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    Turley placed on IR. More down below.

    * Cut were DE Nick Burley, WR Michael Coleman, CB Robert Cromartie, QB Russ Michna, DT Justin Montgomery, CB Corey Yates.

    * Also placed on IR was LB Jeremy Lloyd; torn pectoral muscle.

    * Rams still have one more to cut by Tuesday to get down to the 65 limit.

    I'll add notes in a few minutes...

    TURLEY: Martz had a terse conversation with him Saturday. Martz wouldn't disclose the details. When asked about Turley in the news conference, Martz gave a couple of 'yes' and 'no' answers. Asked if Turlery would have a second surgery on his back, Martz said: "I don't know." Later, Martz said, "He was very vague about his plans." Martz said, "I'm very happy with the guys we have."

    ( I don't think we'll see Turley hanging around Rams Park this season).

    OTHER NOTES: Martz said rookie LB Brandon Chillar played "terrific" vs. Redskins and declared that he's the starter (ahead of Polley)...Martz praised LG Chris Dishman, who played the entire game. "He was a physical force inside. A road grader in the running game," ... Martz said LT Grant Williams had his best game, and he also praised RT Scott Tercero...Martz raved about RB Steven Jackson but says Jackson still makes too many mental errors in pass protection. "He has no idea," Martz said. "And we're using the same game plan every week. Just wait until we throw that first (regular season) game plan at him. It will be a culture shock for him," ... no sign of Big O Pace. His party last night at The Kastle was a success. Most of the team went and stayed practice tomorrow; perhaps Pace will wander in on Monday...Martz really likes the QB, Michna, and don't be surprised if he's placed on the practice squad.


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  • RamWraith
    Turley taking shots at Martz again--The Bernie
    by RamWraith
    Anyone really standing up for this guy now....WHAT AN A$$, he better not wear the horns next year!

    From a publicist at ESPN:

    Kyle Turley will be on tonight's "Budweiser Hot Seat" during the 6 p.m. SportsCenter, then re-airing on subsequent SportsCenters throughout Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

    Anyway host Brian Kenny asked Turley: "who's the best coach in the NFL?"

    Turley named Bill Belichick.

    Kenny: "If he's No. 1, where on the list would you put Mike Martz?"

    Turley: (Laughing at first) ... "Ah man, are they going to have an expansion team next year? I put him down at No. 33."

    -01-26-2005, 02:57 PM
  • Nick
    Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley
    by Nick
    Martz opens up on his conflict with Turley
    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    The rift hasn't exactly been a well-kept secret, which probably explains why Rams coach Mike Martz decided Tuesday evening to discuss his spat with offensive tackle Kyle Turley.

    Turley visited Martz in the coach's Rams Park office on Dec. 13 in a meeting that eventually degenerated into Turley yelling obscenities at Martz. Things got so loud that employees on that side of the second floor of the complex could hear Turley yelling.

    "Kyle came in to see me because he was concerned about the comments I made," Martz told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday.

    What comments? Well, the previous week, when asked by a reporter about Turley's status for the 2004 season, Martz replied icily: "I have no idea where he is. I have no idea if he wants to play, or can play. ... I have not seen him."

    Turley didn't like those comments, and that led to the boisterous meeting at Rams Park.

    "He felt offended," Martz said. "He was agitated and offended by them (at the meeting). I wasn't shouting at him. But he was animated. Players get like that. Kyle's a very emotional guy. He wears his emotions on his sleeves. But by the end of the discussion, it was resolved. It was resolved and we move on."

    It may be resolved, but Martz did file a complaint with NFL security that Turley threatened him. Because of that, Turley could be subject to a fine.

    The root of the ill will?

    Turley was angry because he felt he was rushed into action during training camp after having offseason back surgery. Martz claims the doctors cleared Turley to practice, so he practiced. Turley aggravated the back injury early in camp and ended up on the injured reserve list.

    In turn, Martz was upset at Turley because Turley initially didn't return several phone messages from Martz, who was seeking to check on Turley and his status last August.

    Despite all that, Martz said he wants Turley on the team next season, back injury permitting.

    "I'd like to have him back if he can play," Martz said.
    -12-29-2004, 02:24 PM
  • RamWraith
    Turley still takes issue with Martz
    by RamWraith
    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Thursday, Jan. 27 2005

    Offensive tackle Kyle Turley continues to fire salvos at Rams coach Mike Martz.

