along with some pretty ugly stuff as well. Nevertheless we have to hope for good play out of Bulger and once again a running game would provide Bulger the edge I think he needs.

    Of course our defense is going to have to play better then they did last year against what was really a cream puff schedule. Their over pursuing on cutback runs killed them many times last year and never was it more apparent then in the divisional playoff game Vs the Panthers.

    I think the Rams need to go into Oakland and prove they can run the ball and get pressure on the QB. Oakland has good and great players on both sides of the line and should be a good test of our abilities.

    Now stating the obvious I will add, we sure as hell can not afford an onslaught of injuries either.

    Could 2004 be the year? If it is then we will have done it with one whole hell of a lot less talent then we had over the past few years when we fell short.


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      Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

      Offensive line !!!! How they go is how the run & pass offense goes, plain and simple.



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        Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

        1) Avoiding injuries. We are not off to a great start in this regarding losing turley (probably), kennedy and wohalabaugh for the season. If we are unlucky injury wise and lose more than our share, or too many key guys, we wont win it all. This is the same of every team in the nfl, injuries comes first. The cap prevents anyone from stockpiling too much depth.

        2) Stop the running game.
        3) play of the offensive line (a subset of which is The Big Man getting into camp,. long term or otherwise)
        4) Bulgers improvement
        5) better play in the red zone.

        Sorry, thats five, but if i had to narrow it down to one, i would say staying healthy, but i agree with nick, stopping the running game is critical.

        general counsel


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          Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

          In order:

          1. Run offense
          2. Run defense
          3. Turnovers
          4. Pass protection
          5. Pass rush
          6. Special teams


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            Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

            Originally posted by maineram
            Offensive line !!!! How they go is how the run & pass offense goes, plain and simple.
            Both lines. Success rides with how both lines perform.


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              Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

              Originally posted by AvengerRam
              In order:

              1. Run offense
              2. Run defense
              3. Turnovers
              4. Pass protection
              5. Pass rush
              6. Special teams
              I would change this around slightly.

              The one big thing that stood out last year was the lack of a run defence. That to me is our biggest weakness at the moment

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                Run defense. They have to stop the run. If they don't, it won't matter a thing about any other aspect of the team.


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                  Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                  Run D. Run D. Run D.
                  The only team that scored more than us last year was Vermeil's Chiefs. We're going to put points on the board if we can get the ball into the O's hands. How do we do that? By slowing their ground game. Only the Vikings and Chiefs gave up more yards per carry than us. We can not allow that kind of ground game.
                  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                    Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                    1. Winning
                    2. Beating the opponent
                    3. Having more points then the other team when the game is over
                    4. Winning the division
                    5. Winning home field advantage
                    6. Winning the divisional playoff game
                    7. Winning the NFC Championship Game
                    8. Winning the Superbowl

                    OK thats 8 but they are the most important factors. LOL


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                      Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                      Nick asked for one thing, not the litany of what ya need to win. Since football is a multi-dimensional team sport, many factors are required. But only one was asked for.

                      What is the single most important thing in this writer's opinion? The play of the QB. If Bulger can throw accurately it will help the run game. If he can't deliver, you know the rest of the story. Plus, the Ram's are a passing team. They have lived and died by it for the last few years. With the stable of WRs we have, we should play to our strength.


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                        Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                        I agree that the question is not "what are important factors to be successful in the NFL".

                        Taking the Rams play from last year, and the fact that we kept 90% of the same players, I will make a few assumptions:

                        A: our defense will be similar to last year, with a little more uncertainty about our ability, or lack thereof, to stop the run.

                        B: our offense should be similar to last year with the hope of a better TD to INT ratio, and some promise at 3rd WR, if a healthy OL.

                        So barring injuries, I think the biggest thing stopping them last year was the inability to get 7 points. Wilkens was money, but it's too much effort to go all the way down the field and leave with less than half a touchdown.

                        And it's not just in the red zone because Bulger had the shortest "longest TD pass" in the NFL, at about 45 yards.


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                          Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                          Absolutely the RUN DEFENSE. They were GASHED last year and they were GASHED vs the BEARS in the pre opener. Tonight should be interesting vs Holmes and company.

                          Ted Washington was signed by the Raiders for a song. I realize the Rams had major depth at DT going into this year but Big Ted is perhaps the single biggest difference maker in terms of run defense in the game today. The ONLY way anyone will run on the Raiders this year is on the outside. He woulda looked great in a RAM uniform and immediately made this unit one of leagues elite. I see NO improvement over last years run D and now not even the HOPE of impact from Kennedy. This may be a brutal season.
                          "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana


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                            Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                            Nick - my ONE area of play would be the play of the o-line.



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                              Re: What is the single most important factor to the Rams' success this season?

