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Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

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  • Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

    Mike Martz again puts the rams in position to lose. instead of continuing to run the ball down the raiders throats Mike Martz calls a putrid reverse that sent the Rams backwards to a second and 17. then after a modest gain he runs the ball up the gut on 3rd and long. is this idiot ever going to stop pulling these idioc stunts? This is exactly what I am talking about when I say we are at a disadvantage at parity. We may have as good of talent as there is in the league but our coach always seems to do something stupid to assure us of a loss. AM I WRONG HERE?

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    Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

    hey, guess what, on the 12th, we will be 0-0!


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      Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

      You speak the obvious. My point is, what is going to happen in close games? Is Martz going continue to take unnecessary chances after the team has put themselves in a position to win? There is no sign that Martz has learned from his past granite skulled play calls in crunch time. I am afraid that the Rams fate is entirely in the hands of the mad man. Or maybe we can believe that he will not do this again. Bahhahahahah I ain't falling for that one again. We are going to be in alot of close games this year. Lets see if people finally acknowledge what is so obvious. Hell there were still people who believed in Tony Banks when was traded so I guess there is always going to be those who just refuse to see this. BTW on the 12th we will be 1 - 0 not 0 - 0


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        Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

        how soon we all forget last year against the bengals when he continuously ran the ball in the 4th quarter on an 8 minute drive to run the clock out.


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          Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

          No matter what Martz does, no matter how successful he has made the Rams, some will always slam the guy. Which is cool. Everyone has their opinion. I personally think he's the best thing to happen to the St. Louis Rams. Sure he's made his share of mistakes, but there are very few games I've thought we couldn't come back when Martz is at the helm. If the Rams could just stay away from KC, they will be just fine. LOL


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            Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

            First glance and I was thinking: wow, relax it was just a preseason game. Now if Martz does this in a regular season game;then off with his head.


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              Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

              Raymond Babbitt: One minute to Wapner.
              Charlie Babbitt: Yes, one minute to Wapner. I had you in there, Ray! You were in there! The defendant, the plaintiff, you had it all. They are in there making legal history. *Legal history!*
              Raymond Babbitt: Yeah...
              This space for rent...


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                Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

                Martz would never do something like that in a regular season game or a playoff game....Oooops NEVERMIND!!! :redface:

                Dont worry guys!I think Martz is seeing the potential of using the 3 Running Backs we have and I think he's got some cool offensive plays designed for the regular season.Now,If Orlando would just show up....We'll be fine.


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                  Re: Rams play well but Martz wants no part of winning!

                  I prefer Mike's approach to preseason. Use it to test out the team and see who's not gonna make the cut. Winning isn't important until the "real" season starts. No point in taking risks just to put a W in a column when it doesn't count. I'll never sweat the preseason. Of course, now that it's over, I'm ready to sweat the season.

                  As for Pace, I'm more than ready to let him go. I was when he wasn't in camp. Hold outs just tick me off. Too much ego involved. Go peddle your wares elsewhere, Pace.
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                  • eldfan
                    Let's hope Martz proves us wrong with his madness
                    by eldfan
                    Let's hope Martz proves us wrong with his madness
                    By Bryan Burwell
                    Of the Post-Dispatch

                    Sports Columnist Bryan Burwell

                    If most of the football world already thought Mike Martz was a maddeningly stubborn football eccentric more than willing to bite off his nose to spite his face, wait until they get a load of him now.

                    At his Monday afternoon news conference at Rams Park, the Rams head coach fiercely defended his swashbuckling way of football life as if ... well, as if his life depended on it, which in a way it probably does. He is coaching an obviously flawed football team with a 1-2 record and a defense that is springing more leaks than the Titanic. But as Martz relies on his signature aggressive offensive methods for rescuing this young but very shaky season, he knows he's being confronted with outside resistance.

                    He is surrounded by a world full of conventional football thinkers who want to fit this aggressive, damn-the-torpedoes square peg into a very conservative round hole. We want him to play it by the old-school book. If the defense can't stop anyone - and after three weeks of play, there is faint evidence that this bloodied and battered group can - then why not go with a clock-gobbling, smash-mouth style of offense that relies on Marshall Faulk's fleet feet and Steven Jackson's brutish blasts?

                    In essence, what we want is for Martz to stay inside the lines, which of course is just about the most repugnant thing you can say to a guy with his aggressive offensive temperament. Why not just ask dogs to start living with cats?

                    "Look ... look ... don't ... uhhh," he said, practically spitting out the words like they were a bad piece of meat. "You need to find another coach, then. We're going to play fast and furious, that's what we do. We're going to run it when we ... want to run it, not because somebody (uh, that would be you and me) feels like you have to be balanced."

                    He smiled almost defiantly when he said that. And just in case you didn't understand it the first time, Martz put this exclamation point on his soliloquy:

                    "That's the way it is. Get used to it. That's the way it is."

                    Now here's what I learned from this rather revealing State of the Rams address: Mike Martz doesn't particularly care what the outside world thinks he should do. He has a plan, and he's going to stick with it. It may not be the plan you want, but it's the plan you're going to get. And here's something else gleaned from Martz's feisty words: He will get every opportunity over the next 13 weeks to either sink or swim with his convictions.

                    I don't presume to know more about football than Martz. His credentials as an offensive innovator and a football motivator are certified by his impressive NFL head-coaching won-loss record, a trip to the Super Bowl, and...
                    -09-28-2004, 05:41 AM
                  • GasBag
                    How long before Martz ruins Rams?
                    by GasBag
                    Forum rules:

                    "By clicking the Agree button, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws."

                    You might consider this as obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws, but is intended as a legitimate question for those that care the most about the Rams.

                    How long will you allow Martz to run down the Rams before you insist he be fired?
                    -09-07-2001, 07:04 AM
                  • Guest's Avatar
                    You Want to give Martz credit?
                    by Guest
                    From the start of this season any win the Rams get should be credited to Martz. No more does he have superior talent over the rest of the league. That said, if he gets this thing into the playoffs after all that has happened this year and everything he has had to overcome then he should get the credit for it without argument. It shows he can get it done on an even playing field. I hope like hell we are heaping acolades on Martz after tomorrow. I think this will be the case, I really do.
                    -01-01-2005, 09:10 PM
                  • Shadesofgrey
                    Say what you want about Mike Martz...
                    by Shadesofgrey
                    Say what you want about Mike Martz...but at least the Rams were fun to watch when he called the offense. His worst record was 7-9 in 2002. I think most of us would be pretty happy with a 7-9 season compared to what has transpired this last season (and the start of this year) On the bright side at least we won't have to watch Brady and Patriots go 18-0 again this season.
                    -09-08-2008, 10:06 AM
                  • RamWraith
                    Martz now in a lose, lose situation
                    by RamWraith
                    Martz can not win with the current situation. This could spell disaster for our coach. The three scenarios I see playing out for this team has Martz looking at the door.

                    1) The Rams turn the season around under the new Vitt regime and Martz will be ridiculed for not doing things right.

                    2) The Rams stay on the current track and Martz will be ridiculed for being underachievers and not improving the product.

                    3) The Rams fall off the face of the earth and Martz is ridiculed for getting sick and not having the leadership to train the staff to perform in tight situations or perform every day functions.

                    No matter what happens I think our poor coach is doomed. This should make some of you happy. Not sure who is going to do a better job though.
                    -10-16-2005, 08:32 AM