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  • Thoughts on the Game?

    Well, the contest just ended. I wasn't able to get a broadcast of the game, so I'm interested in seeing what those who did thought of the Rams tonight.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Game?

    pull martz out of the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter then we will have success. AHW forget it, its too late now we are stuck with his high school Harry, idioc, game killing, team undermining play calling. FIRE HIS ASS NOW. Better yet, fire his ass in 2000. How can this team believe in this guy is beyond any rational thought.


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      Re: Thoughts on the Game?

      Well that was... informative.


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        Re: Thoughts on the Game?

        I thought overall we were competiive. Hargrove looked good. The 2nd & 3rd team played most of the too bad. We were in it until the end.

        As I said in the, "5 things to remember" thread, before the game, Tiuasosopo looked pretty good.


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          Re: Thoughts on the Game?

          I wanted to see the Rams in a game that went down to the wire. Not to seee how the Rams would play because we all know they can play but to see how Martz would handle himself. Once again he calss a stupid play that most likely lost the game for the Rams. I don't give a crap what anyone says. When a team has put themselves in a position to win and they are overpowering the other team with the run late in the game and the other team has not proven that they can stop you and you call a play that is capable of losing mega yards when you absolutely do not need to then call a run up the gut on 3rd and long then you have to say that the team was in great position to win but the coach took it out of their laps. I don't give a damn that the rams could have or should have stopped them on their last drive the fact is they worked hard not to allow the Raiders to even touch the football again but Martz had to get his wrinkly old face involved so he could say "See it was my trick play that won it" instead of taking the win and going home. He has got to go. We are not going to win any close games this year unless Martz is fired or gets injured. This guy is a joke. He is the poster child for what not to do in criticle situations. Exciting? who gives a rats ass? he is a loser!


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            Re: Thoughts on the Game?

            RamTime, it's the preseason. I think it's a bit early to begin questioning Martz's motives and making presumptions about his actions. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you think our players looked tonight, though.


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              Re: Thoughts on the Game?

              here are my impressions of the last preseason game againt the raiders:

              1) the 1st unit defense escaped any major injuries... nuff said.

              2) 1st unit offense looked good even with the make-shift o-line, in which g. williams played his natural RT position and s. tercero played LT. chandler got sacked once behind mainly the second unit of noll, turner, king, randall...
              (starters on offense only played one series for both teams)

              3) brandon chillar got a sack in which the raider rb completely blew his blocking assignment (2nd stringer) he looks like a player. if he's half as efficient as tinoisamoa was last year than the rams have found a good player.

              4) our wrs looked very good again in this game catching most of the catchable balls. (holt did not play; he was in civilian clothes. announcer mentioned that he had a bout back spasm earlier in the day) bruce suited up but left after the 1st series.

              5) faulk looked sprite and healthy in the first series. he looked ready to start season. gordon played most of 1st half ahead of jackson. gordon danced around a bit much but looked quick and fast on counter treys and off tackle iso's. jackson looked like fantastic against the raiders 2nd and 3rd stringers gaining 50+ yards in limited carries. good news is that no one got injured.

              6) cam cleeland made a great catch and run to set up the 1st units td in the 1st series. he caught bulger's pass and proceeded to ramble down to the raiders 10 yd line, during which raider's ss gibson bounced off cleeland and dislocated his (gibson's) right shoulder.

              7) 3rd string defensive backs of the rams look soft and lost most of the night. shivers look hesitant and uninvolved all night. anderson and garrett may be fast but they displayed little to nothing in ball awareness/skills.


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                Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                Nick, you are right. It's preseason. All things considered we did well. Its easy to be a back seat quarterback after the game. Every play a coach is going to call is not going to work every time. That's the nature of the game. I'm not ready to to throw the baby out with the bath water yet. Yes, he's done some dumdbone things, but, seriously, he's got us where we are today...we are competitive...because of him! Although, I wish he'd get some medication once in a while to overcome his extreme tendencies, overall, he's not doing too bad.


