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    Wednesday, September 1, 2004

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On the final preseason game)
    “You don’t want to say you want to get it over with. I just think we are more anxious to get the regular season started and start making the games count. It’s just a lot more incentive for the practice, and I think we’re ready to go.”

    (On injuries during preseason games)
    “I think before and after (the games) you think about (injuries) a lot. But during the game you can’t think about that. It’s something that weighs on your mind, but hopefully we’ll come out of it injury-free.”

    (On if he feels like he needs to get a lot of work against the Raiders)
    “It’s always the coach’s call. If he thinks I need more work, I’ll do it. But typically the starters don’t play too much.”

    (On if he is close to where he wants to be heading into the regular season)
    “I think we all are. If we needed to play a regular season game this week, we could. You try not to have a different mindset for a preseason game, but there is more of a sense of urgency in the regular season.”

    (On what part of his game he wants to improve on)
    “Everything. I’m always trying to get better, although it might not look like it all the time. I have a lot to learn. I’ll make mistakes throughout the year. I have to keep getting better, and if I can cut down on my mistakes and keep moving forward, I’ll be fine.”

    (On if the offense is where it needs to be)
    “We have a little ways to go. Last week was a good example of what we can do when we are running on all cylinders. If we can avoid the peaks and valleys, and keep moving forward we’ll get to that point. We are not there yet, but we are working on getting there.”

    (On getting momentum going into the regular season)
    “Last week was definitely a different feeling coming to practice (after a win). You just have that momentum. A win would be nice (vs. Oakland), but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. For the younger guys, and even for us older guys, it’s nice to have that feeling going into the regular season.”

    (On if the offense can be better than last year)
    “Sure, it’s just another year. Steven (Jackson) hasn’t had a lot of experience in this offense, but with Shaun (McDonald) and Kevin (Curtis) having another year (of experience), and even with Dane (Looker) and Mike (Furrey), they’ve been in (the offense) only one or two years. That experience helps in a complex offense like this, and with this line getting to work together every week is helping too.”

    (On T Orlando Pace)
    “We’ve pretty much taken the wait and see approach. It’s Orlando’s business. I know he’ll be here next week, and we fully expect him to be Orlando. We don’t have to worry about him too much. I think he’ll be in good shape, and as long as he’s here next Monday we’ll be fine. He’s worked with this offense for six years or so, and he did it last year. I know he came in a week earlier, but he’s a professional, so I assume he is in great shape. Fortunately, he’s not a first round holdout, where he has to be way behind. Maybe it will take a couple of days, but he’s one of those freaks of nature that can step right in and not miss a beat.”

    LB Brandon Chillar

    (On being mentally comfortable)
    “I just prepare mentally and study my playbook. I take that real serious. That was the advice I got from the older guys, to get into the playbook. That’s the quickest way to get off the field, making mental errors.”

    (On learning from fellow LBs Robert Thomas and Pisa Tinoisamoa)
    “They know exactly what I’m going through. They have helped me a lot. They are good guys to have on your team.”

    (On the toughest adjustment he has had to make since entering the NFL)
    “I think just the adjustment as a whole. As a person, moving out to a new place, meeting all new people, new coaches, a new system, everything is tough. You just have to take it in stride and go with it.”

    (On his play so far)
    “I haven’t been doing perfect at all. I still make a lot of mistakes, but I try to learn from them and that’s the only way I know how to be. I just want to learn from my mistakes and get better. I just try to do the best I can, and whatever happens, happens.”

    RB Lamar Gordon

    (On playing tomorrow)
    “I’m going. I’m making the trip. I’m suiting up, and making pregame, so whatever happens, happens.”

    (On if the ankle feels good enough to play on)
    “It feels good enough to play. The thing that I’m worried about most is that I’ve only practiced two days in three weeks, so I don’t want to be rusty out there and look bad. But pain-wise, I can play.”

    (On being surprised that he can play so quickly after surgery)
    “I was surprised from what the doctors told me, but the second day after surgery it was feeling good already. I knew I was on my way pretty quick. There’s really no soreness, just a little soreness around the scar.”

