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    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Wednesday, September 1, 2004

    (On goals for the fourth preseason game)
    “I think in game three we just want our ones to have a good half and get them to play well. We wanted them to just start clicking, and that happened. We need to look at as many guys as we can in the second half, and see them compete. It will be the same goal here, but the ones won’t play as long. We’ll get them in early, but we are trying to look at as many guys as we can at this point. We need to make some decisions over the weekend, and there might be some guys that usually don’t play a quarter or two, get some significant time.”

    (On position competitions)
    “It’s very competitive in a couple of areas, there’s no question about it. That’s why some of these guys will play a great deal, they can kind of define themselves for the rest of the season.”

    (On WR Kevin Curtis)
    “He has shin splints, and after the game they seemed alright. But then he got out here and started running around and half way through practice they started getting aggravated. So we are going to try and back-off him a little bit. I don’t know what we are going to do about his shin splints, that’s something we haven’t had a lot. We’ll try to mess with his shoes, and they do tape up for shin splints, but he will be a guy that we will consider to play very little.”

    (On S Tom Knight’s injury)
    “He has a slight strain of the hamstring, nothing that is very significant. We will more than likely keep him out in this game.”

    (On T Orlando Pace still not being at camp)
    “To be honest with you I don’t think about it. This is our football team right now, I would just assume he’s not coming in. That’s his decision, and we’re moving on. You can’t let one player, no matter how good he is, or how good of a person he is, hold a team hostage waiting for him to come in. We have to move on, and get ready for September 12th.”

    (On if there’s a momentum value to possibly winning your last two preseason games)
    “I think so, I’ve always believed that. You would like to win your last games, but not to the extent of exposing Isaac (Bruce) or Torry (Holt) or a player like that longer than you need to. Otherwise you end up with a (CB Travis) Fisher deal. If that happens in the season, that’s life, but during the preseason, you’re getting so close, it makes you nervous.”

    (On the defensive performance thus far)
    “Well I think with two new coaches, and a new coordinator, the defense is beginning to understand his expectations, and he’s got them in the direction we want them to go. I think that is all chemistry and communication that is starting to come together at this point. It takes time to do that, and I think last week you could see the bonding in that group, the staff and players, the enthusiasm and execution. I’m very pleased at where they are at now.”

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  • RamWraith
    Players and Coaches Quotes from Sept. 7
    by RamWraith
    Wednesday, September 7, 2005

    Head Coach Mike Martz

    (On making the transition to the regular season)

    “There’s just no similarity. [During training camp] you’re looking at personnel, it’s time to scrimmage, you’re looking at plays. You’re trying to find out who you have that’s new to the team that can help. Now you’re starting to run, so it’s totally different.”

    (On preparing for a team with as many new players and coaches as San Francisco)

    “Anytime you play a team that is new like this with new coordinators, they’re new on both sides of the ball, there’s a little bit of trepidation. You need to go back and do your homework on it. Obviously, you have a number of things ready, just in case, so to speak. So I think we’ve done our homework and we’re prepared for those kinds of things, and we’ll adjust as need be, but it does give you a little more problem.”

    (On how early he started thinking about the San Francisco game)

    “I guess, as soon as they were on our schedule. At first when the schedule came out, but we do that each year, especially with the fact that it is a division game and we’re opening up with them out there. So we’ve been thinking about this for some time.”

    (On whether this game being opening day and against the ***** makes it special)

    “I’m more concerned about the Rams, really, to be honest with you. That’s what we talked about. We concern ourselves about the Rams and our uniforms and all that stuff. I’m not being disrespectful to them at all, that’s not the point. We can’t control anything about the *****. It’s a great rivalry. There’s a lot of tradition behind it. We pay our due respect to that. They are well coached. They are a good team. We understand all of those things, but that is as far as that goes.”

    (On whether there is a noticeable difference having T Orlando Pace participating all preseason)

    “Yeah, there’s just a remarkable difference. The fact that he’s been here, where he is in the offense, allows us to insert things that this time last year we couldn’t do because we had to wait for him to get in and get him up to speed. One guy can keep the entire offense under wraps until the season starts, and that’s what happened the last two years. With him here now we have been able to move on.”

    (On whether the rivalry has the same meaning as when the Rams were in Los Angeles)

    “It does. I think that Isaac [Bruce] and myself, we are the only two that are left that were coaching or playing at the time in L.A. that made the transfer here…this goes way back. Even growing up in San Diego watching this rivalry for many years, you have a real respect for the competitive nature of this matchup.”

    (On whether he takes pride in his record against San Francisco)

    “Nothing that happened yesterday has any bearing...
    -09-08-2005, 06:12 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    (On where he still sees the need for improvement)
    “We can get better everywhere. I think If you’re satisfied with where we are at in any position, then you’re in trouble.”

