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Silence of the lambs.

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  • Silence of the lambs.

    The only thing i can say is....."Rams suck"!!!

    Fire everyone and start new....

    Come back to LA.;)

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    Re: Silence of the lambs.

    Not everyone, but I agree, that some of the players/coaches must go...NOW!!!


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      Rams to re-locate to L.A. in 7 years...?
      by L.A.RamFan
      Not sure if this has been posted or not, Thought I would pass this on..

      New Stadiums Set High Bar for Rest of the NFL - June 26, 2008 - The New York Sun
      -06-26-2008, 12:07 PM
    • Haste
      One benefit of the Rams moving to LA
      by Haste
      It seems alot of people are divided, but one of the biggest issues the Rams have had over the last 2 decades are penalties and ref's bias leaned toward the opposing teams.

      With moving to LA, do you think Goodell tells the refs to help them out slightly or on close calls throughout the upcoming season?

      It would also be interesting if Stan starts talking in-front of the media now that he is in 'his town'
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      USC defeated by Stanford
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      as seen on
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      LA and St. Louis Can We All Just Get Along?
      by LA Rammer
      After reading a few of the Kroenke Dodger and Rams chances of moving to LA, etc... I sense irritability from both sides supporters and non alike. It is touchy, but at the end of the day we should be cordial and overlook statements that don't jive too well with us.

      We all like the same team. This is what I propose; no more Rams to LA posts unless there are hard concrete facts and not inflated opinions on irrelevant articles, let's keep neutral when it comes to where Rams play, even London. What is truly important is that we watch quality football and discuss intelligent football 101.

      This talk about move is dividing Ram unity, we don't need it. So let's band together for Ram brotherhood!

      Let me be the first to apologize if I said anything offensive or irritating. What do you all say?

      Can we add this post to the end of the Rams to LA thread? Thanks!
      -02-03-2012, 11:52 AM