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                  Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                  Sorry for assuming that Martz may do this same kind of bone headed play calling in criticle situations in the future. I mean why should I wory about such rediculas things? Just because he screwed up the Carolina game and the superbowl and god knows how many other other games, why should I be worried about this? So long as Martz gets the team close to victory it is ok if he snatches it out of their grasps at the last minute. Were the Raiders stopping the run? NO! Did the Rams need to use that play because nothing else was working and they needed something big to assure themselves of a first down and running time off the clock? NO! Someone tell me why Martz called this play? Give me good sound reason he needed to go to a high risk play such as this? You know the real reason but let's hear the spins this time, I am all ears!


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                    Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                    Originally posted by RamTime
                    Sorry for assuming that Martz may do this same kind of bone headed play calling in criticle situations in the future.
                    My point is that it's entirely unfair and presumptuous for you to say, "...Martz had to get his wrinkly old face involved so he could say "See it was my trick play that won it" instead of taking the win and going home."

                    Unless you're on the in and Martz told you his motives for calling that play, we'd be foolish to pretend the answer is one thing or the other. Yes, let's speculate about it, but let's be fair at the same time. For all we know, he might have called it just to see if the personnel could execute it. Who really knows.


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                      Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                      Originally posted by NickSeiler
                      Yes, let's speculate about it, but let's be fair at the same time. For all we know, he might have called it just to see if the personnel could execute it. Who really knows.
                      I do. Martz said he is an avid reader of the ClanRam message board and he knew that by calling such a play at that time he would annoy the likes of RamTime, adarian, and Fargo and he said he lives for such opportunities. There you have it. Now we all know.


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                        Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                        I know it "was" the preseason, but the 1st Unit D has to do a turnaround and quickly. The D was far too soft in the 4 preseason games. Especially, if you look at Ones v Ones, the Rams D was woeful.

                        I did not hear the game. ... Did the Raiders pull their #Ones after the first offensive series? Did the Rams D ever stop the Raiders #one O unit?

                        Good thing they have AZ out of the gate. Maybe they can pick up a D-lineman with some grit before the season gets tough.

                        Last edited by ; -09-03-2004, 06:54 AM.


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                          Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                          I thought the game was fine and I know I walked away feeling pretty good.

                          -Bulger looked sharp
                          -Jackson still amazes me, we got a franchise player I think
                          -Line held its own
                          -I like Chillar
                          -Cleeland looked like the stud he was when he healthy in NO.
                          -I thought Smoker played a nice game except for a couple young mistakes. Throws a nice ball
                          -I REALLY LIKE THIS Eason kid. I wish he would have got more time. I hope they take a chance on him
                          Turner will be starting next year, no doubts

                          -Anderson I think sealed his fate last night
                          -Harris is done, unless Gordon is traded
                          -Kick return
                          -Curtis can't stay healthy
                          -Jenson's injury, didn't look good
                          -Not sure what everyone sees in Hargrove yet.
                          -Polley really looks lost
                          -Little has had a really quite preseason-I hope his head is in the game
                          -We are weak at safety after Arch and Williams. Shivers has looked awful.
                          -Faulk is still slow when it comes to hitting the holes on running plays.
                          -Lots of arm tackling again

                          Not to be over-looked
                          -Out line shuffled last night and did pretty well
                          -King started at Guard
                          -Gordon ran his tail off last night, looked the best he looked in a long time
                          -Looker had made some big mistakes this preseason
                          -We still don't have a kick return man
                          -Holt sitting out concerns me, giving Martz's past with hiding injuries
                          -Need to step it up on third downs---TOO MANY MENTAL MISTAKES


