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  • Colts will capture Super slugfest - Alameda Times Star

    Colts will capture Super slugfest
    Sunday, September 05, 2004
    Alameda Times-Star

    CAN THERE BE any doubt about it -- the NFL is going to the dogs. Greyhounds, to be specific.
    The NFL high factotums have decreed as much with the new no-chuck-after-5-yards rule. They want offense. They're going to get it. Boy, are they.

    Now that they have turned on the spigot, let's see how happy they are with the results. As one of those who railed against the way the New England Patriots mugged Indianapolis receivers in the AFC Championship Game last year, I applauded the intent.

    I'm not so sure I like what I suspect is going to be the outcome. The prediction in this corner is for the Super Bowl to be the wildest, chest-thumpingest run of long-range touchdowns in its near 40-year history.

    This corner says the Indianapolis Colts, amped by the new rules, will prevail over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl 39 (XXXIX sounds like a Mexican beer, after all) by the geeked-up score of 45-38.

    All because these teams have the receivers, the quarterbacks and the sheer offensive intent to make the best use of the "new" rule. Provided, that is, the zebras call it the way they have been -- contact by defense is a flag, receivers pushing off is OK.

    Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce ... come on down. It's your day in the sun.

    Forthwith, your season, in advance:

    AFC WEST: Kansas City 11-5, Oakland 10-6, Denver 9-7, San Diego 4-12. The Chiefs break the 500-point barrier and lose, again, in the playoffs. Raiders return to the playoffs in a score or be-scored-on season. Denver will find life difficult without Clinton Portis. The Chargers merely stink. Again.

    AFC EAST: New England 11-5, Buffalo 8-8, New York Jets 7-9, Miami 6-10. Pats win a weakened division off fumes. The Bills are well back. Jets lack karma despite a very special coach. The Dolphins flail like a beached porpoise without Ricky.

    AFC NORTH: Baltimore 10-6, Cincinnati 7-9, Pittsburgh 7-9, Cleveland 5-11. Nod to Ravens even though it's a lousy year to try to win on defense. Bengals take a step back with Palmer. Steelers just don't figure. Send condolences to Jeff Garcia, loose change to Winslow.

    AFC SOUTH: Indianapolis 12-4, Tennessee 10-6, Jacksonville 8-8, Houston 4-12. Colts will hit that 500-point mark in a breeze. Too bad, Eddie George was the soul of the Titans. The Jags are a comer. Houston is a goner.

    WILD CARDS: Oakland, Tennessee.

    WILD-CARD ROUND: Oakland over Kansas City 20-17; Baltimore over Tennessee 31-17.

    DIVISIONAL ROUND: Indianapolis over Oakland 34-27; Baltimore over New England 24-17.

    AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Indianapolis over Baltimore 34-17.

    NFC WEST: St. Louis 11-5, Seattle 9-7, San Francisco 5-11, Arizona 3-13. Suddenly, the Rams are without challengers. Sorry, the Seahawks are overrated. The ***** avoid the cellar because ... the Cardinals are still a mess, only it's Denny's mess now.

    NFC EAST: Philadelphia 10-6, Washington 9-7, Dallas 8-8, New York Giants 7-9. The Freak won't last and the Eagles never do. A mild vote for Joe Gibbs restoring the Redskins. Vinny's there, so the Cowboys must do it on defense.

    NFC NORTH: Green Bay 10-6, Detroit 8-8, Minnesota 7-9, Chicago 5-11. Last go-round for Brett, but it'll end badly for the Pack. Lions are about to make some noise. Vikings lack something. Bears lack teeth.

    NFC SOUTH: Tampa Bay 10-6, Atlanta 9-7, Carolina 8-8, New Orleans 7-9. Gruden will make Bucs a threat, but the days of voracious "D" are done. The Falcons go as far as Vick can take them. Panthers were a mirage and so was DelHomme. The Saints ain't.

    WILD CARDS: Washington, Seattle.

    WILD-CARD ROUND: Philadelphia over Seattle 20-17; Tampa Bay over Washington 27-16.

    DIVISIONAL ROUND: Tampa Bay over Green Bay 19-17; St. Louis over Philadelphia 31-17.

    NFC CHAMPIONSHIP: St. Louis over Tampa Bay, 30-16.

