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  • A little about board attitude

    As much as I love this board and most of the posters here I have to get something off my chest.

    Some people are starting to become way too "high class" for me. I am far from a perfect person and do not pretend to be, but I don't sit around and pick out everyone else's faults and then publicly call them on it.

    I came to this board years ago for the same reason I go to a bar for sports and not a night club. Because it's every day people that want to talk Rams and not about their spelling errors or how to use their brains and belittle the things they say.

    It came to my attention that people sent 6 PM's to Dez because I attacked him and his Bernie/Dolt post. Please! I never once attacked Dez. I stated my opinion on Bernie and the rest of the reporters for the Rams. If you had a problem with the post then you should have put it the forum. Or talked to me.

    This is getting old people, we have a football season fast approaching and I would like to get things moving in here with some good heated talks about football. There has to be more to talk about than each others short comings. If there isn't then take the personal comments to the forum at

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    Re: A little about board attitude

    Good post, Wraith. It's very hard to enjoy things whenever you feel like it's a literal battleground every time you show up. It's hard to enjoy a place when you find you're defending yourself more than you are your team or your opinions.


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      Re: A little about board attitude

      lol, i love it how my one insult on this board finds its way into this post.


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        Re: A little about board attitude

        Why is it necessary to insult anyone?? There is common bond that brings all here and some people always have to make it personal. There is a reason we have so many lurkers. If I wasn't here for so long, I know I wouldn't want to post in fear of always being attacked by a handful. Its no fun to state an opinion if you have to defend yourself and not your views.

        Originally posted by tanus
        lol, i love it how my one insult on this board finds its way into this post.


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          Re: A little about board attitude

          well, honestly if you are scared to post on a message board for fear of being attacked then i really dont know what to say to you.

          i simply said yeah, lets sign an injured guy. newbie comes back at me saying that the jags never said anything about him being injured and to shut up when i dont know what i am talking about. at this point, i could really care less about insulting the guy as he obviously has no respect himself. then a couple of minutes later nick provides the facts that brackens in fact has multiple injuries as well as recovering from another injury.

          now, i would never act this way to someone who has been here a while and shown respect, but to a newbie like that, i'll put him in his place.


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            Re: A little about board attitude


            This is a prime example. The post I made was NOT directed at you or anyone else for that matter. I was not trying to point fingers at ANYONE. I was trying to make a point about getting personal with people in general. I am sorry that I used the brains comment. It was just an example. I would like to see things get back to issues at hand, and that is winning the NFC and getting back to the Super Bowl.


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              Re: A little about board attitude

              im fine with the brains example. i just mentioned how it was funny that my one insult got used as your example.

              trust me, i have no beef at all with you and appreciate all of the RAMS articles you post on the board.


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                Re: A little about board attitude

                Originally posted by tanus
                now, i would never act this way to someone who has been here a while and shown respect, but to a newbie like that, i'll put him in his place.
                That is totally the wrong attitude. The "newbies" should feel free to post their thoughts without fear of being attacked by the "in crowd" of regulars. In fact, I'd rather you put the regulars in their place than attack the newbies as we try to grow this community.


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                  Re: A little about board attitude

                  so its ok for a newbie to tell me to shut up when i dont know what im talking about when a few minutes later nick provides the facts for what i was saying? i dont think so.


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                    Re: A little about board attitude

                    I think you were both needlessly caustic.


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                      Re: A little about board attitude

                      eh, maybe so. at least im posting a bit more because of it today, lol.


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                        Re: A little about board attitude

                        I think your comment was misunderstood, tanus. You said, "now, i would never act this way to someone who has been here a while and shown respect, but to a newbie like that, i'll put him in his place." I'm assuming you mean to a newbie who comes in and shows no respect, you'd put him in his place. I think as long as everyone is treated with respect, they'll get it in return.


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                          Re: A little about board attitude

                          This is not a he said, she said thread. Just one that should remind everyone that there are true people behind these posts and ones that have a true passion for the game. We all play an equally important role and need to think before making knee jerk reactions.

                          I can and will be just as guilty as some of the others, and at times blow off the handle and don't always think while I am typing. And for that I apologize! For the most part you all are good people and mean well. Just try to remember how you would feel if someone typed something about you and whether you would like to here that about yourself.


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                            Re: A little about board attitude

                            exactly nick. i wouldnt treat any of the regulars like that because they have always been respectful to me.


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                              Re: A little about board attitude

                              In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Cant we all just get along"

                              ramming speed to all, and lets focus on the common enemy, the seachickens, eagles and the rest of the nfl!

                              general counsel


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                              • Will51
                                To people who post the most bulletins on this board!
                                by Will51
                                This message pertains to people such as Nick, General counsel, ram dez, avenger ram and who ever else lives on this board.