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                            Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                            Originally posted by RT
                            Someone tell me why Martz called this play? Give me good sound reason he needed to go to a high risk play such as this?
                            RamTime, I feel your pain man, I really do. Martz is very frustrating and some of his decisions and indecisions have put us in dire straits. However, this was a preseason experiment. Remember, "preseason game" is a misnomer. A game would imply the score means something, but it doesn't. Winning is so far down the priority list that the score shouldn't even be on the radar. It was an experiment just as Nick implied...
                            Originally posted by Nick
                            For all we know, he might have called it just to see if the personnel could execute it.
                            He just wanted to see how our offense would act and the defense would react. He probably learned more by seeing that reverse blow up than if it had gained yardage. The question is will he apply his acquired knowledge. The season will tell. If he pulls a similar stunt in a similar situation during the regular season, then maybe we should start investing in Martz voodoo dolls, but not during preseason.
                            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                              Re: Thoughts on the Game?

                              Not that other teams have it any better, but if the refs call it tight against the DBs holding and hand-checking, the Rams look vulnerable in pass D. If the shorter DBs can't prevent the bigger receivers from getting their arms extended by "incidental hand checking", the Rams won't have to worry about their run D ... teams are going to torch the seams in the zone or go over the short DBs. Teams are only going to run against the Rams to set up field goal position.


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                                by GolfnRAMFAN
                                I think Pete Carrol might be a worse coach than Scott Linehan. I'm serious. Some of his playcalls were crazy... like insane crazy, he was out of challenges in the first half. Just awful! I certainly hope he is around for a while, it would be fun to play him twice a year for quite a few years.

                                Sorry, I just had to say it because outside of our teams overall stellar performance, this is what I noticed.
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                                2. Could you imagine having ice delivered to your house like they used to?

                                3. It was hot last night here in Texas, I wonder how it felt when air conditioning wasn't yet invented but fashion dictated a 3 piece suit?

                                4. They just discovered a new tribe in the Amazon. Why do I think this is a very bad sign of our planets destruction?

                                5. I can remember gas wars. We used to drive around Poplar Bluff and watch gas stations change the manual sign from 20 cents to 19 cents A GALLON. Yes younguns, gas used to go down in price.
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                                Deep Thoughts
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                                Sulking after yesterdays embarrassment I got to thinking about a few things that are hurting this team.

                                1. Fairchild has proved to me that he is NOT a good OC.
                                His refusal to stick with the run and to design run plays up the middle shows that he cannot figure out how to properly use a talented back like Jackson.
                                With a rookie QB, you DO NOT start in your own end passing on every down!
                                No wonder Martz called all the plays.

                                2. Lack of a good TE has killed this offense. There is no threat down the middle of the field. We need to sign a FA TE and draft a TE. Manu is toast; what a waste.

                                3. The D-line has been pretty bad; it has shown flashes at times that leads me to believe that Kollar is not a very good coach. I find it hard to believe that all three former first round picks are busts. I have seen the D-line line up with huge gaps the last two games and get gashed up the middle; very poor scheme to say the least.

                                4. I recall the Detroit game during pre-season; the D looked outstanding and I thought we finally got it right.
                                How wrong I was. Yes it was preseason, yes it was the Lions, but if the D were half as aggressive as it was in that game it would be a lot better than it is now.
                                Where's the Blitz?

                                This team lacks motivation and above all discipline. Hopefully the next HC will bring that to the table; until this is addressed, it will not matter who is on the field, the end result will be the same.

                                Long live the RAMS!:clanram:
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                                Hello Ram brethren. I'm very happy to be a part of the clan. I have a few random thoughts to share. I read somewhere that M. Strahan is supposed to be teeing off on Warner this week since Tucker is so banged up. How about a Faulk sweep to his side on the first series and double team blocking from Conwell occasionally throughout the game. As far as going undefeated, we know that's next to impossible. There is always going to be at least one game the Ram's are a little off and the opponent plays their game of the decade. This season sure smells alot like the 1999-2000 season though. My prediction: Rams-30 Giants-13.
                                -10-13-2001, 04:27 PM