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Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

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  • Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

    Pro football team and fan group think Suffolk should change mascot
    Matt West
    Issue date: 4/1/08

    Â The Suffolk Ram has been our university's mascot for as long as most people can remember. There are many logos that accompany Suffolk's mascot, one of which has brought the school under scrutiny by a professional football team. Recently, the St. Louis Rams'-located in Missouri-largest fan club, the Association for a Glorious Rams Future, have filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the university, on behalf of the NFL franchise.
    John Wytrash, the leader of the AFGRF, is said to have been on vacation in Utah, when he saw what appeared to be a St. Louis Rams logo emblazoned on a jacket. The windbreaker was worn by a Suffolk student, who is a member of the hockey team.
    People close to the group said they were irked when they were that told teams around the country used their logo prominently. Said one source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, "John is a very powerful and prideful man, and he wants the term 'Ram' to be synonymous with his accomplished football team."Â
    In his lawsuit, Wytrash lamented that Suffolk was in blatant disregard of the copyright laws in place. He asked that Suffolk immediately desist using the logo and mentioned the possibility of the school being forced to change its mascot altogether. He offered that the school change their name to the Rats, due to the rodent's prominence on Beacon Hill.
    "Their name used to be the Royals, what do these guys just steal mascots until they get caught? The Rats would be fitting," said Wytrash.
    It would seem unlikely that anyone could bring a lawsuit like this on a university, considering the wide usage of mascots around the country. It would also seem that Suffolk is not the only school using a mascot similar to another school or professional organization. Teams such as the Seaton Hall Pirates and St. Josephs Hawks are also colleges with logos similar to that of professional teams.
    Anyone who has been in or around Suffolk has seen the symbol emblazoned on sweatshirts, t-shirts, and other miscellaneous products; athletic or otherwise. When discussing Suffolk athletics, it is not uncommon to refer to them as the "Suffolk Rams." The specific article of clothing in question carries a less-used version of the Suffolk Ram, which may make this lawsuit seem trivial to many onlookers. But it is important to those who are involved with the university as Ramses was the name of Suffolk founder Archer Gleason's brother, which the mascot is named after.
    To hear that their mascot may be removed because of this lawsuit upsets many of the students and faculty. Said one disconcerted member of the Communications department, "I am extremely surprised something like this would happen to this University. In all my years teaching here, I have never seen anything like this."
    Knowing full well that the mascot may have to be changed, ideas have been coming in and out of the athletic department. Suggestions from various voices throughout campus have been made, and everything from the Mastodons to the Spatulas has come up.
    One thing is for sure; changes will have to be made, a symbol that has been linked with the university for years, may become a cooking utensil or pre-historic mammoth.

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    Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

    I think a guy with the last name "Wytrash" should not be telling anyone else what they should be named.


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      Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

      Suffolk University- Boston,Ma.. Team name RAMS.

      Who cares??? Not me.

      Maybe they ought to change the name to the PATRIOTS? DUH.
      sigpic :ram::helmet:


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        Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

        this is silly, just let them use the logo's.
        i have never heard of those afgrf.
        stupid name for stupid people.


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          Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

          I could be wrong, but I'd bet my kids college fund we're dealing with a belated April Fool's Day prank.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

            Originally posted by AlphaRam View Post
            I think a guy with the last name "Wytrash" should not be telling anyone else what they should be named.

            Funny Jack real funny!!

            "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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              Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

              My first thought when reading the "news report" was April Fool's joke....


              GO RAMS!!


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                Re: Suffolk being sued over use of Ram logo

                Originally posted by HUbison View Post
                I could be wrong, but I'd bet my kids college fund we're dealing with a belated April Fool's Day prank.
                Yep, if "John Wytrash" or "The Association for a Glorious Rams Future" aren't dead giveaways, nothing is. Anyone from AFGRF, the "Rams largest fan club" here??


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                  As you can see the synonyms for Ram or Rams describes NFL Football.

                  Driving or forcing something by impact
                  Strike or drive against with a heavy impact
                  Force into physically
                  Undergo damage or destruction on impact

                  Certainly there is no other football team name that can come close to describing the state of the gridiron as does the Rams. Given the evidence above surely like the Horns, the name Rams is indisputably the best name in the game which unfortunately puts us Ram fans alone at the top. Quite frankly it gets boring without a challenge from other team fans on these extremely important off season issues of best name and best logo. So since there is no other football team name that can come close to the name "Rams" and there is no logo that can compare with the "Horns" it gives us no choice but to compare the name "Rams" with the helmet logo "Horns". Obviously like Love and Marriage you cannot have one without the other. Scratch that. Well you get the point. For the sake of discussion at the top of the football world, which is better the Name or The Horns?
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                  By Dez S Urban /
                  Sitting in my office, looking around, I was suddenly struck by the lack of non Ram related items adorning the walls. I stopped chewing on the end of my Ram pencil, placed my Ram coffee mug down on the desk, switched off my Ram Super Bowl CD and took stock.