    (On if it’s a relief to only have one more preseason game before the regular season starts)
    “I guess you can say that, but I look at it more as an opportunity to get better. We’re not as good as we need to be in the opener. This week and this game gives us a chance to continue to get better and tune up, and that’s how we look at it. We’re not just trying to get through this thing, I think if you do that then you have problems. We’re going to take a good look at as many players as we can in this game, and put them in difficult situations, and see who can make a play for us, and they may not or they may. There’s some guys that we just don’t have enough information on to know whether or not they belong on this roster, so this game will be heavily scrutinized. We will make an effort on both sides of the ball, and special teams, to get guys in position where they have to be counted on to make a play, and we’ll see what happens.

    (On if you can get enough information about a player off of only a few plays)
    “Absolutely. You can have a rookie free agent in for five or six plays, whether it’s on special teams or either side of the ball, and you can get a pretty good idea, especially if he’s involved in the play. That’s what happened to Kevin Garrett last year, Kevin was really struggling, he got on special teams, and he turned into a different person. That got everybody’s attention, and then we got going with Kevin, he got going, and it makes a big difference. These preseason games are very important to evaluate these guys, and for particularly the first group, to come together.

    (On if T Orlando Pace would be able to play in the Oakland game if he showed up tomorrow)
    “I think that would be pretty hard to do. We would be irresponsible putting him in a football game. He has no practice time, and he’s certainly not in any kind of hitting shape.”

    (On the last roster cut)
    “Jeremy Phillips I think we we’re able to injury settle today. He had a neck problem, and that was just non-stop.”

    (On how RB Steven Jackson handled the amount of work he received)
    “No question about it. You look at Steven in that game when he got tired, mentally. We did that to him on purpose. And now you get a guy that is used to carrying the load when he is exhausted. You see he made one or two mental errors and got really tired. I talked to him today and it was a good learning experience for him. That’s when you have to reach down and find something that you didn’t know was there.”

    (On how much RB Lamar Gordon will play on Thursday)
    “I don’t know. There is a chance he can play. I want him to take as many...
    -09-01-2004, 05:42 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith

    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Friday, August 27, 2004

    (On having practice outdoors)
    “It was a change of pace. It was good to get them outdoors and move around a little bit. That’s what these fields are for. We haven’t been on them for about four months, or whatever it has been.”

    (On how the offensive line is progressing)
    “Good. I’m very pleased with the progress of G (Scott) Tercero and G Chris Dishman. We know our center and right guard are stellar performers. T Grant Williams is now on the mend, and he was really having a terrific camp. Those guys are solid and I’m very pleased with that. We are a little thin right now, particularly in experience. We’ll be fine.”

    (On T Grant Williams’ injury)
    “He has so much scar tissue from the surgery that every now and again he tweeks it. When that happens, from the way they explained it to me, sometimes it scares you. His biggest (problem) is not so much the pain, but keeping (his ankle) strong. I think he feels much better now than he did a week ago.”

    (On how G Tom Nütten has been playing)
    “Tommy had a nice practice yesterday and I think he’s coming back into it really well. I think a little faster than he anticipated. His stuff is coming back to him pretty good, He needs to play here. We’ll get him in there and let him play.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman)
    “He has had such a great camp, we are going to try to back off of him as much as we can, within reason. He still needs to get some reps in. I think (he will be ready to play) on Friday night.”

    (On DT Damione Lewis and DT Ryan Pickett)
    “They have had a real solid camp, particularly D-Lew (Damione Lewis) at times up there in Macomb, has really flashed on us. Hopefully that will emerge in the season.”

    (On the battle for the starting right defensive end)
    “It is very competitive. I think Bryce Fisher, right now, would be considered the starter. But when you look at the other two guys, and I would include (Anthony) Hargrove in there too, as he grows and matures with this defense and at his position I think he will be someone to contend. And of course Erik (Flowers) can go from side to side, and Tyoka (Jackson) can move back inside. The way we play our defensive ends, and the inside guys, we roll those guys. (Defensive line coach) Bill (Kollar) keeps those guys as fresh as he can. So they all play. It’s not like one guy is going to play 80 percent of the snaps. We don’t do that.”

    (On what he wants to see out of the team on a short week)
    “The biggest thing is, I want the ones to be sharp. Obviously, that is not what we did on Monday night. We did do that in the opener. I felt real good about our first group in there. And continue to take a look at some of these guys in the second half because we are going to have to make some hard decisions. When the first...
    -08-27-2004, 10:34 AM
  • RamWraith
    Martz on the Mike
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Mike Martz
    Thursday, December 2, 2004

    (Opening Statement)
    “It’s 49er week. Big week. We took the extra day off like we always do after a Monday night game. We’re trying to get these guys back physically. Today will be a Wednesday practice, tomorrow will be a Thursday, and we’ll do some light work on Saturday morning. We’re excited about being back in the division with this game, and the *****, here at home. We’ve spent the last few days as a staff preparing for this game, and we’re ready to go.”

