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Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

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  • Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

    Here is a snipet from the Falcons Team Site.

    Apparently, the Falcons are an early preseaon pick to make the playoffs. Hmmm!! I did not know that.

    Game 2 could be a good test for the defense. The offense may have a better fate. Look for a high scoring battle. Last team with the ball may win.

    Aug. 30, 2004

    Although there is a buzz around the Falcons as being a contender to reach the playoffs, there still is plenty of cause for concern in Atlanta. QB Michael Vick may be healthy — well, relatively healthy following his minor hamstring problem — but the play of the Falcons’ defense has thrown up a red flag. Despite undergoing a coaching change — Wade Phillips is out, Ed Donatell is in — and a shift in schemes — bye-bye, 3-4; hello, 4-3 — this year’s Falcons have been giving up big plays and many points during the preseason. We’re told the problem goes much deeper than just a team adjusting to a new system. Although veterans Ray Buchanan, Tyrone Williams and Juran Bolden were dumped in favor of Jason Webster and rookie DeAngelo Hall, the changes haven’t really improved the “D” much. Hall is very talented, but he’s raw, and Webster isn’t exactly a star. Donatell hopes to get things straightened out, but he will have to get a bigger pass rush to take some pressure off the secondary.

    ...Keep in mind Hall we be out for 4-6 more weeks - minimum.


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    Re: Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

    The physical presence of Dez at the falcons game should be worth at least ten additional points for us. Think of how motivated our squad will be knowing that the Grand Puba is in attendance. They are really, really going to miss dangelo hall. I watched him cover chad johnson like a blanket last week deep down the field. The kid has all the tools.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Re: Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

      There is no reason why we shouldn't put 40 points up on the 'cons D. They were thin at DT even before they went to 4-3. Now they are desparately thin. The only bright spot in their secondary will be on the shelf for 2 months and Keith Brooking can only do so much for the LBs. Here's how you beat Atlanta:

      1. Steady dose of Jackson between the tackles, forcing their D to flood the box or lose 6 yards of earth everytime SJ touches the ball.
      2. In 2-back sets (which need to be early and often) run misdirection, playaction & slot-motion to Faulk
      3. Minimal TE sets. Stick with 3 wide on 2-back sets, and (my personal favorite) 4 wide with SJ as lone back. Occasional "I" or "offset" with Goodspeed blocking, but unless Faulk is running the ball, JG may just be getting in the way and taking a spot where we could have another wideout being covered by a LB.
      4. Don't even buy Landetta a plane ticket. We won't be needing a punter for this one.

      Now as far as the 'cons O. They will have to take to the air. Dunn's evasive maneuver style & Vick's tuck-and-run answer to pressure won't work when you have 3 LBs that run like DBs. In the red zone, they can pound away with Duckett, but they've got to get there first. Their passing game will have to win the game for them and that means big games by Price & Crumpler with contributions from White and Jenkins. Does Vick have the accuracy & pocket presence to pull it off? Maybe, but personally I don't think so.

      We march to Atlanta and roll the 'cons in their own dome.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

        I expect to see a lot of blitzes in this game as Jim Mora will know that the only chance his D has is to blitz, blitz and blitz.


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          Re: Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

          Originally posted by sprtsmac
          I expect to see a lot of blitzes in this game as Jim Mora will know that the only chance his D has is to blitz, blitz and blitz.
          I hope you're right. If Bulger makes the right reads, he'll play catch with slot receivers all day long.
          The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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            Re: Looking down the Road ... The Falcons

            Well if he makes the right reads and our o-line gives him the time to throw the ball, it should be an easy day.


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            • RamsInfiniti
              Rams matchup well with conservative Falcons
              by RamsInfiniti
              The Atlanta Falcons are 7-2. They are a good football team. They are well-coached and disciplined, and poised to make a run into the playoffs in 2010.

              What the Falcons lack are the so-called "impressive" wins. When we talk about "impressive" wins, we speak of games won by 10 points or more. Sure, they destoryed the Arizona Cardinals, but other than that game, the Falcons have found themselves in a nail-biter in most instances.

              Why are the Falcons struggling to pull away from opponents? Simply put, they are ultra-conservative. Overall, this team could be more conservative than, gulp, our very own St. Louis Rams.