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  • AvengerRam_old
    Preseason Picks
    by AvengerRam_old
    Okay, its time to go on the record. Here are my preseason picks for 2004:

    Bold=Division Winner
    Italics=Wild Card

    AFC East

    New England Patriots
    Buffalo Bills
    Miami Dolphins
    New York Jets

    AFC South

    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Tennessee Titans
    Houston Texans

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Cleveland Browns

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Oakland Raiders
    San Diego Chargers

    NFC East

    Philadelphia Eagles
    Washington Redskins
    Dallas Cowboys
    New York Giants

    NFC South

    Carolina Panthers
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    New Orleans Saints
    Atlanta Falcons

    NFC North

    Minnesota Vikings
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Chicago Bears

    NFC West

    St. Louis Rams
    Seattle Seahawks
    Arizona Cardinals
    San Francisco *****

    SUPER BOWL: St. Louis Rams defeat Indianpolis Colts

    Individual Awards:

    Offensive MVP:

    AFC: Peyton Manning
    NFC: Duante Culpepper

    Defensive MVP:

    AFC: Ray Lewis
    NFC: Julius Peppers

    Offensive Rookie:

    AFC: Robert Gallery
    NFC: Roy Williams

    Defensive Rookie:

    AFC: D.J. Williams
    NFC: Tony Hargrove
    -06-28-2004, 12:46 PM
  • ramsanddodgers
    ESPN's Bill Simmons sleeper of 2006 is....
    by ramsanddodgers
    To my 2006 sleeper! Come on, after I nailed the Bears last year, you've been waiting for this one. Admit it. So here we go.

    The entire column can be read @


    GO RAMS!!:l...
    -09-14-2006, 08:25 PM
  • r8rh8rmike
    AccuScore: Chiefs, Rams Bolster Playoff Hopes
    by r8rh8rmike
    AccuScore: Chiefs, Rams bolster playoff hopes

    By Stephen Oh,
    Nov 30

    AccuScore uses past performance statistics to describe how players perform under different environmental, matchup, and game-situation conditions. Using projected starting lineups AccuScore simulates each game of the season one play at a time. By repeating the simulation 10,000 to 20,000 times per game AccuScore calculates the precise probability teams have of winning each game, winning their division, and making the playoffs. Here is the analysis of the 2010 NFL season after Week 12. Visit for weekly updates to the season forecast and all game forecasts.


    There was minimal movement in the AFC this week. The Chiefs were the biggest winner, improving 8 percentage points with their win in Seattle. They were followed closely by the Chargers, who got a huge road win over the Colts. The Chargers are projected to overtake the Chiefs with a 72 percent chance of taking the AFC West again. The Raiders were the biggest loser this week with their home loss and wins by the Chiefs and Chargers.

    The Colts were the second-biggest loser this week, dropping 4 percentage points, but it still leads the AFC South in playoff probability at 54.9 percent. Jacksonville and Tennessee both lost which helped the Colts maintain their lead in the division. Jacksonville is expected to drop back due to a tough upcoming schedule. The Texans improved 3.3 percent, but they still have just a 6.3 percent chance of getting a playoff berth (only 0.1 percent chance of a wild-card spot).

    The Ravens are up to a 93 percent chance of making the playoffs heading into a showdown with the Steelers. The Ravens have home-field advantage, and are 54.5 percent favorites to beat the Steelers. The winner of this matchup will vault to the lead in the division winner race, but the loser should be in the playoffs. The Browns do not have any shot at the playoffs, but they can play major spoiler with Week 16 games against Baltimore and Week 17 against Pittsburgh.

    The Jets and Patriots clash Monday and like Pittsburgh and Baltimore, the winner of this AFC East matchup will vault to over a 75 percent chance of taking the division. The loser though should still be in excellent playoff position. The Dolphins have less than 1 percent chance of winning the division but their wild-card chances are still relevant. Like Cleveland in the AFC North, the Bills have the talent to play spoiler in Week 16 and 17 versus the Jets and Patriots.

    KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 26.6% 34.6% 8.0% 25.4%
    SAN DIEGO CHARGERS 72.1% 76.3% 4.2% 72.1%
    HOUSTON TEXANS 3.1% 6.3% 3.3% 6.2%
    BALTIMORE RAVENS 90.4% 93.2% 2.9% 54.0%
    NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 96.8% 97.7% 0.8% 59.5%
    MIAMI DOLPHINS 8.0% 8.3%...
    -12-01-2010, 02:31 PM
  • RamDez
    Inside Pro Football | Rick Gosselin
    by RamDez
    Paper picks Colts as NFL's top team

    The annual offseason rankings by the Dallas Morning News.

    1. INDIANAPOLIS: One by one, quarterback Peyton Manning has shed the layers of criticism that enveloped his NFL career. The Colts won 12 games last season with the second-youngest lineup in the NFL.

