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  • Hey WsWistRam

    I saw your reply today on the thread I posted Titan Troubles. What was that all about? I know it's a Rams board and if any Rams over here ever posted anything, maybe I wouldn't have to post stuff on the other teams. But you guys sit back, post nothing, and then criticize when someone posts some info. I just thought Ram fans would want to know what was going on with their rivals?
    Maybe you didn't mean anything by the reply, but I thought it was uncalled for.

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    With all thats going on in the world right now, I don't have the energy to respond to this. I probably didn't review the whole post carefully. All I know is it seems lately too many people are riding my ass. Enough hate in the world. Don't be so sensitive. Please. There is an area for general football talk. Just thought it qualified. Not my forum. I'll keep my nose out of it from now on.


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    • mikhal5569
      Bitter Much?
      by mikhal5569
      Found this thread on accident in a Washington Redskin's forum. One of their fans is trying to congratulate us for a win and the other members are trashing the guy and are being complete babies. 8|

      Reactions from so called fans like these make me proud to be on a board like this one.

      Congratulations Rams Fans
      -10-07-2010, 03:39 PM
    • Nick
      Since we're ranting...
      by Nick
      This isn't aimed at any one individual, but is based on multiple responses I've seen both recently and over the course of the season.

      It's my absolute honest belief that Dez has put together one of the best St. Louis Rams discussion sites on the 'net. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't have stayed here for more than six years, nor would I have agreed to help moderate the site to try and help out where I can.

      But it seems to me that lately, this season more than any in recent memory, some members have been making these snarky, disparaging, negative comments about other members, threads, or the board in general. It ranges from the borderline personal attacks of another poster to criticisms of a thread being pointless to comments about looking for a new board or questioning why they even come to this one. While these comments may not explicitly violate board rules, their negative effect to a thread or the board itself is obvious.

      Well, the simple truth is this: NO ONE is being forced to read this or any thread, just like no one is being forced to read another member's posts or even come to this site.

      If you don't like a topic or don't think it's a worthwhile discussion, don't read the thread. Click on the back button and find another one.

      If you don't like a poster's opinions and don't want to read any more of their posts, then don't. Go into your UserCP and put that person on your Ignore List.

      If you're considering leaving or questioning why you come here, then to be blunt, either **** or get off the pot. Don't post multiple responses about leaving, crying out for attention.

      No one is forcing you to come here, post here, read topics here, or "suffer" through someone else's opinion here. Those are YOUR CHOICES. You control your presence here and what you're exposed to.

      I think one of the main reasons I like the Clan is because I find there are many very intelligent, very knowledgeable football fans here that are ready and able to discuss all aspects of this game. Maybe it's a very positive, upbeat discussion, or maybe it's a critical discussion about problem areas on the team. But I find meaningful discussions every day on this board, not only about the Rams but about the NFL as a whole and specifically the draft and college prospects. I love engaging in these topics. Occasionally though, I find some discussions that, for whatever reason, I'd rather not be a part of because I don't see the point. When that happens, I simply move on to the next discussion. Trust me, it's not difficult.

      When people make negative responses that denigrate other posters or blame the board because of what's being said or what they've been exposed to, I simply have to shake my head. Yes, there are occasions when someone has stepped over the line, and when rules have been violated, we moderators are more than willing to do...
      -12-22-2010, 06:50 PM
    • general counsel
      A message to all the lurkers on the board-please post!
      by general counsel
      To all of you who spend time with us on clanram and enjoy reading but dont like to post, i strongly encourage you to become more vocal participants.

      One of the best things about this board is seeing new blood come onto the scene with a fresh perspective on the rams. Its great that many people read what gets written and there is nothing at all wrong with that, but it would also be nice if more people joined the dialogue.

      RamsFan16 is a great example of what gets added to the board when a new active voice joins us. RamsFan16 has been a great addition and he has really helped lead some spirited debates.

      The fact that we dont always agree with each other is fine. The mods are great about preventing personal attacks and i for one am adamant about people having the right to express any opinion that they want on the rams. Its great fun to have an opinion and then work to back it up as others challenge your views.

      The more different voices we have, the more enjoyable the debates. Please post early and often, its great to hear what all of you guys and gals think. Remember, at the end of the day, we can all agree on one thing- "The Horns Rule!!!!!!!"

      ramming speed to all

      general counsel
      -04-06-2007, 08:54 AM
    • Fat Pang
      by Fat Pang
      Greetings all,

      Quick query if I may..........

      What are the groundrules for deletions?

      Now I received a mail from Nick recently (Automated? That's a hell of a program that can scan text for perceived value....) that said that a post that I made recently that signalled my agreement with something was being deleted because it didn't add anything to the thread.

      I should have signalled my agreement via the rep system.

      No problem with that per se, and it seems to be a very sensible way on cutting down on some of the guff that's posted, but having had a quick trawl through some other threads where someone may have posted "Yeah man, I agree with that (Insert joke here, even if it's a poor one)" it doesn't seem to be consistently applied.

      So, in order to save time and trouble could someone please tell me what the rules are these days. You can't avoid being subjective if you don't have any.

      I might want to know about Rams Players birthdays for example and it might hold just as much value as knowing how heavy Marshall is these days, or how bad our undrafted free agents ACL is, or telling Torry we love him, or whether we leave the seat up or down,etc, etc............

      I may have missed the rules being published somewhere and if I have can someone please point me in the right direction.


      -06-16-2006, 10:58 PM
    • RamWraith
      A little about board attitude
      by RamWraith
      As much as I love this board and most of the posters here I have to get something off my chest.

      Some people are starting to become way too "high class" for me. I am far from a perfect person and do not pretend to be, but I don't sit around and pick out everyone else's faults and then publicly call them on it.

      I came to this board years ago for the same reason I go to a bar for sports and not a night club. Because it's every day people that want to talk Rams and not about their spelling errors or how to use their brains and belittle the things they say.

      It came to my attention that people sent 6 PM's to Dez because I attacked him and his Bernie/Dolt post. Please! I never once attacked Dez. I stated my opinion on Bernie and the rest of the reporters for the Rams. If you had a problem with the post then you should have put it the forum. Or talked to me.

      This is getting old people, we have a football season fast approaching and I would like to get things moving in here with some good heated talks about football. There has to be more to talk about than each others short comings. If there isn't then take the personal comments to the forum at
      -08-23-2004, 01:11 PM