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  • The yellow jerseys

    Been gone awhile(sure glad to be back disagreeing with the majority)but are the yellow jerseys just practise or the new look. Tell me it isn;t the new look.............please

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    Re: The yellow jerseys

    nawwww... there just practice jerseys man.


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      Re: The yellow jerseys

      Good. I know it's pre-season,but I was getn kinda worried. thanks for the info.


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        Re: The yellow jerseys

        Originally posted by theodus69 View Post
        Been gone awhile(sure glad to be back disagreeing with the majority)but are the yellow jerseys just practise or the new look. Tell me it isn;t the new look.............please
        Actually, I'm pretty sure those are only worn by the QB's as a "hands off" reminder for any over zealous defensive players.


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          Re: The yellow jerseys

          The "no contact" jerseys used to be red under Martz, but Linehan changed it to yellow. The QBs and injured players wear them.


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            Full list is divided in 25s or, four parts. This here is I / IV

            Numbers 0 through 25

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            From the 'JERSEYS' thread initiated five years ago, this here is the main ingredient, the nitty gritty, the JERSEY NUMBERS and the PLAYERS who sported them as far back as 1946 and as recently as 2012. I thought of including the Cleveland Rams but that is simply too far beyond my scope / time.

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            Though "unofficial", over 95% of entries below have been carefully checked and confirmed through the research, memory and love of the Rams fans that have followed and supported their team of over half a century. NFL RAMS: history and passion!

            Listed are Rams players with at least


            @. Enshrined in NFL HOF.
            ~. See Cleveland Rams note above.
            . 1st non-US citizen drafted in Rams history.
            ^. Honored w/retiring of Rams jersey No. after illustrious...
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