                              RUN DEFENSE — If the D can't stop the run, it will be a looooooonnnnnnnggggg season.


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                                Bulger is one tough S.O.B.! And other rants.
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                Say what you want about the Bulger injury, but he is one of the toughest S.O.B.'s I've ever seen ...

                                If it is legit and he was out there playing with 2 broken ribs, this guy cannot feel pain. Ever thrown a football? The rotational motion of the upper body pretty much rolls through every rib. I cannot see how he got threw the game without folding into the fetal position ...

                                It's hard to say how much role he had in the decision to play on Sunday. I would imagine he pushed very hard to be out there. Marc is a becoming an awesome leader, and seeing that emerge is a positive for me, no matter what else happens ...

                                I didn't even see him grimice in pain once Sunday ...

                                I'm just getting worried and saddened by this season. I see Torry and Ike out there and just think about how in a few years they'll both be gone, and Marc will probably be there not too long behind. These guys DESERVE to win again, as they'll all been dedicated to this program and have been through alot to get where they are. I hope everyone wakes up before it's too late ...

                                I like the look of our defense. When all our starters get back, particularly in the secondary, I think we are going to have a very solid young group of guys. We need a little depth, and a safety to replace Chavous, and we'll be just fine ...

                                It's hard to believe we are the seventh ranked defensive unit in the league, and 25th offensively. Never thought I would see that day, what a waste of offensive talent. The offensive coaches on this team must be embarrassed. I don't care how many people are hurt, or how many interceptions we get, we need to start tossing the ball downfield. Ask yourself this question:

                                How many times have we thrown a dig route or a post pattern downfield and not had a completion or a DPI? We have success just about everytime we try to go downfield. It sickens me, because I watched Cincinatti play the Squaks this weekend and saw Carson Palmer throw rocket after rocket after rocket to Chad Johnson and T.J. HOOSH-MAN-ZA-DUH all day long. They don't even have a capable third or fourth receiver and rarely go to the tight end. Yet, they have success throwing downfield to the same two receivers time and time again. I will never understand why we aren't doing this, and we have a much larger magnitude of capable weapons and offensive depth. Hasselbeck doesn't have near the talent at receiver that we do, yet they throw downfield time and time and time again. BTW, as much as I hate Hasselbeck, he throws an extremely pretty ball, just about every pass he makes. Philly is doing the same, as is Houston, and they all have less talent at WR then we do.

                                After seeing the strategy against Tampa, I no longer have TRUST in our coaches on the offensive side. Haslett is a completely different stories, as I think he has done wonders considering the injuries and suspensions on that side of...
                                -09-25-2007, 08:18 AM
                              • Nick
                                Q&A with Randy Karraker from the HERD Board (LONG!)
                                by Nick
                                Q&A with Randy Karraker from the HERD Board
                                Monday, August 09 2004 @ 10:16 PM CDT
                                Contributed by: Shaky


                                Howdy to Randy, and howdy to the herd.

                                Randy, do you agree or disagree with the following:

                                The question is, is it possible to replace a hyped up Turley who in fact had
                                trouble adjusting to the system last year, didn't LIKE the system blocking especially>, was injured at least part of the time ANYWAY, and was
                                never much of a run blocker on top of it? Okay, so, how good will this
                                year's OL be? That's an open question, but I sincerely doubt they will be
                                worse than last year when the offense was 30th in rushing and 29th in sacks
                                allowed supplemental blockers--TE, FB, etc.>.

                                I am of course being deliberately provocative and controversial and stuff,
                                but still, just use that as a platform and to go anywhere you want with it.

                                Thanks Randy and keep up the (as usual) good work.


                                Thanks for the comments. Sure it's possible (probable) to replace Turley,
                                and the offensive line can be a lot better. As they say, the cemeteries are
                                full of indispensable people, so any OL is replaceable. The bigger thing to
                                me is that individuals don't make a great line. Matt Light, Russ Hochstein,
                                Dan Koppen, Joe Andruzzi and Tom Ashworth won last year's Super Bowl. The
                                other side had Steussie, Donnaley, Mitchell, Jeno James and Jordan Gross. A
                                couple of good players, a couple of average ones, and a rookie. I'm more
                                than OK with Pace and Grant Williams at T. My concern is that Timmerman and
                                McCollum, with lots of miles on them, got pushed around a little bit last
                                season. I think they need to be more stout, a tougher group than last year.
                                Additionally, while Turley didn't take well to the coaching and the system,
                                he's still a great player. It couldn't hurt to have him.



                                Pace Comments BS?????
                                Orlando Pace stated a while back how he thought he and the Rams could get a
                                long term deal done. The Rams can't negotiate until he signs the tender
                                correct? So, why not sign the tender, get into camp, and then start
                                negotiating the long term deal!!!! Does Pace just want to skip camp? Was his
                                "big" statements just crap? When do you expect Pace to sign the tender and
                                get into camp?

