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  • 2004 Predictions

    We all made our pre-camp predictions as to where we see the Rams finishing this season. Now that the pre-season is winding down, I'm interested to see where everyone stands. I'll start:

    Pre-Camp Prediction: 12-4

    Current Prediction: 10-6

    There's no reason why we shouldn't open the season 4-0. But with a tough schedule ahead, I don't think the Rams will win 8 of the last 12. They will take the division from a Seahawk squad that falls flat on their faces, and if they get a few breaks, I still think this team has a chance to do some damage in the playoffs. But doing it on the road will be difficult.

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    Re: 2004 Predictions

    So many questions still.

    How will the O-Line hold up without Turley and Whoelburg? Can the rams stop the run??? Can Marshal still run??? Will Bulger learn how to use all his weapons???

    Even with all these questions I think the Rams still have the talent and system to win the majority of there games.

    I say 11-5 and a match up with the Eagles in Philly for the NFC championship.....


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      Re: 2004 Predictions

      I said 10-6 before the preseason and I'm sticking with that. If anything I feel better about them now. We will win the division on a tie-breaker with Seattle. In the wild-card round we beat Minnesota @the Ed 38-28. Then in the divisional round, we go to Carolina and upset the Panthers 21-20. In the NFC finals we go to Philly and the Eagles lose their 4th straight NFC title, 28-17. Then in the SB, Shaun McDonald returns the opening kickoff of overtime 92 yards for the winning TD as the Rams get their first special teams TD of the year, to beat the Chiefs in a slug-fest 48-42.

      And no I don't have tomorrow's lottery numbers.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: 2004 Predictions

        I think 11-5 is a possibility and the Play-offs to! The year the Rams won in 99-nobody had a clue. So this year is as good as any. Oh the upset of the week- giants over Philly by 10. Warner 's gonna have a great day! :king:


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          Re: 2004 Predictions

          I am looking at a very optimistic 11-5 and the playoffs, of course! I think there are a lot of so called experts underestimating us this year. We are deep at RB and WR on offense and as long as the O-line and D-line holds up (I guess you could say that any year) we should be ok. I really like our LB's this year also.


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            Re: 2004 Predictions

            It's all about momentum. The Rams get on a roll and start clicking, other teams will take notice.

            Tell you what, I do have a predicition. Kevin Garrett is going to make both Butler and Fisher sweat out there starting positions this year. He's a heads up player with speed to burn.


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              Re: 2004 Predictions

              I don't care what their record is in the regular season as long as it is good enough to go to the next round. So will they make the playoffs you ask? Yes ... because there aren't that many other teams that have distanced themselves from the pack on paper.

              On the surface they are closer to 8-8 than 14-2, but I will never turn my back on Lady Luck so while anything is still possible that's my choice ... the possible.


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                Re: 2004 Predictions

                Here's my breakdown:

                MUST WIN GAMES: Rams win all of these
                SHOULD WIN GAMES: Rams win 3/4 of these
                TOSS UP GAMES: Rams win 1/2 of these
                LONG SHOT GAMES: Rams win 1/4 of these
                CAN'T WIN GAMES: Rams lose all of these

                Now, here's the schedule:

                Cardinals MUST WIN
                @Falcons SHOULD WIN
                Saints SHOULD WIN
                @Niners MUST WIN
                @ Seahawks TOSS UP
                Buccaneers SHOULD WIN
                @Dolphins SHOULD WIN
                Patriots TOSS UP
                Seahawks TOSS UP
                @Bills TOSS UP
                @Packers LONG SHOT
                Niners MUST WIN
                @Panthers LONG SHOT
                @Cardinals MUST WIN
                Eagles TOSS UP
                Jets MUST WIN

                So, based on my formula that's:

                5 MUST WIN Games (5 wins)
                4 SHOULD WIN Games (3 wins)
                5 TOSS UP Games (2.5 wins)
                2 LONG SHOT Games (.5 wins)
                0 CAN'T WIN Games (n/a)

                So, the total is 11 wins.

                11-5 should give the Rams a good shot at the NFC West Title, provided that they are at least 1-1 with the Seahawks, and could give them a bye and home field in the first round. It should pretty much guarantee them a playoff birth.


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                  Re: 2004 Predictions

                  The Rams will not win a single game all season long. We will be 0-16. The reasons behind this catastrophic season are:
                  1) Bulger - he has not matured sufficiently to deal with the pressure he will see - see reason #2 below
                  2) OL - it is patchwork and will neither run block effectively or pass block sufficiently. This will contribute to Bulger's demise
                  3) DL - It has gotten significantly weaker with the loss of Winstrom, Little's head problems, and DT that just can't get it done.
                  4) ST - Yep ye all know it, and judging from the first games it is still a weakness.
                  5) Martz - he's been figured out by many, and his offensive scheme is too complicated for this team. Look for mistakes aplenty this season as we lead the NFL again in turnovers. Also, his unkind, stab in the back, remarks about Warner prove he lacks character and he will not inspire his players.
                  6) DBs more injuries and no significant improvements. Coady is again a #5. Yet not long ago he was cut. This indicates that he is definately a step down.
                  7) Other team's hunger. I think other teams know we are weak and they are going to come because they know how to kick a team when it is down. You can almost sense it in the spirit of the other teams.... they know they can take us if they want it.

                  I hope the Cards are weak, perhaps we can take them at home, but not on the road. Folks, this is going to be a long, dismal season. I say, break out the popcorn, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper, and prepare for Football follies.


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                    Re: 2004 Predictions

                    The Rams will go undefeated this season 16 - 0, and win The Ring. The reasons supporting this magnificent success are:
                    1) Bulger - We've seen in preseason that he has dealt with the pressure. He's at a place where he should still be showing a great deal of rust, instead he has played very well and has proven that he has indeed matured this off season, strengthened his are, increased his composure, and against Washington showed that he can indeed get the job done. It is only going to get better for him this season. I look for another Pro Bowl, and possible MVP award for him this year.

                    2) OFFENSE - The OL looks much stronger than what we feared. As the players grow together they will only get stronger and better. Without a doubt we have the best corps of WRs and the new WR-related rules will grease our skids. Having a healthy Faulk and new weapon in Jackson, we will crush teams.

                    3) DEFENSE - Losing Winstrom was inconsequential, he lacked high quality talent and all of the possible replacements are as good as he was at this stage. Little is showing that he still is a Pro Bowl DE, and the DTs are holding their own. Our LBs are great. Both Thomas and Pisa could be All-Pro this year. The secondary has held up nicely.

                    4) ST - We still have the best PK in the game, a proven punter, and the STs have shown overall improvement.

                    5) Martz - he's a proven winner (outstanding w/l record) and this season with the potent offense he will cut through opposing teams like "das Wehr aus Deutschland" going through Poland. He made the smart move last year, giving the reigns to Bulger and saving salary cap. His players knew this and support his strong, hard, decision, because they know that this move makes them all stronger.

                    7) Easy schedule. With the amount of personnel / coach transitions ongoing, our conference is weaker than last year. Their are some other teams we will face but I don't think that they are as strong as feared. The Eagles and Patriots will be wins for us (their offense cannot keep up with ours), the Panthers will be tough, but we will be motivated by that loss last year and take him. Hence we will have an undefeated season!

                    I say, break out the popcorn, grab a Diet Dr. Pepper, and prepare for Football glory!


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