              Looking at the Falcons on offense, you won't find much trickery or smoke and mirrors. They run base sets and formations, and operate a classic ball control system. They don't throw deep, only 19 passes attempted over 20 yards this season. Matt Ryan's YPA is ap edestrian 6.7. They run the ball, and run it alot, but the majority of these carries are going to be straight down the throat of the D-Line. Once you get a heavy dose of Michael Turner, you then get a healthy second serving of Jason Snelling, and the drop off is not as big as you'd think.

              But this team is scoring points and lots of them. How do they do it?

              It's simple:

              1. They don't turn the ball over
              2. They don't waver from the system
              3. They have arguably the best WR in the league
              4. They will wear you down until you want to quit

              Ryan is going to throw to Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez, and they are going to see most of the targets. More than 50% of Ryan's completions are to these two. White is nearly indefensible. The only thing that can likely stop White is his hands. The Ravens had some success by throwing exotic schemes at him. I am sure Spags and company will have something special drawn up for White. Take him out of the game and the Falcons do not have the receivers to beat many teams. It's a two man show in Atlanta, and they need both of them to come up big when playing on the road.

              Defensively, the strategy doesn't differ much. The Falcons give up a high rate of completions in the passing game, and they give up alot of yards. They give up 46.4% 3rd down conversions, next to last in the league. The run defense is stingy, but most know you need to beat the Falcons by passing underneath them. So how do the Falcons keep the scoring down?:

              1. They bend but don't break
              2. They dominate TOP offensively
              3. They intercept alot of passes

              For any quarterback, the most attempts they have, the more likely they are going to make a mistake.

              The Rams match up well here. Jackson should be able to manufacture yards up the middle. Bradford should be able to find open lanes, but he may need to throw 50+ times to win this game. The Falcons have...
              -11-18-2010, 07:26 AM
            • RamWraith
              Disrespected Rams big underdogs vs. rock-solid Falcons
              by RamWraith
              BY JEFF GORDON
              Post-Dispatch Online Sports Columnist

              Talk about your classic playoff scenarios . . .

              On one hand, you have the resurgent Rams. After a season-long struggle with injuries, lineup shuffling and generally poor execution, the Rams won their last two regular-season games and beat Seattle in the wild-card playoff round.

              On the other hand, you have the rock-solid Atlanta Falcons. They parlayed a strong rushing game and an aggressive defense to score old-school success during the regular season.

              The Rams are the massive underdogs, since they were 6-8 just three weeks ago and headed toward a major overhaul.

              The Falcons have been one of the NFL’s feel-good stories, with exciting Michael Vick breaking out at quarterback and Jim Mora emerging as the league’s brightest young coach.

              The Rams must venture back onto the road, albeit to play in an environment much like their own at the Edward Jones Dome. But the Falcons will have a potentially disruptive crowd working for them as Rams coach Mike Martz tries to orchestrate his offense.

              The Falcons feature a physical defense that forced 32 turnovers this season. The Rams are the most mistake-prone team to EVER reach postseason play; their minus-24 turnover ratio is the worst any playoff-bound team has recorded.

              The Rams still have issues along their offensive line, where left guard Tom Nutten has been attempting to hold the fort on one leg. The Falcons will attack with a talented front four, led by Rod Coleman, Patrick Kerney and Brady Smith.

              The Falcons feature a three-pronged ground game, with the speedy Vick, the elusive Warrick Dunn and bruising T.J. Duckett. The Rams have only recently improved their rushing defense; earlier this season the Falcons ran the ball 38 times for 242 yards while rolling toward a 34-17 victory in the Georgia Dome.

              The Rams can play pitch and catch all day, especially indoors on artificial turf. Earlier this season at Atlanta, quarterback Marc Bulger completed 24 of 31 passes for 285 yards and a touchdown.

              They have revived their four wide-out attack, thanks to the development of young receivers Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald, and Bulger can also throw to both running backs and both tight ends.

              On the other hand, the Rams rushed for just 30 yards on 15 carries during that loss to the Falcons and now running backs Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson are trying to play hurt.

              Both teams are just glad to be in this game. The Falcons raised expectations by rolling to a division title, but they are still an upstart. The Rams slid into the playoffs through the back door, so they, too, see this as a gravy game.

