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A lot of good tonight against Skins!

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  • A lot of good tonight against Skins!

    The O line played much better

    The Defense was great!

    Jackson and Holt dominated!

    Chandler tore it up!

    Bulger had some good and bad moments. He should settle down more as the O line solidifies. I also think that the threat of Jackson's power running can help him in a major way!

    This team really needed a night like this!

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    Re: A lot of good tonight against Skins!

    Agree AR!!


    O-Line looked better
    Linebackers looked good
    Garrett teld up well
    McDonald seems to be playing well
    Hargrove got a lot of good pushes


    Bruce hurt?
    D-Line was average
    Nutten hurt already
    Faulk to me STILL looks slow


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      Re: A lot of good tonight against Skins!

      bruce twisted a finger, i saw the bandage on the sideline, but he was laughing it up so he should be fine. good win for the squad, bulger will settle down. Steven Jackson is surely a manchild out there. O Line looked pretty good and the Big Man is coming in.

      general counsel


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        Re: A lot of good tonight against Skins!

        Do you all see what a little game planning, whether it be 4 days worth or not, will do for you? Great performance. We proved a point, now let's go into Oakland without getting injured.


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        • r8rh8rmike
          Solid Effort Tonight
          by r8rh8rmike
          A lot of good things tonight, especially on defense. The linebackers all looked great, especially Pisa. Archuleta is really coming around and looks much more confident. The D Line performed well without Little. The blitzing packages continue to look very effective. The backups all came around in the second half and helped get the win. Marmie called a good game.

          Good stuff on offense too. Kevin Curtis is a monster and looked unstoppable. The starting O Line looked solid again which is very encouraging. Shaun McDonald made a Bruce like TD catch that was awesome. Aveion Cason looked pretty good throughout the game. Martz, like Marmie called a good game.

          If we can get the punt coverage straightened out, we'll be in good shape. Mike Furrey is a special teams kamikaze and played great on defense too.

          The injuries were a negative but are hopefully nothing serious.

          I think we're ready.
          -09-02-2005, 09:54 PM
        • HUbison
          HUbison's view of the Indy game
          by HUbison
          yea, yea, I was just a pre-season game. But it's still a game, and what I saw coming out of it.

          1. We're all healthy......everything else is just icing.

          2. The difference between Marmie and Haslett is like brussel sprouts and chocolate cake.

          3. Incognito looked like a manimal. He finished off every block like the DT just slapped his mom. Don't tell that kid it was "just a pre-season game".

          4. We got some good lookin' rookies on the D side......Hill, Wroten, Adeyanju...all looked pretty sharp tonight.

          5. Tonight Tony Fisher was better than advertised. Can he continue that during the year?

          6. Who is most excited about the switch from zone blocking to man blocking? Steven Jackson!!!

          7. Ragone better hope he steps it up in the next game, because Fitz out-played him tonight.

          8. Where was this run D last year.....the last several years for that matter?

          9. I think the early pressure masked our secondary. I'm just not convinced they're that good right now.

          10. Who is Jamaal Brooks, and where has he been hiding. He stood out tonight.

          11. I predict some clamoring to move Matthew Rice up the chart, but IMO his 2 sacks were more about going against a camp body OT than his own abilities.

          12. It's nice having Ferrotte around. A solid #2 to say the least, but....

          13.'s even better having Marc Bulger around.

          14. On some level, I'm embarassed. The fans got what they wanted this offseason......tossed Martz, brought in Linehan, new attitude, new defense.....and how did St. Louis repay the Rams? By bringing in a crowd from the local library. That place was dead.
          -08-10-2006, 09:39 PM
        • sonnyjames
          Too early to say the season just blew up for us, tonight?
          by sonnyjames
          The loss in a game we had down as the one we NEEDED to win in the opening stretch is one thing. The self-inflicted beating is another.

          But the ***** beating Philly and going 3-1 is a potential killer.

          We now have games against GB, Dallas and New Orleans to come. We could conceivably be 0-7 by the time we play our first divisional game, but by then the ***** may well have four or five wins on the board. That is going to be near on impossible to overhaul.

          I don't want to knee-jerk, and I know it's still early days, but tonight we really find ourselves well and truly behind the eight ball.
          -10-02-2011, 02:31 PM
        • Truth
          Anybody Going to The Game Tonight?????
          by Truth
          Is anybody besides me going to the game tonight? I kind of fell into a couple of seats right behind the Rams bench.
          -08-10-2007, 03:25 PM
        • RamWraith
          injuries already tonight
          by RamWraith
          Fisher-sprained knee...hope not more
          -09-02-2005, 06:57 PM