    (On playing the ***** on their down year)
    “I don’t think that ever has anything to do with anything when you line up. Whoever it is, whether it’s the ***** or anybody else, if you coach or play this league long enough, you understand when you line up it’s hard every week, no matter who you are. Nobody takes anybody lightly. The ***** certainly, defensively, are very stout. I think they are playing better than they were earlier, and I thought they were very good earlier. They play with a great deal of emotion, and they fly around. They present a lot of blitz issues for you. I think they are somewhere around 15th in the league on defense. They have good people, outstanding linebacker crew, and they make you spend a lot of hours preparing for them. They are a good football team on defense. They’ve struggled somewhat offensively at times. It seems to come together at times too for them. It will be a tough game.”

    (On if opponent’s records fools some players)
    “I think some players do. I think this league is full of players that do that, that’s why they don’t win. You can never do that. I think young players have a tendency to do that. They have not been through that, and experienced a season to know how hard it is week-to-week. In a veteran group, you won’t find that happening. Not on a team that wins.”

    (On if he is anxious to play this week)
    “Anytime you lose, you’re anxious to get that feeling out of your stomach. No matter what kind of game it was, and that one (Green Bay) was a hard pill to swallow. You’re always anxious to line up and play again.”

    (On if he thinks the Ram’s defense plays with the same intensity as the *****’ defense)
    “No we don’t. That’s what we have to resolve. It’s a major issue for us. We’re not like we’ve been at times. I think we have some guys that are afraid to make mistakes. They are very tentative. It’s not a ‘want to’ issue at all, or having heart, or being tough, it’s not any of those things. We’ve just got some guys that are very tentative for various reasons. We’re trying to get them away from that and get back to playing with a smile on your face and leaving the ball carrier in a bad mood.”

    (On the *****’ blitzing packages)
    “They are kind of selective in terms of who they play. I think, anywhere from 50-60% of the time, you’re getting some kind...
    -12-03-2004, 05:44 AM
  • RamWraith
    The Quote Sheet - Wednesday
    by RamWraith
    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    September 27, 2006

    (Opening statement) “Pretty good shape on the injury front. Orlando [Pace] did not participate much today in practice. He was out there. Didn’t feel great the last couple of days. Precaution is with these things is to go pretty slow, so we just kept him out. He probably felt pretty much like he did last week. That’s part of the evaluation with these things. We’ll evaluate him day to day here as we get closer to the game.”

    (On Pace’s condition) “I’m not sure you’d say it was nausea, but he said his head’s not quite right. He just doesn’t feel quite right so we’ve got to be a little bit cautious with him, as we have been, but kind of do it day by day.”

    (On when Pace will be evaluated) “I think every day we’re going to evaluate him. Evaluate him today, see how he feels after a full day at work, and do it again tomorrow. From what I understand, the evaluation process is part on how you feel and the other on how you may to respond to questions. The post-concussion syndrome is something that goes on and on and on for weeks so we’ll just keep an eye on him.”

    (On if Pace took any blows to the head in Arizona’s game) “Not that he felt or we noticed, so it wasn’t anything like that. I think it’s just…he came back pretty quickly. He wouldn’t have been cleared had he not passed all the tests, but I think he’s still got to go through some of the residuals from that.”

    (On if there’s a possibility of Pace sitting out against Detroit) “He could. I think it could go on for a while now. That would be a consideration if it got worse.”

    (On if Pace should have sat out against Arizona) “Not from what I understand, because had felt this way as the week went out, he certainly wouldn’t have played. He improved so much that he was cleared to go. I’m not sure that sitting would have made him feel any better now. He said he started feeling worse as the week went on. That’s why we really evaluate it up until game time.”

    (On his thoughts about the offensive line) “You’ve got to start with Richie [Incognito] because he started his first game as our left guard, and then, boom, he’s right over there at the center spot, and hadn’t really done it. I think he’s done a heck of a job making that move. We had a little bit of an idea that he could do it but you’ve still got to go into the games…I think he’s played very well there. Todd [Steussie] has been in the league so long, he understands how to play the position, even though he’s more comfortable at a tackle spot, he’s able to go in and function very well at the guard spot. Our right side, with Alex [Barron] and Adam [Timmerman], that really hasn’t changed, and up until Orlando’s injury, he’s been there. I’ve been really happy with the fact that they’re adjusting. We worked a lot last week with Adam in there at the left guard spot and Todd out there at...
    -09-27-2006, 05:49 PM