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I will always be an optimist

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  • I will always be an optimist

    That's the type of fan I am, and I'm not going to change. So let me be clear on my opinions on the primary naysayers with whom I will never see eye-to-eye:

    Ram beat writers who predict doom and gloom. I look to sportswriters to provide me with information to which I don't have access. I also am interested when a knowledgeable writer can provide analysis of aspects of the game regarding which I may not be familiar. What I have no use for is their attempts at prognostication. I have found in my many years of following football that the so-called experts are no better at predicting the future of a team or individual players than I am. And, when all they want to do is create controversy by predicting doom and gloom, I really have no interest.

    Message board posters that do the same. There are many who think that its their job to point out the team's flaws and warn the optimists not to get too upbeat. I've got news for you... I don't need anyone to tell me that the Rams have flaws. I'm well aware of that fact. I have never been shy about expressing my opinion when the team makes errors or poor decisions. But I've been a Ram fan for over two and one half decades, and in that span I have started virtually every year with the hope for a championship. I was only right one time, but I'm still an optimist. The day I'm not, I'll find another hobby.

    So, here I am, at the start of another Ram season. I am well aware that there are problems to address and weaknesses on the team.

    But here it goes:

    I think the Rams can win it all this year.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Re: I will always be an optimist

    Nice post, Av.


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      Re: I will always be an optimist

      I will forever be an optimist until mathematical certainty convinces me otherwise. But that in no way encourages me to relinquish my fan-given right to predict turmoil. I am a fan. By definition that means I know better than management in all cases except where I am wrong. And then I was only testing them.

      Well Planetsmilies can do what they want with their servers I suppose ... ... They are dead to me ...
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        Re: I will always be an optimist

        Looky looky AV gets a cookie. Yet another meaningless post for you to talk about yourself.



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          Re: I will always be an optimist

          You know, Lazarfish, you could have made your point much more effectively by simply not responding to this thread. The fact that you did suggests that, when it comes to posting for the purpose of drawing attention to oneself, you are clearly the pot calling my kettle black(trout).


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          • RamWraith
            We are Ram Fans...right?
            by RamWraith
            WOW...where to start.

            I know I love this team and when the chips get down I try to remember the magical season of 1999. I try to remember what it means to be a good fan and how I would I feel if I was in the players position under hostile attacks by "fans". I try to remember what is truly important in life and how so much of my being a fan is out of my control.

            We all want this team so badly to be perfect. We all start the year with so many hopes and dreams, and it hurts like hell when them dreams get crushed. For me, each week is a new dream and when things like this happen in a season it is then I have to look ahead and hope for the best each week and not look so much at the past. For me win or lose I will always bleed Blue and Gold. No one will ever take that away from me. And no ones opinions will ever change that love.

            There is always just is a different kind of hope as the season changes. It may no longer be that of the Super Bowl for that year, but maybe it is seeing a player break a record, or maybe it is a player growing into their position on the team. Or maybe it is a draft pick, or maybe it is knowing you have an opportunity to see the team you love in person. No matter what it is, you have to hang on to it. You must remember what exactly makes you a fan of this team. Is it purely based on a winning percentage or does it go deeper than that. True fans know the answer and they feel it deep inside. The reason we get so mad and look to blame anyone and point fingers across the street is because we truly love this team. We care so much it really hurts to fail. Our expectations coming into every season is to win them all. Truth be team wins the game we all are hoping for. There will always be disappointments when you are a true fan. You will always have to face tests and adversity. We as fans will survive, even though it is painful we need to stand tall and be proud. We are Ram fanatics, win or lose. I haven't lost hope. Have you?
            -09-23-2007, 03:21 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            The Zen of AvengerRam
            by AvengerRam_old
            I don't know what it is.

            Maybe, its just that I have a lot of other things going on in my life.

            Maybe, its because I'm getting older.