    Martz could not be reached for comment Thursday following Turley's latest shots
    and has declined to comment on the subject since the end of the season.
    Martz's last comments on Turley were made near the end of the regular season.
    Martz said he thought the issue was resolved and that if Turley is healthy,
    Martz wanted him to return next season.
    Martz considered fining Turley for insubordination following their mid-December
    blowup, but decided against it. At that time, team president John Shaw said he
    considered the matter closed.
    But Turley leveled blasts at Martz last week on ESPN radio, and Wednesday night
    on the ESPN cable television network. Turley was asked in the TV interview
    where he would rank Martz among the 32 NFL head coaches. Turley replied: "Ah,
    man, are they going to have an expansion team? I put him down at 33."
    Given the tone and content of Turley's recent remarks, it's difficult to
    imagine him returning to the team, healthy or not. But because of salary cap
    issues, the Rams wouldn't do anything until June 2 or later.
    Turley still has four years left on the six-year contract renegotiation he
    signed with the team when he was traded to St. Louis from New Orleans in March
    of 2003.
    If the Rams release Turley before June 2, they would be stuck with $7.29
    million of dead money on this year's cap. Such a cap hit in '05 would make it
    nearly impossible for the team to sign free agents.
    However, if the team waited until June 2 or later to release Turley, only
    one-fourth of that $7.29 million would count against the '05 cap - or about
    $1.82 million. The rest of the amount, $5.47 million, would count against the
    '06 cap.
    Trading Turley wouldn't help, because no matter when a trade is made, all
    unamortized signing bonus money goes into that year's cap, so the entire $7.29
    million would count against this year's cap.
    -01-28-2005, 04:47 AM
  • fleet69
    Mort's comments
    by fleet69
    What does anyone know/think about Chris Mortenson's story re Turley & Martz's confrontation earlier this week??? Along with the letter from Georgia to everyone? Very strange things happening out in Rams Park.....
    -12-27-2004, 05:09 PM
  • Yodude
    Wecome to the Big Top
    by Yodude
    Dissension in Ranks

    Wednesday, December 29, 2004

    By Ray Ratto
    Special to
    Mike Martz has always been accused of having one of those faces that rubs folks the wrong way. It looks a little too smug, or it looks a little too bemused at the wrong time, or it just looks a little too, well, square.

    Call it the Rick Adelman Syndrome. He's gotten the same critique for years despite a series of successful non-championship teams in Portland and Sacramento.

    Anyway, back to Martz. And not really about his face, either. It's more about his coaching, or his manner, or the fact that the St. Louis Rams have almost always been accused of underachievement during his watch. He just isn't one of those popular coaches who gets the benefit of the doubt, and those who don't seize on his body of work seize on his manner.

    But this Kyle Turley thing ... well, this is just plain strange.

    It seems that Martz told a reporter that his talented but volatile guard wasn't fully devoted to rehabbing his surgically repaired back. It further seems that Turley reportedly threatened to, well, kill Martz. And it further seems that Martz reportedly called NFL Security to report the threat.

    We use "seems" and "reportedly" here because Martz and Turley both deny the story. All we know is there is a report that something seems to have happened.

    And what this tells us is this:

    Someone really wants Mike Martz' hinder on a plaque.

    Let's take the best-case-scenario first. If the death threat part of the story isn't true, then the person (or people) who told the story to the St. Louis Post Dispatch have a reason for telling it, and that is not helpful to Martz on any level, even though his owner and club president have both said he will not be fired. It brings his relationship with his players into question, and turns the internal politics of the St. Louis locker room into a CourtTV-sized suspicion-fest.

    But if it is ... well, someone really wants Mike Martz' hinder on a plaque.

    The blow-up between the two happened more than two weeks ago, on Dec. 13, and remained between the two until Tuesday night when Martz felt compelled to tell his side of the story, denial included.

    In other words, this baby's been festering awhile, and someone felt compelled to air it out a few days before the Rams' biggest game of another disappointing year.

    The timing is what gets you, you see. This came a few days after Martz was greenlighted for another year by both John Shaw and his imperial superior, Georgia Frontiere. And because Martz is such a hot button topic both in Archtown and across the league, only a fool wouldn't suspect something else is up here....
    -12-29-2004, 10:37 PM