              The Falcons played their back-ups for much of their last two games, to protect their battered stars from further injury. Then they enjoyed a bye...
              -01-11-2005, 01:10 PM
            • Guest's Avatar
              View from the opposing side: Notes on Rams/Falcons game.
              by Guest
              Rams running offense: well, in a word, it was "great"...Steven Jackson ran with reckless abandon and abused the Falcons defense. He also played really well in the passing game. Don't take too much comfort in this performance because the Falcons run defense has been LOUSY all year. Going into this game, the Falcons were giving up 4.9yards/rush. After today's game, it should be about 5.5yds/rush.

              Rams passing offense: it looked decent but not "great". Rams WRs did not get a lot of separation but made some good plays on the ball. Avery is very quick and was pretty open on the TD grab. Holt made a few good catches against our corner(Chris Houston). Houston plays sticky man-to-man but never looks back for the ball or he may have had at least one interception.

              Rams rush defense: well, this was the Rams "undoing" in this game. They started out well but the Falcons "gashed" the Rams in the second half especially. Rams were just plain "lucky" that the refs made a bad "fumble" call on Michael Turner - replay showed the knee was down. Falcons' Jerious Norwood also hurt the Rams. In first half, Rams held the Falcons run game in check.

              Rams pass defense: I was fairly impressed with your pass defense as it held up well today. Matt Ryan had a pretty awful day on the whole and he did not throw much from the pocket. You guys had an adequate pass rush but Falcons seemed to be able to get a play out of the passing game when they really needed it.

              On the whole, I gotta believe it was a great day for the St. Louis Rams. They played well which helps the coaches, players and fans - yet they still did not give up draft position.

              For my Falcons it was just an "ugly" survival win against a team we probably should have handled better than we did. Falcons have a way of playing down to their competition. I'm not saying that to insult the St. Louis Rams because I think for a 2-14 team you guys are actually much better than that. I don't see why from the way you played today that you could not have at least been closer to a .500 record.

              Falcons just have a tendency to play close games no matter who they play. The Falcons defense is defnitiely the "weak link" - specifically the run defense. I think you guys all saw it on display today. Falcons have tough match-up with the Cardinals passing game as we go to Arizona next week (Warner/Fitzgerald/Boldin) but I would rather face that than a really good running game. If our offense has a good day then we will have a chance. Matt Ryan has not played well for last three weeks and we need him to have big games to advance in playoffs....and when I say "big games", I just mean to be efficient with no turnovers and keep the chains moving.

              Anyway, congrats to you Rams fans.....I think you saw "hope" today from your team.
              -12-28-2008, 04:31 PM
            • THEFIELDGOAL
              Falcons Return with Familiar Faces
              by THEFIELDGOAL
              The upcoming matchup is a throwback considering all the changes in Atlanta.
              With the additions of Jim Mora Jr. and Ric McKay in the front office. It sort of feels like we have seen these folks before.
              The only thing really hyped for this team so far is the slim edge win versus Coach Mora's former employer. As for Michael Vick, the coaching staff is hoping for a solid and healthy status. Last Year was a memory no Falcon fan wants to recall. With the 2-10 record without Vick in the starting lineup. With Warren "Little Train" Dunn in the running scheme, Mora is hoping to pound the ball.
              As with the San Francisco Matchup win. The Falcons are looking to contain the Rams new one two punch in Marshall and Steve Jackson. Both backs looked great. And with a secondary that needs to step up to put pressure on Vick,the Rams will count on Archuleta and Williams once more to make a solid impact.
              Offensively, the Rams are confident that they can burn the Falcons secondary and corners with Bruce and Holt. The Falcons did not show a solid D line, but it is still early.
              Let's hope this not a kickers matchup when it is all said and done.
              I Think Rams win by a touchdown once more. Rams 24-17.
              Any comments email [email protected]
              -09-17-2004, 12:16 AM
            • AvengerRam_old
              What is the Rams' biggest match-up advantage against the Falcons?
              by AvengerRam_old
              Which match up is the most favorable?
              Rams WRs vs. Falcons CBs
              Rams TEs vs. Falcons LBs/S
              Rams pass rush v. Falcons pass protection
              Rams run D vs. Falcons running game
              Other match-up (which one?)
              -09-13-2013, 08:21 AM