            Whatever the reason, I just don't seem to have it in me to get angry about the inevitable criticism, teeth-gnashing, scapegoat hunting and condemnation of the Rams. In the past, I had a passion for providing counter-arguments for every over-the-top, knee-jerk, broad-brushed comment about the team, its players, the coaching staff and the ownership.

            I just don't have it in me any more.

            I see a lot of hope for this franchise. I believe that there is a young core of players that is bound to produce some significant contributers. I look at Kroenke's rise to power as a sign of good things to come. I believe that there will be more to cheer for this year than most believe there will be, and a playoff appearance within 2-3 years.

            I know there are some who doubt this, or wholly disagree. That's fine. I'm tired of arguing. I'm tired of having to explain such obvious concepts as "every team has injuries," or "a player who's been in the league for 3 games cannot be described as a bust."

            Its enough already.

            I just want to be a fan. To enjoy the anticipation of each Sunday. To cheer until the clock reads 0:00. To find reason for hope even when things are down.

            That's what made being a fan fun for me when I was a kid. Why should it be different now?

            For those "naysayers" out there... well... I've fought the good fight against you. I'll continue to try to drown you out with my optimism, but I'm done playing your game. Nothing will ever eradicate those types of "fans," so why bother trying?

            There's a big circle around 9/12/10 on my calendar. I get to travel to St. Louis once more and watch the start of another Rams season. I will do so with the belief, even if unrealistic, that this could be the year when it all turns around.

            I can't wait.
            -07-29-2010, 01:52 PM
          • AvengerRam_old
            Rams "Faithful" Is Sucking The Enjoyment Out Of Being A Ram Fan
            by AvengerRam_old
            Allow me to get a bit philosophical for a moment...

            Why do I, as a Ram fan, visit Ram football sites with the frequency that I do? Certainly, its not to obtain information, as that could be done in far less time. No, the primary reason is to enjoy the comeraderie of fellow Ram fans and "homer" sportswriters who cover the team.

            Unfortunately, I find with increasing consistency that the "faithful" with whom I seek to share my love of the team has an increasingly and somewhat shockingly prevalent negative component.

            Today is a perfect example.

            The Rams won their opener. Sure, the game was much closer than most had expected. But there was plenty of good to take away from this game. The maligned O line did a great job. "Over-the-hill" Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce had great games. Rookie Steven Jackson continues to impress. Even Marc Bulger, who made some mistakes, overall played a good game.

            I have no problem with anyone who tempers such observations with cautionary words about the problems the Rams exhibited today. The Rams did turn the ball over too much, had clock management snafus and were generally ineffective in the red zone.

            My problem is with the manner in which the criticism is expressed. There seem to be a growing number of fans and sportswriters who go out of their way to stress the problems and downplay any positives.

            We've been down this road before. I'm sure many will jump on me and say I'm a "rose colored glasses wearing Pollyanna" or something to that effect. I'm sure others will say they are just being objective realists.

            But that just brings me to my original premise. I'm not here to be informed of flaws that I am already aware exist. I'm here to enjoy the company of other Ram fans. I read Ram sportwriters not to be informed - I can do that with simple KFFL blurbs - I read them to get an inside view on "our team."

            So to those who feel the need to be negative to get their voices heard, I'm going to try to just not listen anymore.

            I'm here to enjoy the team, and arguing with malcontents is simply not enjoyable.
            -09-12-2004, 07:50 PM
          • RamsInfiniti
            Farewell and Good Luck!
            by RamsInfiniti
            Well, I must say that I have enjoyed posting here and talking Rams football (when it's actually being talked) for the past several months ...

            With that said, I'm done posting here. It's just not worth it anymore. I'm a diehard Ram's fan, always have been and always will be. Ever since I first put my eyes on NFL football, this has been the team I've followed. I will be in front of that TV, computer, telephone, whatever it takes, more than likely every day possible for the rest of my life following this great franchise: yes, GREAT, franchise. I love football, it is a passion of mine, and I appreciate the fact that I get to take part in it every week for several months out of the year ...