                  What makes a Ram fanatic?

                  Living in the darkest depth of Central Fife (Scotland), I can lay some claim to being a Ram Fanatic myself but what really does make up this mythical beast?

                  I am not talking about those fans that go to the game or watch the team on TV; I am talking about those fans that live the Rams, every single day of their lives.

                  Was it their propensity to dress in Ram regalia from the moment they woke up and after showering in the morning, using their Ram soap and Ram shower gel of coarse, was it the way they feverously wolfed down their favourite breakfast (Warner’s Crunch time) before heading out the door, and into their chosen vehicle of transport (a Dodge Ram) and winging their way to work, to then sit in front of a wall covered in Ram trinkets.
                  Is it the way their siblings would be adorned with every single bit of Ram paraphernalia because “they look cute”?
                  Can it be their fascination for anything beginning or ending in the word RAM?

                  Maybe Fanatic is not the correct word we should be using here. Maybe we need to re categorise this beast?
                  Let’s call him or her a rampant fan.
                  Rampant is far more descriptive of the beast I am trying to describe here. This fan goes beyond support, he/she will sit at a computer and listen to the web feed of a game being broadcast (because they live in some part of the word that does not show the Ram games live on TV) and at the same time they will join a chat room to be in contact with other like minded rampant fans.
                  Some of them, like me, will sit up to all hours of the night to listen to these games (I am 6 hours ahead of St Louis time so a 8pm kick off I St Louis works out at 2am here in Scotland) and then go to work after the game has finished.

                  So to those rampant fans, I take my Ram cap off, raise my Ram shot glass and salute you. I am proud to know you and maybe, count myself as one of you. See you in the chat room.

                  I look at myself (in a mirror) and wonder if the blue hair dye will last another week or will I need to break into a new bottle of Ram Hair, at $10 a pop. Running my fingers through my goatee (dyed gold to offset the hair colour) I notice a chip on one of my special Ram finger nail covers. Dam, another trip to the manicurist to get a blue and gold retouch was called for. Ah well, I can drop by the local opticians and see if they have my new Ram contact lens covers in stock yet.

                  Hey, maybe I can call myself a rampant Ram fan ;)

                  By RamDez...
                  -08-15-2004, 02:20 AM
                • Fat Pang
                  The New Stuff
                  by Fat Pang
                  Not posted in a while but thought I would share a recent experience.

                  Like many of you I was excited by the new logo launch and the prospect of new uniforms. Upon the unveiling of the log and colour palette, I was impressed by the colours, but depressed by the logo's. I am a member of a couple FB groups and the reaction was almost universally negative. Personally, the new main logo is underwhelming, its like a senior high school answer to a local sports project. The Ram was okay I thought until it was pointed out that there is a phallus there and frankly, what is once seen cannot be unseen. Generally however I was prepared for it to grow on me, not like a fungus but like a new armchair; not quite the same but in time it could work out.

                  Except it hasn't and I don't think it will any time soon.

                  Like many of you I have been working from home. In my case, I have been doing so for four months but I live in Hong Kong. In that time I have put on 10 pounds and some stuff is a little too restrictive these days. Yes I'll work it off in a month or so but I need new workout gear anyway and as we are moving house at the end of the week to a beachfront place with lots of potential for waistline-trimming, I thought I would buy some gear from the club shop.

                  Except I couldn't.

                  I really tried to.

                  But I couldn't.

                  There was nothing there to persuade me to take the financial plunge. I have a fair amount of Rams gear and was more than willing to get more. My absurdly tall four year-old runs around in Rams gear and I have been stopped by American expats in HK who wonder why I'm wearing Rams gear in the supermarket. I have a STL Rams Faulk shirt that is kept in pride of place with my college football shirts.

                  But I couldn't buy anything this time.

                  I'm not one of those 'hate everything different' kind of guys but I honestly thought this was a teed up home run; they couldn't screw this up. I suspect they might have. I don't mind the colours, I don't mind the 'bone' but I can't unsee the 'bone' on the new Ram.

                  I think we may have a problem, a problem I honestly didn't think was that big an issue...until it came to spending some money....
                  -05-19-2020, 07:02 AM