                                You guys honestly need to get lives, i visit this board probably once every two weeks and you same people are here 24-7, most of you guys are posting non-sense to see who can "post the most bulletins" do you guys have kids? a family? or atleast something better to do than sit around on a message board and use stupid quotes such as "im going to blast away" or "the clan has spoken". And then i hear some of you talking about collecting cards and what not, grow up people, its just a football team that you should be a fan of, not live your life by the code of the clan. Some of you just need to expierience the out doors and get some fresh air and quit "bleeding the blue and gold" spend some time with your family or wives or do something productive with your lives, ITS JUST A MESSAGE BOARD!!! every one of you like the rams and thats cool but you dont have to be on the players jock straps, now i kno ill probably be deleted for voicing my opinion but at least some of you may think about doing something with your life instead of having your lifes decided by "THE CLAN" get a life people!!!!!!!!!
                                -04-06-2007, 08:46 AM
                              • Nick
                                Since we're ranting...
                                by Nick
                                This isn't aimed at any one individual, but is based on multiple responses I've seen both recently and over the course of the season.

                                It's my absolute honest belief that Dez has put together one of the best St. Louis Rams discussion sites on the 'net. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't have stayed here for more than six years, nor would I have agreed to help moderate the site to try and help out where I can.

                                But it seems to me that lately, this season more than any in recent memory, some members have been making these snarky, disparaging, negative comments about other members, threads, or the board in general. It ranges from the borderline personal attacks of another poster to criticisms of a thread being pointless to comments about looking for a new board or questioning why they even come to this one. While these comments may not explicitly violate board rules, their negative effect to a thread or the board itself is obvious.

                                Well, the simple truth is this: NO ONE is being forced to read this or any thread, just like no one is being forced to read another member's posts or even come to this site.

                                If you don't like a topic or don't think it's a worthwhile discussion, don't read the thread. Click on the back button and find another one.

                                If you don't like a poster's opinions and don't want to read any more of their posts, then don't. Go into your UserCP and put that person on your Ignore List.

                                If you're considering leaving or questioning why you come here, then to be blunt, either **** or get off the pot. Don't post multiple responses about leaving, crying out for attention.

                                No one is forcing you to come here, post here, read topics here, or "suffer" through someone else's opinion here. Those are YOUR CHOICES. You control your presence here and what you're exposed to.

                                I think one of the main reasons I like the Clan is because I find there are many very intelligent, very knowledgeable football fans here that are ready and able to discuss all aspects of this game. Maybe it's a very positive, upbeat discussion, or maybe it's a critical discussion about problem areas on the team. But I find meaningful discussions every day on this board, not only about the Rams but about the NFL as a whole and specifically the draft and college prospects. I love engaging in these topics. Occasionally though, I find some discussions that, for whatever reason, I'd rather not be a part of because I don't see the point. When that happens, I simply move on to the next discussion. Trust me, it's not difficult.

                                When people make negative responses that denigrate other posters or blame the board because of what's being said or what they've been exposed to, I simply have to shake my head. Yes, there are occasions when someone has stepped over the line, and when rules have been violated, we moderators are more than willing to do...
                                -12-22-2010, 07:50 PM
                              • VegasRam
                                Avenger...What'd you do?
                                by VegasRam
                       get kicked off the RRF board.

                                They're getting a little strange over there - maybe too much religion driving the mods.

                                Also, they continue to take Patrickrylee seriously, which says something right there.

                                Anyway...just curious.
                                -08-17-2005, 04:57 PM
                              • RamsInfiniti
                                What is going on here?
                                by RamsInfiniti
                                That's the question I have to ask ...

                                ClanRam is EASILY the greatest Rams forum on the internets today. Take a minute, go visit some of the other forums out there, and it won't take you long to realize this ...

                                I have paid my dues, I do every year, and I am a premium member here. I love supporting this site. I have had my issues with some folks here, some prominent folks through the times, and despite that, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here ...

                                This board has great members, some very intelligent Rams fans, and I have loved discussing football with many of you from day one ...

                                But what in the world has happened to the quality of the posts here lately? I don't know if it is all the new members, if the newer members are afraid to express their opinions, or what it is. But I am seeing more one-liners than ever, more repeat posts and topics than ever, more one sided discussions that ever ...

                                It's seems to be a great time to be a Rams fan, but something just doesn't seem right around here. I cannot seem to pinpoint it, and maybe I am the only one, but I've found these forums very hard to read over the past couple of weeks. Maybe my comfort level is down because I am seeing so many new faces, but it seems like I am having to pick through alot of jibberish to find the posts that I really want to read and see ...

                                I am just wondering if it's only me, or if others are feeling the same way. During this great offseason, one of the best we've had in a decade, I would really like to be jumping for joy and sharing this with others, but for some reason something seems off ....

                                Hmmmm, I don't know, maybe I am just nuts ...
                                -03-12-2009, 09:45 PM
                              • Guest's Avatar
                                What happened to your guys board?
                                by Guest
                                I remember coming over here last year and earlier this year and this board being extremely busy and overflowing with posts. Where did everybody go? Did they switch to a different board or are not as many fans into the Rams right now? Over at the Hawk board that I frequent at a new post lasts on the front page for about 15 minutes. It's really nuts. But it usual is extremely busy. Don't take this as a shot or knock on you guys. I respect you all for supporting your team the way you do. It just seems as if as the season went on many of your posters gave up and haven't seemed to returned. Maybe I was thinking of a different Ram board being very active, I dunno. Either way though, I'm stoked for Saturday. Should be a great matchup.
                                -01-04-2005, 05:50 PM