            Unfortunately, posting here has been more work than pleasure. I'm just tired of reading the same posts over and over again. The same topics pop up time and time:

            1. Bring Marty Ball to St. Louis
            2. Hire Cowher
            3. We're going 0-16
            4. Bulger sucks, get rid of him
            5. Jackson has a bad attitude, lets replace him with McFadden
            6. Linehan dresses funny
            7. Linehan should be mowing lawns
            8. The defense sucks, why aren't they getting better
            9. Let's blow the season to get a good draft pick
            10. This stat says this, this stat says that ...

            On top of that, I get tired of arguing with people who obviously have no knowledge of football and don't even watch the games, only to get negative hits to my name. I'm tired of 50 year old has-beens (who have never written a good post) spouting off on this board, and it's ok because its "expected", yet, I argue defense with some clown, and I get slapped on the wrist. I'm tired of the "fans" hoping that we go 0-16. I'm tired of receiving backlash for telling bandwagoners who are jumping off the wagon, exactly where they can go ...

            This used to be a place to talk football and enjoy being a Ram's fan. Now, it's just a doldrum of whiners who don't appreciate what they have. Being boisterous is great. Being a tough fan is great. But not realizing that each week could possibly be the last football game you ever see, is a travesty. It's unbeliavable to me that people boo their own team or wear paper bags on their heads in the stands. Not much that can be done about the booing, but I'll be damned if the paper bag fans ever sit next to me. I'd likely get ejected ...

            Key is to appreciate what you have. It might be bad football, but it is football. There is NOTHING we can do to change it, other than to continue to believe and support. As much as some people might like to believe, I doubt any Ram's personnel are reading this board. If they are, trust me, they are not going to take your advice ....

            To some of the posters that I've enjoyed interacting with (RamsAndDodgers, Fat Pang, CFH128, LaRam0, SavageRam, Evil Disco Ram, Rammiser, RamFan_Til_I_Die, RamWraith, AvengerRam, etc.), I...
            -11-06-2007, 06:57 AM
          • NJ Ramsfan1
            Would be interested in everyone's take
            by NJ Ramsfan1
            There are no two words guaranteed to stir the pot and enrage followers of a certain team like the words "True Fan". When one's loyalty is questioned or someone accuses someone else of being "less a fan" because they don't agree with them on a variety of issues, it is the equivalent of hitting below the belt. When phrases like "See Ya", "Don't let the Door hit you in the ***", Goodbye and Good Riddance" are thrown about, it is both insulting and juvenile.

            I submit to you the following scenarios:

            1. A guy decides to avoid being a slave to the television each Sunday and do something constructive instead of watching bad football. He chooses to play with his kids, do yard work, go to the gym or whatever. Can he no longer call himself a Rams fan?
            2. A guy decides to cancel his NFL ticket package because he doesn't want to pay good money for the "privilege" of being ticked off during Rams football in light of their 6 wins over the past three seasons. Is he no longer a true fan?
            3. A guy with Rams season tickets decides to give his tickets away/ sell at a reduced rate and not go to the games. Is he no longer a "True Rams Fan"?
            4. A guy pays $100.00 to go see the Rams on the road. The team is down 38-0 AT THE HALF. He elects to go home with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter to resist the urge of killing idiot home fans while watching a non-effort. Is he no longer a true fan? (By the way, this was me at last yrs. Rams-Jets disaster- the worst football game this franchise has ever played).
            5. Absolutely sick to death from losing and not having anything to cheer about, a fan rips the team and/or individual players/management on this forum or elsewhere. He is more negative than positive because there is much more negative than positive happening on the field, and it is his way to vent. Is he now considered less of a fan?

            I'm sorry, but in my opinion, if you answered anything other than "NO" to any of the above, you have it wrong. As far as I'm concerned, everyone on this board is a true fan for coming on here and commenting on this weekly gut ache called Rams football.

            Wondering what you think-
            -11-30-2009, 04:52 PM