    2. NEW ENGLAND: On paper, the Patriots remain the best team in the NFL.

    3. PHILADELPHIA: The Eagles signed free-agent Pro Bowlers Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse.

    4. KANSAS CITY: The Chiefs won 13 games a year ago and return 21 of their starters.

    5. SEATTLE: This is the best team Mike Holmgren has coached since the 1997 Packers.

    6. GREEN BAY: Roster is strong enough that Brett Favre no longer has to carry the Packers.

    7. NEW ORLEANS: In the past six years everyone in the NFC South except the Saints have been to the Super Bowl.

    8. CAROLINA: Jake Delhomme emerged as a big-game quarterback in the playoffs.

    9. ST. LOUIS: Kurt Warner is gone, leaving coach Mike Martz (and quarterback Marc Bulger) without a safety net.

    10. TENNESSEE: Having NFL co-most valuable player Steve McNair at quarterback is a huge edge on game day.

    11. ATLANTA: Mike Vick is back, and so is Super Bowl talk.

    12. PITTSBURGH: Even a top-10 defense couldn't prevent a losing season in 2003.

    13. DETROIT: The Lions have enjoyed the NFL's best offseason.

    14. JACKSONVILLE: Coach Jack Del Rio put his stamp on the defense in his first season.

    15. MIAMI: The defense has been Super Bowl-ready for years, but the offense...

    16. HOUSTON: An offense to contend is in place with QB David Carr, HB Domanick Davis and WR Andre Johnson.

    17. BALTIMORE: The Ravens return 21 starters from AFC North champions.

    18. DALLAS: The Cowboys might have greater uncertainty at running back and cornerback.

    19. DENVER: Broncos now rely on defense.

    20. MINNESOTA: How do you start a season 6-0 and miss the playoffs?

    21. BUFFALO: The Bills fielded the AFC's best defense in 2003, but had no offensive playmakers.

    22. CINCINNATI: Taking the ball away from veteran quarterback Jon Kitna and putting it in the hands of Carson Palmer could be a step back.

    23. TAMPA BAY: Let's see if Jon Gruden can win with his own players.

    24. NY JETS: Missing Chad Pennington for the first six games of 2003 doomed them.

    25. CLEVELAND: The Browns put quarterback controversy behind them by signing Jeff Garcia.

    26. WASHINGTON: Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs is back with the Redskins.

    27. OAKLAND: Norv Turner gets a chance to revive his head-coaching career.

    28. CHICAGO: The Bears also will be very young on defense.

    29. SAN FRANCISCO:...
    -06-07-2004, 12:24 AM
  • r8rh8rmike
    Don't Rule Out Four-Way Tie In NFC West
    by r8rh8rmike
    Don’t rule out four-way tie in NFC West

    By Michael Silver, Yahoo! Sports
    10 hours, 22 minutes ago

    For the first time since Derek Anderson’s Fatwa Against Funny in the Arizona desert late last month, the NFL’s most pathetic division will be back in the national spotlight Thursday when the ***** face the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

    A little factoid that tells you all you need to know: The 5-8 Niners are still very much a player in the four-pronged, three-legged race for the NFC West title and the home playoff game that comes with it, even if they lose to their favored hosts on Thursday.

    Yes, football fans, we could very well have a 7-9 division champion in 2010, which would be the first time in a non-strike season that a sub-.500 team would see the postseason. In other words: Welcome to the NHL, and be sure not to press your turned-up noses too closely against the glass.

    In fact, if a sardonic convergence of delicious outcomes plays out over the season’s final three weeks, the division champ could be even worse than 7-9.

    Here’s what I’m envisioning, in the interest of black humor:

    • The Rams (6-7) drop consecutive home games against the Chiefs and Niners.

    • The Seahawks (6-7) lose their next two, to the Falcons and Bucs.

    • The Niners bounce back from a defeat to the Chargers by beating the Rams.

    • The Cardinals (4-9) – yep, they’re still mathematically alive, with playoff hopes that only Anderson takes seriously, but still – rise up to defeat the Panthers and Cowboys.

    • That would create a four-way tie at 6-9 heading into the final weekend, with a pair of convenient intra-division showdowns to decide things: Rams at Seahawks, Cards at Niners. And, naturally, each of those games would end with a scoreless overtime period, creating a four-way tiebreaking logjam between teams with gruesome 6-9-1 records. San Francisco, with a 4-1-1 division mark, would get to celebrate its first playoff berth in eight seasons on its home field.

    Yeah, it’s a little far-fetched, but so is a division that owns a collective two victories (Seahawks over Bears, Cards over Saints) in games against teams which currently have a record better than the Chargers’ 7-6.

    Would that inspire a frank offseason discussion about changes to the league’s playoff-seeding system? That’s a very good question – and here are 32 more of them, with an NFL food chain that features four of your aforementioned division-title contenders in the nether regions:

    1. New England Patriots: Remember when Matt Cassel had a few good games in 2008 and people were suggesting they keep him and trade Tom Brady (and if you were one of those people, how silly do you feel now)?

    2. Atlanta Falcons: Could the Broncos be interested in their offensive coordinator as Josh McDaniels’ successor...
    -12-15-2010, 09:02 PM