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Where is Sehorn?

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  • Where is Sehorn?

    He was an unrestricted free agent. Did any other team need a DB to miss tackles?

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    Re: Where is Sehorn?

    There was an article about him in the new york paper this week. He was seen with angie at the republican convention. Apparantly, he is considering running for office. No word on whether he will be running under the "I couldnt make a tackle or step up in coverage with the game on the line if my life depended on it" platform.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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      Re: Where is Sehorn?

      Isn't he still laying on the turf at the Ed?


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        Re: Where is Sehorn?

        Originally posted by general counsel
        No word on whether he will be running under the "I couldnt make a tackle or step up in coverage with the game on the line if my life depended on it" platform.
        Can you imagine the television ads his opponent would put out? I can see it now, Sehorn in the blue and gold whiffing on Steve Smith, with a deep voice saying, "Do you trust Jason Sehorn to defend this state? Will he tackle terrorism like he did players on the football field?"


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        • general counsel
          Lets discuss The Tackle
          by general counsel
          I was sitting in the end zone in a box on the opposite side of the field where the Tackle happened. From my vantage point, it didnt look like he got that close to getting in. He looked like he was on the 2 yard line or so, but never right at the goal line. It was clear to me that he stretched for the goal line after he was already down. That being said, i was of course a nervous wreck because i couldnt really be sure. In fact, it took me a minute after the confetti hit the field to be certain that no one was reviewing the play. I began crying like a baby as soon as it ended-it was a 30 plus year wait for me to see our first title.

          It was a terrific tackle in the sense that Jones' positioning was sound and his fundementals were perfect.

          What are your memories of the tackle? How close did it look on tv?

          As an aside, the play i will NEVER forget on that last drive was the impossible escape mcnair made and the thrown down to around the 10 with two or three rams having him sacked around midfield, including kevin carter who just missed him.

          Ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -02-11-2008, 02:25 PM
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          Personal story about Slater
          by Guest
          Quick story about big jackie and how mean he was on the field.

          One of the guys that worked for my prior company was a defensive end in the nfl in the late 80's early 90's. When i met him, i of course asked him who the toughest offensive tackle he ever played against was.

          He had no idea i was a rams fan, and without hesitation, he told me "Jackie Slater." After a brief discussion, he told me that his first play in the nfl was opposite big jackie. It was a third and long and big jackie buried him. Next play, as they are lining up, my guy says to big jackie, "Nice block,"

          Big Jackie spits a HUGE goober right into this guys face, growls at him, something to the effect of "Shut the F---- up rookie"

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -05-10-2005, 02:23 PM
        • general counsel
          popsicles-a GREAT dieters aid
          by general counsel
          Sugar free popsicles. 15 calories a shot. they are really tremendous.

          ramming speed to all

          general counsel
          -10-28-2007, 06:47 PM
        • RamWraith
          Sehorn NOT coming!!! FAILED PHYSICAL
          by RamWraith
          Safety Jason Sehorn (42) hopes his injuries are behind him now.
          (Gabriel B. Tait/P-D)

          11:30 a.m. Wednesday update:

          Jason Sehorn failed his physical exam this morning and will not be returning to the Rams.

          The 10-year NFL veteran had agreed to terms Tuesday night on a one-year, $760,000 contract -- pending today's physical exam.

          He suffered a broken foot in training camp in 2003 and rejoined the Rams late last season.

          If he had passed his physical, he would have been on the practice field this afternoon and on the roster for Sunday's season-opening game against Arizona at the Edward Jones Dome.

          Post-Dispatch NFL Writer Jim Thomas will have more on the Sehorn story this afternoon.

          * * *

          Here is the story about Sehorn's attempted comeback that was posted last night on

          After 10 seasons in the NFL, Jason Sehorn finally has figured out how to cut down on his football injuries.

          "I'm on the best program ever - no training camp," Sehorn said.

          Additional surgery in February appears to finally have fixed the foot Sehorn injured in the Rams' 2003 training camp in Macomb, Ill.

          He says he feels great, so great, in fact, that he is resuming his career with the Rams.

          Sehorn, 33, is scheduled to arrive at Rams Park this morning for a physical and to meet with team officials. If he passes his physical, Sehorn will be signed and on the practice field this afternoon.

          He agreed to terms Tuesday night on a one-year, $760,000 contract.

          "It's one of those things where as someone who's been in football for the last 15 years of my life, it's hard just to say, 'OK, no more,'" Sehorn said.

          When last seen in these parts, Sehorn was lunging unsuccessfully for Carolina wide receiver Steve Smith on Jan. 10 at the Edward Jones Dome. Smith scored on a 69-yard reception, giving the Panthers a dramatic - no, make that stunning - 29-23 double-overtime playoff victory over St. Louis.

          The play seemed to reinforce the belief that Sehorn had lost his speed, and it was time to retire. But Sehorn's foot still was bothering him at the time.

          "And it's partly my fault," Sehorn said. "I can't blame that on anybody else. I'm the one that went out and played and did everything on it. But this time, I had nine months to let it heal."

          Last season, he returned to the field 2 1/2 months after the injury.

          "I could never do anything," he said. "I couldn't go left or right. I couldn't dig. It's kind of frustrating. But at that point, you want to play. So you're constantly fighting - I felt like salmon swimming against the stream. It's not the fun way to swim."

          Sehorn indicated he is...
          -09-08-2004, 09:39 AM
        • Curly Horns
          I can't stand Manumaleuna, no buts about it...
          by Curly Horns
          What do the Rams see in this guy other than a big body? He has cuaght a few big passes, during his time with the Rams, but for all the horrible plays he has made I don't see how that makes up for it.

          It still boggles my mind as to why carolina made this guy an offer and then the Rams go and match it.

          Come on, the Rams went from the likes of conwell to this guy? I don't understand. I mean a high school coach would look at this guy and say: "he's a big boy but a bit of a sissy on the field" NEXT!!

          Monday night was my umpteenth last straw with this guy. Sure martin's pass to him was not great, but manu did not even try and fight for that ball. The colts LB started on his left shoulder and worked his way around manu's big backside, may have pushed him slightly while getting in front of him and took that pass away. Manu literally stopped on the route as if to call on some island bubba magic to make the ball come to him.

          [email protected]#$%@&^@......!!!!!!!!!!!!

          -10-20-2005, 09:39 AM