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one scouting report on Archuleta

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  • one scouting report on Archuleta

    Often fans posting about players are so varied in their views you wonder if they are even watching the same player.

    I dug up this scouting report on Archuleta. I agree with every word. He's a trememdous player (the Oakland game notwithstanding).

    Some complain that he's no ballhawk. That's fine. Look around the league and tell me how many strong safeties ARE ballhawks. It's very few.

    #31 Adam Archuleta St. Louis Rams

    2004 Scouting Report - Football Scouts Inc.


    Archuleta is still working to improve his overall recognition skills and range in coverage. He also will never be great in man-to-man coverage and will be a little too stiff in the hips to match up against some slot receivers. However, when Archuleta is healthy he has very few physical weaknesses. His recognition skills have improved, as has his range in zone. He is at his best playing near the LOS. He is intimidating over the middle in coverage. He has an excellent combination of speed, strength, agility, and explosion. He has a tremendous work ethic. He breaks quickly on things in front of him and shows burst in and out of his cuts. Has the second gear when chasing the run and he makes a load of plays in pursuit. His angles in pursuit are excellent. Is a big hitter with great initial pop for his size. He has the size and strength to matchup near the LOS vs. the run. Also flashes a lot of upside as a blitzer in the passing game. Overall, Archuleta has improved to the point now that he can be considered an upper-echelon starting SS in the NFL .