    (On how he views the competition in the backfield)
    “I’m just getting focused, before I was just trying to get healthy and worrying about me. Now I’m healthy, so I just want to get in there and play. The best person is going to play, and I’ll do whatever I can for the team.”

    (On taking precaution and sitting out till the regular season)
    “You can do that, but you don’t want to go into the regular season not having any plays in the preseason, and that be your first action in a real game. I see both ways of it, we’ll just see how it goes tomorrow.”

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  • RamWraith
    Coach Scott Linehan / players September 4
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 4, 2008

    (Opening remarks)

    “Again we will release the practice stuff as soon as we can and go from there. Really no changing from yesterday, maybe (Brett) Romberg will be on there as far as full participation. I don’t know if he missed a period but he is ready to go. Everybody else is status quo.”

    (On practicing inside today)

    “We needed to use some noise so we were probably going to do it anyway so we could work down the road with stadium noise. It is a lot better inside to do that. We are ready to roll.”

    (On if Steven Jackson is ready to go)

    “Yeah I think so. He will play a lot. I don’t know how many snaps, we don’t have a number but the other guys will play a little bit. I don’t know how much that is either at this point. We have been preparing a significant amount of plays from Steven.”

    (On how he feels about this team, this year compared to last year)

    “I don’t know if that would be a fair assignment. Certainly every year is different. Certainly every year you have high hopes going into the season and every year is different. Really I don’t have any comparison from last year to this year. The way I look at it, we are in Philly week and getting ready for our road opener and then we will worry about everything else after this weekend.”

    (On if he is ready to finally play a game)

    “Yeah I think everybody is chomping at the bit. You could feel the energy on the team and like I said there is probably 31 other teams feeling the same way about their opening game. We have come along way from OTAs to going on the road for training camp. To playing four preseason games and we have gone through a lot of roster changes and things like that. We are here and it feels like it is time to go.”

    (On practice tomorrow)

    “It is real similar to what we have done in the past. You really work a lot of situational football, we really have to work on getting timing on certain plays both offense and defense and also special teams and try to get ourselves a few more snaps on things we need to look at.”

    “We do a walk through and practice tomorrow and then we do a walk through on Saturday before we leave. Then we fly to Philadelphia. “

    (On how he feels about Fakhir Brown)

    “He was out here and took every rep that we had scripted for him so I feel the same way today.”

    (On how he feels about Oshimogoho Atogwe)

    “Everybody looks good. I really feel the health of our team is a real bright spot right now.”

    (On how CB Fakhir Brown will react to contact)

    “You can’t replace the time lost as far as knowing...
    -09-04-2008, 03:17 PM
  • RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan September 5, 2006
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 5, 2006

    (Opening Statement)

    “In transition to our weekly schedule, today was a Wednesday-type practice. We got a lot of work done. It’s a little bit of a change because we don’t have the bodies. A lot of guys went from not being scout team guys to figuring out they have to wear a lot of hats in one practice. We’ll get better. I didn’t think our look was as good as it needed to be, but I predict we’ll have a better look tomorrow in practice. Other than that, I feel that we got a lot of things accomplished. Obviously, there have been a couple of moves on our roster. Yesterday was a gameplan day, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to any of you. We released WR Marques Hagans yesterday. Hopefully he clears and we’re able to re-sign him today on the practice squad, but there’s a 24-hour period there that has to be done. Also, the signing of J.R. Reed who has been a real gifted kick returner in this league. (Reed is) coming back from an offseason injury a year ago. He missed last year and this year he went through the entire training camp with Philadelphia and was in their last cut, but came and worked out for us and did a nice job. A couple of different changes there, but we’re getting closer and closer to what will be our 53 going into Sunday’s game.”

    (On J.R. Reed being the immediate kick returner)

    “I think so. We’re working kick returns primarily tomorrow and then we’ll work it Thursday and Friday as well. Today was a punt return day. He’s acclimated himself a little bit with some of the other teams. He plays on some of the other teams as a gunner and some other things. He worked some of that today while he was learning the schemes that we’re going to run. He’ll start that way.”