                                Randy, thanks for all you do!


                                It appears that his comments were BS. You're right in that they can't
                                negotiate with him until he signs the tender. Everyone in Macomb thinks
                                he'll be in at the end of camp, just like last season, and the players I...
                                -08-11-2004, 05:21 PM
                              • LaRamsFanLongTime
                                This team
                                by LaRamsFanLongTime
                                Does anyone really think this team is as bad as we are playing right now? I had high hopes for this season and took it pretty badly when we started losing right out the gates. I am trying to think of why and it is so obvious.

                                Is it the Coaches fault? It can be but with all the injuries how do you come up with any consistancy in your playbook? Short passes QB dies long Passes QB dies. RB hurt plus the whole line hurt = no run game to take pressure off beat up QB's. So no I could not put this on the coach. Take away Welker, Tom Brady, and The whole o-line and the Patriots are not a great team.

                                Lets see now defense? Yeah they still suck and have weekness in every spot. That is an area though I fealt going into this season that was a huge ????? The defense is definatly rebuilding and hopefully the high pick we get will be used on a immediate difference maker.

                                Offense see the coach area we all know that an offense that banged up could not put up the numbers we are used too around these parts. Last week though we saw some life out of them.

                                So the obvious choice is the reoccuring week defense and banged up offense. I am not sitting here thinking this team will be bad for the next 10 years. I think this season was an injury plagued season that will be long forgotten by mid season next year. Yes I do know that is a long time but we have no choice but to wait it out now do we?

                                I think we let Linehan have at least a healthy season to see if he can right the ship. If this team faulters next year then a change should be made. BTW is it just me or should the conditioning coach be put out to pasture.
                                -11-01-2007, 04:37 PM
                              • Raptor
                                Rams @ Hawks..Through My Eyes
                                by Raptor
                                I gotta tell ya, this game will be exciting, as have pretty much every past meeting between these two teams. Last years games were all out thrillers, both very close, undecided until the very end. This one and probably the next in your house will be the same.

                                Looking at last years games, either team could have won or lost both games. In Seattle, had the Rams not been called for defensive holding on that last drive, who knows if the Hawks would have scored to win. In St. Louis, if that ref didn't take Bobby E out on that play, who knows if he wouldn't have scored. I hate it when refs decide the outcome by the way...both games had defining plays defined by the stripes.

                                Back to this game...The way I see it.

                                The Rams need to change their defense up...allot. Show as many different looks as you can, blitz as much as humanly possible. Holmie doesn't seem to react very well, play-calling wise, when things are happening that he does not expect. A great example of this was the Tampa game. Holmie had to game plan for their defensive speed, but I think the amount of blitzing surprised him. The lack of ability to change the game plan due to what the defense was doing is a cause for concern. Holmie stuck to it, either through an inability to adapt to what was happening or a reluctance to stray from what he "knew" would work. The result was the worst offensive showing in the past three years. Moving around Little like you did last week is a good example something that I feel will cause the offense trouble.

                                Offensively, you guys are still very tough. You can never discount your playmakers on any play. While I sometimes question the split-second decisions Bulger makes, he still has the skills and the smarts to hurt any defense. Our D needs to play fast, as fast as they did against the Saints and SF. The D line can't give Bulger any time, they need to harass him all day. They have the ability to do so, but while your O line is not what it was, they are still good enough to make this task difficult. We need Simmons to shadow Faulk in everything he does, we can't let you get anything going on the ground. Another concern is the LB's ability to cover your TE's, this could be pivotal. There will be a give and take in regards to the WR - DB match ups, I think we see big plays by both sides.

                                I feel this will be a shoot-out guys, maybe even down to the last team who has the ball winning the game. The Hawk (I'll never call it qwest field) is different place since the last time you were here, but considering how wishy-washy Seattle fans can be, a few big plays to start the game could take the wind right out of them.

                                There is allot about this game to be concerned about, but one thing is for will be exciting.

                                Just Win Blue.
                                Raptor aka Blitzfan
                                -10-09-2004, 02:06 PM
                              • Spiderwolf
                                This team is pitiful!
                                by Spiderwolf
                                is this team EVER going to get better? This team is pitiful. We have a bad quarterback, a bad running back, no offense,no defense and a horrible, horrible coach. You people can defend Bulger and Jackson all you want but those guys cant start for most other teams in my opinion. Both of them are extremely over-rated! This team went downhill when Bulger became the starting quarterback over Warner and its never recovered! I want to know when we can expect changes. This team will be lucky to win one or two games all year!
                                -09-21-2008, 08:06 PM