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81-13... a little perspective

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  • 81-13... a little perspective

    There is no doubt that the Rams looked bad last night and have a number of problems that need to be addressed quickly...

    But let's not go overboard with the doomsaying.

    81-13... do you know what that is?

    That is the combined scores by which the Patriots, Colts and Seahawks lost their preseason games this week.

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    Re: 81-13... a little perspective

    Scores aside, I wonder if they looked as poor as the Rams did.

    Regardless, I'm not really going to begin to worry unless we start showing this kind of stuff in the regular season. Hopefully the coaching staff and players can respond.


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      Re: 81-13... a little perspective

      The biggest disappointment i have from last nights game was the team didn't look like they were ready to play. I know its preseason, but thats no excuse for not playing phsyical football. Thankfully it is preseason and things can change before the season starts.