    (On getting medical assurances that Reed could still perform)

    “We did a pretty extensive physical on it. It was an odd injury. He had some nerve damage to his leg and an area in his foot. He has a custom brace that allows him to have that foot the way it needs to be so he can run on it. He came in and did a very lengthy workout on it as well. He has every reason in the world not to pass the physical, but there’s something about his will, desire, and want to that impressed all of us. I know it was tough for Philadelphia and I think it’s to our advantage because we were looking for someone who had been able to do that. I think he’s certainly got it inside of him to overcome any questions we might have. He looked pretty good; he worked out pretty good for us.”

    (On Reed’s role as a safety)

    “Right now he’s going to have to back up now. He’s an emergency safety. He’ll know a lot of the schemes because he’s an experienced player. But that’s what he’s going to have to do until he catches up.”

    (On having to prepare for three...
    -09-05-2006, 07:24 PM
  • RamWraith
    Players and Coaches Quotes from Sept. 7
    by RamWraith
    Wednesday, September 7, 2005

    Head Coach Mike Martz

    (On making the transition to the regular season)

    “There’s just no similarity. [During training camp] you’re looking at personnel, it’s time to scrimmage, you’re looking at plays. You’re trying to find out who you have that’s new to the team that can help. Now you’re starting to run, so it’s totally different.”

    (On preparing for a team with as many new players and coaches as San Francisco)

    “Anytime you play a team that is new like this with new coordinators, they’re new on both sides of the ball, there’s a little bit of trepidation. You need to go back and do your homework on it. Obviously, you have a number of things ready, just in case, so to speak. So I think we’ve done our homework and we’re prepared for those kinds of things, and we’ll adjust as need be, but it does give you a little more problem.”

    (On how early he started thinking about the San Francisco game)

    “I guess, as soon as they were on our schedule. At first when the schedule came out, but we do that each year, especially with the fact that it is a division game and we’re opening up with them out there. So we’ve been thinking about this for some time.”

    (On whether this game being opening day and against the ***** makes it special)

    “I’m more concerned about the Rams, really, to be honest with you. That’s what we talked about. We concern ourselves about the Rams and our uniforms and all that stuff. I’m not being disrespectful to them at all, that’s not the point. We can’t control anything about the *****. It’s a great rivalry. There’s a lot of tradition behind it. We pay our due respect to that. They are well coached. They are a good team. We understand all of those things, but that is as far as that goes.”

    (On whether there is a noticeable difference having T Orlando Pace participating all preseason)

    “Yeah, there’s just a remarkable difference. The fact that he’s been here, where he is in the offense, allows us to insert things that this time last year we couldn’t do because we had to wait for him to get in and get him up to speed. One guy can keep the entire offense under wraps until the season starts, and that’s what happened the last two years. With him here now we have been able to move on.”

    (On whether the rivalry has the same meaning as when the Rams were in Los Angeles)

    “It does. I think that Isaac [Bruce] and myself, we are the only two that are left that were coaching or playing at the time in L.A. that made the transfer here…this goes way back. Even growing up in San Diego watching this rivalry for many years, you have a real respect for the competitive nature of this matchup.”

    (On whether he takes pride in his record against San Francisco)

    “Nothing that happened yesterday has any bearing...
    -09-08-2005, 06:12 AM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of good team quotes for the week
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    September 19, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Drew (Bennett), he got all of practice in so there shouldn’t be any issue with him playing this week. He was limited some, but just because we kept him out of things. Marc (Bulger) had full participation in practice. He was limited a little bit in his throwing, but he should be fine. Tye Hill did not practice. Richie Incognito did not practice. Claude Terrell had full practice and Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was limited. We’re headed in the right direction as far as getting guys back on the field. There shouldn’t be any surprises, hopefully we don’t have another Thursday like we had last week. Tomorrow we should be okay.”

    (On G Milford Brown)

    “He’s fine. There was no problem with him recovering from post game. He was a lot better yesterday and he went full today.”

    (On T Alex Barron’s attributes)

    “His athleticism. He’s ability to match up against speed. He has enough size to anchor. The ends aren’t getting any smaller these days. You go against some pretty incredible athletes over there. He’s been going against some pretty good ones on the other side. It’s kind of 50-50. He’s at the blind side of a right-handed quarterback. That’s very important for your quarterback knowing he’s going to see things to his right and to his left. He has to count on that guy and Alex’s No. 1 ability is to pass protect. He’s become a lot better run blocker as he’s progressed in his career. His overall talent. He’s really improved since he’s played for us in the last two years, and certainly since he came in the league.”

    (On how to reduce the number of hits on the quarterback)

    “You have to do it. The No. 1 best way to protect your quarterback is the run game. We have to get our run game going. It has not been satisfactory in the first two games. That has to be our strength – for our football team to run the ball offensively and to stop the run defensively. If you get your run game going there is a certain amount of respect that the defense gives the run game and it definitely helps your pass protection and puts you in better third-down position which is critical when you get in third-and-long or extra long. It gets the defensive ends; I know our defense is much, much better, when we get in those long-area situations because we’re equipped that way as far as our speed and all that. Until we do that it’s going to be a concern. There are other ways, protection schemes. It’s not always match protecting or keeping lots of people in. There is timing of routes. Everyone knows we have a deeper design to a number of our plays, but we have to pick and chose when we do those as well.”

    (On averaging 5-6 yards a carry for a short period of time in each of the first two games)

    “We’ve managed...
    -09-19-2007, 04:56 PM
  • RamWraith
    Lots of Player Quotes
    by RamWraith
    S Oshiomogho Atogwe

    April 3, 2009

    (On being designated as the Rams franchise player)

    I think everything is a good thing. It’s a blessing to come out here and play. And to be thought of as one of the top five at my position is an honor. I relish this.

    (On why he attended minicamp if he has not signed his franchise tender)

    “I don’t have to be (here) contractually, but I feel like I’m obligated to be here for my teammates and for my coaches. Going forward in this year, if I want to be a part of this team I want to be a part of this team from the beginning to the end and I think it’s important that we all put aside our own personal stuff and just really sacrifice for the team. Put the team first and allow us to come together as one unit so we can get a lot done this year.”

    (On his early impressions of Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and the coaching staff)

    “I’m enjoying them right now. It’s our first minicamp so it’s kind of the grace period where you kind of learn how they’re coaching and they learn how we work. From a first impression standpoint, I think it’s going to be a great marriage. It’s going to be a great community that we’re building here. I think the coaches are really pulling for us and really trying to teach us in a manner that’s going to allow us to be successful on the field and we’re trying to work in a way that’s going to allow us to be successful on the field.”

    (On why he decided to attend camp besides his loyalty to his teammates)

    “As a player, you’re really only guaranteed your next play or the play that you’re in or the year that get. So I have this year. Going forth, I don’t know what’s going to happen after this year, I don’t know what’s going to happen after this day so I’m blessed just to be able to say, ‘OK, I get another year to play. Let me focus on that one year that I’m in and then after that we’ll worry about that.’ For today I’m worry about today.”

    (On if he has talked with S James Butler and started to meld as a tandem)

    “Yeah, definitely. Me and James, our communication and just our rapport is already on high just from us being together for the last three weeks. And knowing James since we both came out in the ’05 Draft, we already have that camaraderie. I think as I continue to learn the defense, he’s a lot further ahead in the defense than I am, as I become a lot more comfortable in the defense and we’re on the same page as far as what we know, it will just take off from there.”

    (On if he likes the new defensive scheme)

    “I definitely enjoy the scheme. Right now it seems like a very aggressive defense where it has the defense really attacking the offense and not so much sitting on the heels. We played an aggressive style of defense again...
    -04-05-2009, 09:56 AM